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Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho

As a keen moviegoer myself this is the kind of storytelling I crave for. The director created a brilliant work of art by showing the adolescence stories we've all experienced and can relate to –no matter one's nationality, language, sexual orientation, or religion. We all have felt the desire to leave home; we've longed and found first love (which is tender, sweet and innocent). Yet the most remarkable feature of this brilliant film (aside from the wonderful screenplay, the great acting, directing, photography and music) is the subtle way in which the story is told.

The dialogues flow with such ease, in part due to the great writing and on the other hand because of the gifted actors. Their chemistry trespasses the screen and allows the viewer to remember what first-love feels like.

The film is truly a sensory experience beautifully crafted in order to tell the story of the overly complicated adolescence with a wonderful simplicity that leaves the spectator wanting only more.

I can assure you, watching this film is the best way to spend 90 minutes.

It is included in my "All Time Favourite" list.

Scent of a Woman

It.s one of the most beautiful movies ever
I think this incredible movie leaves a legacy of life, it makes us appreciate life an also understand that a life can be lived in a minute just like Al Pacino says in one of this movie's most beautiful scenes, it also talks about values, integrity, and moral principles, by sides of this movie's wonderful script it's incredible cast makes it one of the most outstanding movies I have ever seen. The incredible scene of tango, the deep arguments about life between Al Pacino's character and Chris O'Donnell's, and also those scenes when Al Pacino's character senses women's scent and tells them the name of the perfume or the name of the soap it's really amazing, all of this with the sarcastic sense of humor of this movie, it's really great. I TRULY RECOMMEND TO SEE IT

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