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Brain Games: Male Brain vs. Female Brain
Episode 1, Season 8

Not the same show.
This is a complete rebuild of the old Brain Games which ran up through 2016. In my opinion, they are similar in name only. I liked the old a lot. It was entertaining, scientific, and educational. This new version grabs onto "games" in more of the sense of live studio game shows (which I dislike). It's more about competition than gaining insight into human perception. I watched the first two shows. I will not be watching any more. (I am actually a fan of Kristen Bell, but her presence did not redeem the first show.) The show even features a so-called mentalist. A lot of what such a performer does is accomplished by trickery, the antithesis of what the original Brain Games show was all about. This is a real shame, as the original helped raise important issues about the limitations of human perception, something which everyone really needs to be more aware of; and they had managed to do it in a way that always held my interest.

Prime Suspect 1973

Very Disappointing
I did not find the Jane Tennison character as portrayed in this series to be credible as the same person portrayed in her later life by Helen Mirren, either by appearance or personality. I can certainly appreciate why La Plante walked away from this production and why the show was not renewed for another series.

I also found that there was much about the story which was not all that credible because it depended too much on a number of coincidences. In spite this shortcoming, had they not represented the story as a prequel to the later Prime Suspect, I would have given it higher marks.

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