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Death in Gaza

Sad truth of Palestinian's life
Finlay there is something that shows part of the sad Palestines life in the Gaza, not to mention the west bank and those who was forced to live to other countries after the mass distractions of there villages and cites. Since 1948, people on that side of the world are suffering from occupation of there land, and unfortunately, the world had say nothing about it. Movies like this, are only showing a really small piece of the clear unseen truth to the world, showing what occupation can bring to people, and what occupation can cause to them, since when there is a good occupation and since when occupiers are peaceful? Talking about the poor children, the number of Palestinian children who have been killed is divided almost evenly between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, 141 children have been killed; in Gaza, 127; and three in East Jerusalem. Of them, 131 were killed in the first year of the intifada and 140 in the second. On average, about 11 children have been killed every month. We hear stores in the news about children being killed on there way to school, something like this: The Israeli captain on duty alerted his troops to reports of a suspicious figure about 100 yards from the outpost. Soldiers fired into the air, according to radio transmissions, military court documents and witnesses.

"'It's a little girl,' a soldier watching from a nearby Israeli observation post cautioned over the military radio. 'She's running defensively eastward. ... A girl of about 10, she's behind the embankment, scared to death.' "Four minutes later, Israeli troops opened fire on the girl with machine guns and rifles, the radio transmissions indicated. The captain walked to the spot where the girl 'was lying down' and fired two bullets from his M-16 assault rifle into her head, according to an indictment against the officer. He started to walk away, but pivoted, set his rifle on automatic and emptied his magazine into the girl's prone body, the indictment alleged.

I think this was the parents fault to send there child to school.

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