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Redi x Bato!

Much Better Than Anticipated!
I got this as a blind buy(on sale), I knew it was heavy ecchi which is basically the opposite of anything I normally watch but I've heard good things (and seen enjoyable gifs ;) ) & saw it got a dub which was the only reason i'd consider buying it. I figured like most sex appeal centered shows it would have a poor, cheap, quickly thrown together dub that would make me want to gouge my ears out. I was genuinely surprised. Out of the entire cast, only 2 characters did I absolutely hate hearing, and they were so far background characters I think you literally heard them talk twice the entire show so that was great. The show is about a regular boy (an "commoner") enrolling into the prestigious private school for the privileged to train rich young ladies how to be proper, and on the poorer spectrum, to teach young ladies & gentlemen to become proper upstanding maids & butlers. If you've seen "Haganai" it has a feel pretty close to that, very upbeat and over the top but with WAY more titties. The story is clearly not meant to be taken seriously and overly cliché, so over the top and expected you can't help but say "god this is retarded" & laugh at it, their are a few occasions I literally laughed out loud and pretty hard. The artwork & character designs are great, I loved every bit of it. The music seemed fine, nothing sounded out of place. The op & ed songs were great, op is very catchy, hyped me up every time I heard it & the ending is so soothing I loved them both. Overall i'd give this a 7.5, its not wining any awards for anything but it was a fun ride & I definitely would watch/want a second season. If you want something fun, funny, & you don't have to take seriously (& if your into ecchi) then definitely check this out. As someone who doesn't watch ecchi titles this was a real surprise for me.

3.7/5 Why? Its goofy, stupid, funny, perverted and just fun. Its not looking to take home an 'Oscar', its not looking to blow away your expectations. Its just a fun ride, something to make you laugh a little, smile, & maybe get a woody(LOL). The music is fine, op&ed songs are catchy as hell. Artwork & character design is really appealing & enjoyable. English dub was a pleasant surprise, I enjoyed the main cast. If you like ecchi 100% check it out, but even if thats not your main focus (like myself), if you want something thats fun, stupid, & (imo) a "Haganai" feel give this a chance.

SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation

Not 'Good', Not 'Horrible' Wouldn't Recommend to Most.
So as someone who doesn't care for ecchi titles this show was not really "my thing" to begin with. I only decided to watch it because a friend of mine watched it right after it aired in Japan and swore it was great, etc & I needed to watch it asap. I could see what it was going to be without watching a second of it, so I put it off so long that it got a dub & released in USA(lol) so it was on sale I decided to buy it to get my friend off my back & force me to watch it. It has sat in my room for almost exactly 1 year, I finally decided to bite my lip & get this one off the list. Its about this girl "Super Sonico", she's a college student, part time professional model, & in a band. Its just about her daily life, theirs really not much of a 'story' per say until the last episode. Overall I didn't expect anything from this, its exactly how I thought it was going to be which was "not very good". I wouldn't recommend it unless your looking for a show with decent music and that you can play on your phone/do other things while watching this and not really miss a thing. What I can say is I really enjoyed the opening & endings, the songs were great & every ending theme was a different song & music video which was sweet. The artwork & animation was nice, the character design was nice. Lots of fan service(boobs & butt close ups(not nude)). Music was awesome, loved every song used, was basically the only thing I looked forward to every episode. The English dub was decent, I don't have any negative feelings towards it. Story? Their is none, well their is but its just not going anywhere. It felt like a chore to watch this, which is why I forced myself to power through it as quickly as possible. If your into fan service, no real meaning story type shows, whichs only hook it has is sex appeal then this is for you. If you have any taste at all, don't waste your time on this.

3/5 Why?(If I didn't actually enjoy the last episode i'd have given 2.5) The story is trash, its going NO where. Its only hook is sex appeal, nothing but fan service. Maybe that makes me bias, I don't waste my time watching ecchi shows because if I want to see that i'll watch H. The animation, character design & artwork are all nice & appealing. The English dub is ight. The music is good, especially liked the op, & the endings changed every episode along with a different music video with it. Only waste your time if your really into vocaloid music/ enjoy watching fan service shows with no real plot at all.

Uchu Patrol Luluco

Full Throttle WTF Fun Show!
If your looking for something thats deep & meaningful you should look else where, BUT if your just looking for something short thats just awesome animation & artwork with a crazy full throttle ride of epicness then you may want to check this out. It'll make you laugh, its not going to blow you away most likely but if your a fan of studio Trigger's amazing unique animation styles then you'll enjoy this. The story is about this young girl Luluco whos father gets frozen & she takes over her dads job at space patrol in order to find a way to save him. And from episode 1 to the end its just on full blast wtf adventure lol. Story, its got a meaningful message but as I said its nothing thats going to blow your mind. The animation, artwork, & character designs are amazing, classic Trigger. Never disappoints. The music is pretty good, I wasn't a huge fan of the op but I didn't hate it. But the ed song is amazing, I listened to it over & over its so good.

3/5 Why? Its clearly not something of to much substance. Just something made to be a short full blast ride, & thats exactly what it was. Great animation & artwork. Decent music. Decent story for such a short show. If your a Trigger fan you may want to check it out especially seeing how short it is.

Boku no Hero Academia

This is what every shounen show should stride to be!!!
Before this aired everyone was talking about how great it was going to be, myself just looking at the key artwork & character designs I thought this was going to be so stupid. It looks 100% childish trash, I could not comprehend what people were seeing in it. The ONLY reason I decided to watch episode 1 was because of the massive hype, I'm SOOO happy I did. The first episode starts slow, there's no question but thats because this show knows pacing perfectly. Its not rushing into it at all, its setting itself up right because its quality in every aspect. This is going to be the next "Naruto" but unlike "Naruto" as of right now they're doing it 100% right, they're not cutting corners with animation or reusing the same things just constantly. The story is perfection, not to slow nor to fast, every episode feels like only 5minutes have gone by, it'll have you holding your breath in suspense & your heart beating in excitement. The animation is amazing, it puts Naruto & Bleach to shame in nearly every way. The artwork is beautiful, the character designs although my first impression was how childish it appeared it's actually quite older audience aimed. The music is amazing, the op & ed match the show perfectly and all the music during the show is right on. If your a shounen fan or a fan of "Naruto", "Bleach", or "Hunter x Hunter" you NEED to watch this. Its going to be better than Naruto & Bleach by a long shot.

5/5 Why? I went in wanting, PLANING to hate it. Turned out to be one of the best shounen shows I've ever seen(in every aspect). The story is so simple and so suspenseful, keeps you on the edge of your seat practically from go to the very end. Animation & artwork are amazing. The music matches great. I love everything about it, can't wait for the next season. If your a shounen fan you HAVE to watch this.


Unexpected Story, Very Interesting!
This is the same people who made "Angel Beats!". I heard good things about this since it aired but it was in my long list of shows that I plan to watch eventually, the reason I ended up watching it sooner than later was because my friend had just finished it & bugged me to watch it for days(lol). So my first impression after episode 1 was, "this looks like it could be interesting, i'm curious to see where it'll go". So I watched 1-5 & said to myself well this isn't bad its definitely interesting but its far from the scale of praise everyone gives it, seems pretty average/slightly above(in terms of story) to me. So I watched 1 more and everything from that point to the end just took a complete left turn in story(in a really good way) I didn't expect it at all. Went from a slightly above average > pretty awesome show. The story is about teenagers who develop supernatural abilities around puberty & a group of students from a school that houses these special teens go out & prevent others from abusing their powers & endangering the welfare of others with abilities with their poor actions. Its so much deeper than it sounds, don't let the "stupidly plain over done" theme discourage you! The animation & artwork is great, visually pleasing from start to finish. All the character designs are great, no one looks off or stupid. The music is fantastic! The op & ed are soooo good you can listen to them over & over without tire & everything in the show matches great. My only complaints with the show are it feels very rushed from 1-5ish, but then everything past that seems well paced and something that happens in the last episode irritates me I can't get into it without spoilers but it just leaves you with a how?..that doesn't even make sense due to what you see in the episode before it. Its got quite a bit of a darker theme then it lets on so if your tastes are instability, powers(with realism to them which is pretty cool from your typical power genre), action & or a fan of the previous work "Angel Beats!" you'll definitely enjoy this as long as you stick with it past the beginning.

4.5/5 Why? It felt rushed for the first half, something happens in the end that irritates me because it doesn't line up with the previous episode. But the story is pretty solid & much deeper than you'd ever guess from the first half, the animation & artwork are awesome and the music is majestic af. If you like a darker theme show you have to check this out, especially for fans of "Angel Beats"

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso

Practically Perfection....
What an amazing show.... This show touched me like none before it. Theirs so much I want to say & can't without spoilers. So in that regard, the show revolves around music. Don't let that discourage you, I personally think if you have some background with music this will touch you even deeper than those who don't but this is something everyone will enjoy, musician or not. The story is of this boy who was a child prodigy(basically) pianist & something happens & he winds up quitting piano altogether until 2 years later he meets this young violinist and she changes his life completely. The animation is amazing, top notch for something that doesn't have any action, fighting or powers. Its really breath taking when you watch just what animation can potentially be, they out did themselves. The character designs & background artwork are absolutely beautiful you'll remember all of the characters for years to come and the artwork will be painted into your memories.. The music is stunning..simply amazing through and through, every single bit of this show is just an absolute pleasure to listen to. The op & ed songs are great and will echo in your heart for the rest of your life i'm sure. The story is a bit of a love story but far from typical, its something you don't wanna pass up. (I watched the entire 22 episodes in 2 sittings so i'll let that speak for me..) The only problems I have with this show is when they show the characters in the past, in nearly every flashback its only 2 years previous from the current (where they are 14yrs old) and in the flashbacks where they are apparently only 12 they look like 5-6yrs old. And then in the very few where you see some of the characters at actually 5yr they look EXACTLY the same as "apparently 12". So basically from 12-14 they went from toddler>nearly full grown teenager style, that's the only thing that genuinely irritated me every time I saw it. Also I felt like in the first half it repeats itself just a bit to much, this is minor but I had to point it out. If your a lover of quality anime then you need to check this out.

4.8/5 Why? Its just so close to perfection in every area. Biggest complaint, terrible at differentiating the character design of 5yr old characters to their 12yr old characters and then from 12>14 they just went to to nearly grown teenaged style. You wont regret watching this, or maybe you will. Enjoy.

Bakemono no ko

Great Movie!
This is the same person who made "Summer Wars", "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", & "Wolf Children" all of which I absolutely LOVED!, I can't even pick a favorite out of those 3. I can say this was my least favorite of all 4 of his movies, but thats not a bad thing. Its a great movie, I just found a little something more out of the others over this one. The story is about a 9yr old boy whos mother dies & is told he'll be living with his relatives, because of this he runs away & ends up traveling accidentally into the spirits world(very similar to "Spirit Away") & being taken in by one of the greatest warrior spirits to live there. The story is solid through & through, it'll tug your heart a little & has some awesome action as well. The artwork & character designs are amazing, every single character even minor characters are so unique. The backgrounds are beautiful as well. The music is amazing, everything is spot on. This is one of the better anime movies, check it out especially if you were a fan of any of the titles listed above, I can almost guarantee you'll really like this.

4/5 Why? Really well done, solid story. Amazing artwork & animation. Perfect matching music. Solid movie, if your looking for a good anime movie that your going to enjoy check it out.

Yuuki Yuuna wa yuusha de aru

Pretty Good, Would Love to See More!
So when this was airing I heard it was pretty good but I put it on the back burner & completely forgot about it until it popped up on Netflix. I heard it was a similar theme to "Madoka Magica" which is one of my favorites so I was very confident I'd enjoy this before ever starting it. Right from the go my first thought was "wow! The animation & art style are great!, this is going to be good!" And sure enough shortly into episode one the main plot opens up, very similar to "Madoka" as I've heard. I was kind of thinking "man..I hope this isn't basically a total rip off of it" but its its own story even if it has its similarities. The story is about these young girls that have to fight & destroy these "vertexes"(basically giant monstrous entities) whos goal is to destroy mankind. The story is extremely character driven, you get a real sense of connection with everyone of the main characters. None feel left out which is great. My only complaint with the story is it doesn't explain certain main information very well, especially in the beginning, but because of that its a show that you can watch 2-3 times and notice things that you completely overlooked on your initial watch. The artwork, animation, & character design are all amazing. Some of the most beautiful stuff your gonna find. The music is great, everything matches the scenes so well & the OP & ED songs are so majestic, very pleasurable to listen to over and over. The show ends very good, it could end here and be satisfying but if you look up any information about the visual novels & light novels you'll see that its been completely left open for a prequel & sequel, so I believe the lack of information in season 1 would be completely covered with a continuation regardless if pre or sequel. If you were a fan of "Puella Madoka Magica" or other darker themed shows you can almost guarantee you'll enjoy this, its much darker than it appears. Definitely not aimed at children.

4/5 Why? Great animation & artwork, pretty decent story with a lot of potential(highly suggest looking into the light novels & visual novels after finishing, the amount of story that we've yet to see is just awesome). Great music & songs. This is one show that you can guarantee you'll notice things you didn't catch at first if you re- watch it. Fan of dark themed stuff with epic fights & battle scenes(really all the scenes lol), this is for you.

Dimension W

~At the time of writing this the OVA has yet to air so this is only about episodes 1-12~ My very first impression after finishing episode 1 was, "very typical shounen, nothing special show". To be completely honest, if this show wasn't airing on "Toonami" I probably wouldn't have ever watched it/continued watching it. I'm glad to say that after episode 5/6 or so it began peeking my interest a bit more, enough that I actually wanted to watch more of it. Now the story is very original and a bit down right confusing during the show. The world discovered a new dimension, they named it "dimension W". They found a way to harness the energy from the dimension & turn it into a limitless energy supply for the entire world. Coils are what harnesses this power, the government distributes these. The main character hunts down illegal coils for money & goods. Now whats original about it? Everything now runs on this limitless energy, the possibilities are literally endless to what can be done. All the cities & everything have advanced so far, flying vehicles, robots, all types of stuff. Yet it still feels like not THAT far off into the future. The animation is pretty good, the artwork is really nice & all the character designs are pretty good looking. The music matched fine, nothing felt off or out of place. The op song is one of the most catchy/get me hyped songs I've ever heard from any anime, definitely one i'll remember. The English dub was done pretty well, I liked just about every character especially the two main ones. If your looking for something shounen, with your cool fights, explosions, "badass" main character then this is something you'll probably like. Also if your interested in the idea's of everything existing at the same time & limitless possibilities you'll probably enjoy this a bit too. As average as I found this show I have to say its original in its ideals & theories, that's the only reason I give it a 7.5/10

4/5 Why? Very typical shounen, action, explosions, "cool, dark" main character, etc. The animation was pretty good. Music matched fine, OP song was awesome an instant favorite. The story is really the only thing that saves this show, its very original (& has a lot of potential) in its concepts about possibilities, potential, energy, etc. If it sounds interesting, give it a watch you may enjoy it more than I.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Amazing Series!
Wow so nostalgic! I first watched this show when I was 13-14yrs old, I haven't thought about it since. All I remembered about it was their was a dog that was all mismatched & it was about a band, I knew I loved it back then but I honestly had no memory of what was so good about it. Well having stumbled upon this hidden gem again I decided I should check it out and see if my judgment would have changed from having seen so many more shows since then. I'm very happy to see that my taste was still good even for this being like the second not main stream anime I've ever seen. The story is pretty straight forward, ordinary bullied kid meets a guitarist by chance. Becomes friends, starts hanging out with him & his band, then decides to pick up guitar. And thus the story unfolds, the life of a struggling band. This shows got tons of action, kick ass music and even a bit of romance. Its pretty solid. My only sorta complaint is that the show is clearly "finished" as of the last episode, I would have really liked a second season but tbh I'm not sure they really could have done another season. The animation isn't bad, its not winning any awards but for its time it was definitely pretty good. Now the music is what really makes this show shine, every song is kick ass! No other way to put it, you just want to sit their singing along with the op & ed every single time. The songs the bands play throughout the show are great. I haven't picked up my guitar in years & right in the middle of episodes this show had me wanting to just bust it out and get to practicing! Its pretty inspiring haha. The English dub is really good, all the characters match really well. I'm pretty sure everybody who watches this will like it, make sure you watch at least 3 episodes or so. The beginning might seem a little slow but this is a solid show.

4.5/5 Why? Solid story, I only wish we got to take it just a little farther. Animation is pretty good, good for its time. Music is top notch, awesome songs all throughout this show!! Dub is also really good, all the characters match great. If this show doesn't inspire you at least a little then idk your just a miserable person lol.

Panti & Sutokkingu with Gâtâberuto

Pretty Good, Don't Take It Seriously Though.
My first impression was.. I kind of felt it was lower in quality from what I thought it was(in terms of substance itself, the show was well done through and through) but thats because I went in completely blind. I thought their was an actual premise(like most anime), well I suppose their is but for the most part this is just a bunch of mini adventures very episodic. My second thought was, "this reminds me of an American cartoon style rather than an anime". The style is very similar to something you'd find in America, & the episodes are basically two 15minute stories in 1 episode(like most children cartoons). Right from go this show gets down and dirty with profound language & dirty jokes, like extremely dirty this is by far the most profound language show I've ever seen(worse than "Family Guy" & "South Park"). They're literally just cursing to curse. This kinda turned me off to it at first because I wasn't expecting to watch some slapstick profound joke skit show but after an episode or two I stopped taking it serious and just accepted it as "something to watch & not really care about", after that I began to enjoy it more. Some episodes were definitely more funny to me than others, towards the end it finally started following more of an actual story, this definitely boosted my enjoyment & made me start getting into it more. The animation style is crazy, as I said it will remind you of something you'd expect to see on American TV but its so diverse in its style. Every scene is different, you never know what its going to look like until your staring at it, this was really cool. The music is amazing, especially the OP & ED. Some of the most catchy songs I've ever heard. The English dub was extremely well done, all the characters matched perfect. The story is extremely simple, the two main characters are angels, they get kicked out of heaven(for obvious reasons you'll understand in the first 10seconds of the series lol), they need to kill evil monsters to collected "heaven coins" to buy their way back into heaven. If you want something just stupid & comical and are okay with dick jokes & literally everything in between then check this out, if your more like me and are looking for something with a deeper level of story look else where.

4ish/5? Why? Well I gave it such a high rating because its really well done, its just not something i'd necessarily hunt down to watch. The animation style is like nothing else, its awesome and diverse. The music is pretty epic, especially the op & ed. The dub is great, everyone matches perfectly. The story is pretty weak and simple but at the same time it needs to be exactly that simple in order for this show to work, so you can't really complain. Its profound, dirty & moderately funny. Don't take it serious and you'll enjoy it more. If your looking for something to throw on when you have a few minutes here and their then this is your show, if your looking for something to grab your attention & immerse you into that world making you binge watch the hole thing in 1 sitting this probably isn't it.(for me at least)


Pretty Damn Awesome!
So right off the bat the first thing I have to say is this show is produced by Polygon Pictures, the same company that produced "Knights of Sidonia" so that means its 100% CG animation. Now my first impression was I didn't really like it(the animation), but I got use to it fairly quickly and as the series progressed theirs definitely quite a few epic scenes where it looks really good. So the story is about immortal people, if they die they basically instantly revive 100% fine & reconfigured. For me the story itself is pretty fresh, I haven't seen to many shows that involve immortals or at the very least they don't express the immortal aspects as the main focus as this show does, so its quite interesting. So the story is quite unique and expresses realistically how it would be if we discovered immortals in the real world, they'd be hunted like animals for research etc. It does a really good job about how people would view and react to things, they give you just enough information to understand and leave you with so many questions, it definitely leaves you wanting more. The animation, as I said is 100% CG. I know most people wont even give this a chance just because of this, but this show is pretty bad ass. From episode 1-10 I was enjoying it but what pushed me from a 7<8 was the last 3 episodes, they were EPIC, so bad ass lol. So if the idea of immortals sounds awesome (like it does to me) then just stick it out and watch cause you'll definitely get into it but for the love of god don't quit before the last 2 they make the hole show so epic. The music seemed pretty good, my first listen to the OP & ED I wasn't really into it but on my second listen it really grew on me & I found it quite enjoyable. All the music during the show matched fine as well. The English dub was pretty good, I didn't necessarily dislike any of them. So if your into action, blood, & bullets with a bit of mystery I think you'll enjoy it, just give the CG a chance its not so bad.

4/5 Why? Its a pretty intriguing story, it hasn't been done a hundred times and theirs things about it that separate it from typical immortal stories (not gonna go into spoilers though). The animation although its different from your typical anime its actually quite good (some parts clearly better than others but as a hole its good). The dub & music match well, nothing really feels off or missing. If your into action, blood, epic fights check this out. If you watch it to the end you'll be happy you did, my favorite episodes are the last two. Give the CG a chance!!

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

Best Animation of All Time at This Point in Time. Amazingly Done!!
~*This show starts at episode 00 NOT 01, currently 00-25 & the OVA ep SunnyDay(watch last)*~ Wow...just wow.. I heard while this was airing back in 2014 that the animation was "the greatest thing thats currently made" & how "amazing & awesome" this was, but I still put this off for two years somehow just thinking in the back of my mind that it has to just be over hype because of its retarded massive fan base. Holy Jesus was I wrong. Right off the bat the first thing I was thinking was "WOW this animation pretty amazing", but I expected it to be equal to Fate/Zero or really any Aniplex title(they're all done very well) but that was just in the beginning(first 5minutes/less?). After it got to the first fight scene I literally bugged out, hands down the best animation of ANY anime to date, the budget for this series HAD to break records for an anime i'm 100% certain. So lets start off, the story is just WOW way better than I expected (fyi I was completely ignorant to any of the story except its prequel Fate/Zero). It surprised me quite a few times and held my attention 100% of the time. Every single episode from 0 & onward didn't skip a beat. You finished one and NEEDED to see the next. The music is just so great, the ops & eds are simply amazing, match perfect. The music in the show matches flawlessly, so much effort & time was put into every single inch of this show. Even things that are so minor you don't even notice every detail has had the time taken out to make it perfection. The English dub is perfect, every voice fits amazing & you can feel the passion in every bit of it. The character designs & artwork are breath taking, no better way to put it. 100% of every detail has been taken for everything. & as I already stated the animation is something that has set a new bar of achievement for the anime world. Now I do have to say there's aspects of Fate/Zero I really enjoyed that were lacking from this like the older group of characters & no hesitation dark actions. But thats not really a complaint as this is the sequel & theirs nothing that can really be done about that, I just thought I should point it out. Definitely watch Fate/Zero before this, even if your not the biggest Fate/Zero fan i'm 100% sure you'll love this. Even though it lacks a bit of what Zero has it brings to the table a lot that Zero didn't have. & If you are a big fan of Zero, you'll be in heaven.

5/5 Why? Perfection. This is what every anime should stride to be. This show set a new bar in the anime world. The animation is THE BEST you will currently find, every single episode is theatrical level quality with no half measures the entire show. The story is amazing, nothing to add. The pacing is perfection. The character design & artwork are breath taking, every little detail has been added to everything. You can feel the passion the creators put into this. The music is amazing, everything matches perfectly. The English dub is amazing. I'm not even that big of a Fate fan and I have to say this is hands down one of the greatest well done anime I've ever seen. You WILL like this, I don't care who you are. Quality is quality.

Boku dake ga inai machi

Wow.., Amazing Show!
So right from the description I knew this was going to be good, and as predicted I was dead on(at least for my tastes). This is one of the best titles I've seen yet. In ever aspect, the story is just spectacular, artwork & character designs are appealing, music is great. I have no real flaws with this as a person who has only seen the anime that is, apparently the manga has much more detail towards the later of the show but from what it shows I think it does just fine. This show gave me a feeling of Steins;Gate & Death Note. It was very well thought out & makes you think, every single episode leaves you with suspense that could kill. For me there's nothing else to even say. Don't look up any details about this, just watch it & you will not be disappointed.

4.8/5 Why? Its spectacular, the story is so good. Every episode leaves you dying to watch the next. Artwork & animation is great. Music is awesome, the OP & ED are so catchy you can listen to them for days without tiring. All the characters are great. Its so close to perfection for me, my only wish (not a complaint) is that they would have just given it another 1-2 episodes & included the details that were missing from the manga. But even with that being said its perfectly fine the way it was done. I can almost guarantee anyone that watches this will enjoy it very much, & go on to add this to one of there all time favorites.

Black Bullet

Better Than Expected, Nice Twist!
Before I watched this I read a lot of mixed reviews, saying its over hyped, not that good, etc. My first impression after 2-3 episodes in was "this is kind of typical but its pretty decent for being typical. Even though, it definitely looks like something i'm going to enjoy". My ending opinion drastically changed from the beginning of the season, it was much darker & more profound than I realized from the beginning and it even has a bit of a twist at the end that genuinely caught me off guard & makes me hope for a season 2 as i'd really like to see where this story is going. Now as the story goes, from what we've seen so far & can tell (imo) its kinda typical shounen. Evil creatures, killing people, good guys kill them. Badass op characters with awesome attacks, but as the story itself seems pretty black & white it actually begins to develop pretty deeply & you learn this world is far far darker than it gives in the very beginning. The animation is pretty great, the fight scenes are all pretty badass. All the character designs are great, & all of the background artwork is very appealing & as well. The music all seemed to match fine, nothing ever felt out of place or bad. Now as the English dub goes, I definitely like it as a hole but I can't ignore the fact that their are at least a handful of characters whos voice just doesn't fit at all. For example the one freshest in my mind is the 10yr old samurai girl(later in the show) she has this deep woman voice that just doesn't fit at all, theirs others as well but all of these are minor/side characters so its not a huge deal. But on the better side of this, some of the characters match 100% great like the main villain with the mask, i couldn't imagine another voice for him if i tried. He's perfection. In the end I really enjoyed this, badass characters, awesome fights, & the story really began to develop into something much deeper. If your looking for a darker themed, bloody battles, profound language, & cool badass little kids then you should check this out.

4/5 Or 8/10 Why? It appeared very typical(although thats not always a bad thing, the best things are usually very simple) but then it began to develop into something more. Much darker than I thought it was going to be, has a bit of a twist that makes me want to watch more. Pretty great animation, epic fights, everything is appealing. Music seems fine, matches well. All the main cast English dub match quite well, a handful of the minor/side characters voices don't match at all. Thats one of the biggest negatives I really have with this. Its not anything crazy "MUST WATCH!" but its an enjoyable show & I definitely wouldn't mind more! If your looking for bloody fights, more seinen genre, with good animation & cool characters then check it out. It will surprise you if your willing to give it a chance.

Little Witch Academia

Amazing Short, Supper Fun Ride!
This review is for both this "movie" and its sequel~. Wow what an amazing ride, it does not feel even close to only 25minutes for this show. There's so much going on, your instantly attached and just begging for more, to explore this fun colorful world of magic. Trigger is amazing, its as simple as that. I'm in absolute love with the animation and artwork/art style in this show, I can't get enough of it. Every single detail of this show is great, every piece of background, every character, all of it is just so inviting. You just want to live in this world. The characters are so diverse, they're all great. For such a short show they all have so much personality & uniqueness you instantly fall in love with them all, they're all drawn so well you just want to eat them. The music & sounds are great nothing feels wrong or out of place. The English dub is amazing, every single voice matches its character perfectly I was very impressed. & The ending credit song of the sequel is so great, the voice of an angel. I could listen to it over and over again. Little Witch Academia is all about a fun ride, it just makes you want to smile while watching it & leaves you wanting to explore this world more. It would be really nice to see a series come out of this show in the near future.

4/5 Why? Its just a great fun, enjoyable ride from start to finish. Characters draw you in instantly, the animation is top notch, on point English dub. There is absolutely no negatives about this show except for the fact that its so short (currently consisting of two short movies 1.5hrs total). If your looking for something that your gonna enjoy but not something you really want to commit to like an entire 12+ series then this is perfection, you'll smile, laugh, & wish for more!

Towa no Quon 1: Utakata no Kaben

Awesome Story, Fun Watch.
This review will be for all 6 movies(the entire show)~no spoilers~. Right off the bat this show draws in your attention with awesome powers & action. The basic outline is, all over the world their's people who have some type of ability that most don't even realize they have. Some of them(most of them) find out in a not so fun manner causing the others to be fearful and resent those with abilities. There's a secret order thats hunting all of these people down, thats basically all you know within the first 5 minutes. Now as the story goes, the pacing of the movies are absolutely perfect. No where does it seem like anything is being rushed to fast or not given enough time. The show has such a diverse cast of characters all with such unique personalities & abilities its really easy to get into this show and start getting attached. The animation is great, studio Bones is well known for being one of the best, they definitely follow through with this series. The artwork of everything is just so appealing, the characters, the buildings, to the greenery its all very beautiful. The sound effects & music are great, nothing feels out of place at all. The ending credit song is a great match, really gets you hype for the next episode(movie). The dub is great, not a single character feels off or out of place. It almost gave me a little bit of a "Guilty Crown" feeling, in terms of being hunted & also being the heroes. If your looking for an awesome action anime with really nice visuals and a very diverse set of abilities & cast this is definitely something you want to check out. The story may not be something as deep as something like "Gurren Lagann" but its a good story. It knows what it wants to do, sets out and does it, a cool story with cool fights, powers & good animation/artwork.

4/5 Why? Its overall just a good series, enjoyable story, great artwork & animation, great diversity of characters & abilities. Really I can't think of any complaints. If your a fan of action & abilities/powers then you will more than likely enjoy this. Studio Bones has yet to disappoint me. Definitely watch at least the first 2 movies before you decide if your going to stick with it or not though.

Kami sama no memo chô

Much Darker than Anticipated
My very first impression after finishing episode one was, "oh..well this isn't bad but its also not that good.." but none the less I trucked on through and I'm glad I did. The impression I felt from this show in the beginning was it was gonna be some goofy slapstick comedy anime with a detective theme but as it turns out this show was WAY darker than I ever could have guessed by the first 3 episodes. In terms of pure detective realism this show is one of the better ones I've seen (granted I haven't seen all that many but still), the show has quite a few very large twists and turns that turn this show from a 6.5>7/7.5. The artwork is very beautiful, all the buildings and background artwork is very nice to look at. The character design is kind of plain and not to standout-ish but I enjoyed that, it makes it feel more "real" than something cartoonie. The opening and ending themes are absolutely great, the animation is spectacular and the music is great never got sick of listening to either. As for the music for the rest of the show it seemed to match perfectly fine, nothing seemed off nor did it stand out to me. To put it bluntly, if your looking for a detective theme anime or a darkish themed anime this is decent and you should enjoy it but only if your willing to watch it all the way through. If you don't watch it all then you simply wont get the effect that it builds on and is the only thing that bumps it from an average show> decent show. If your just looking for a new anime to watch, i'd say you can probably find something better but again its not bad just nothing to flip and go on about.

4/5(barely) or 7.5/10 Why? In terms of a detective anime it does quite well, it has quite a few large twist and turns and is much darker than you'd think form first glance but it does seem to be missing that "something". You can't place whats missing but it feels like there's something it still needs. Animation & music are nice, story is decent. If you are going to watch this make sure you watch it ALL, don't watch 3 or 6, tough it out till the end and i'm sure you'll have a better opinion on it than if you drop it before hand.

Rokka no Yuusha

Hidden Gem! Great Suspense, Makes You Think!!
My first impression of the first few episodes was "well this isn't bad, its not great. Seems kinda typical, hopefully it'll get better if i continue" And boy does it get better, make sure you give this a chance because everything after episode 5 has you in constant thought. Its by far one of the best suspense and questioning shows I've seen, ever. This show was literally on my mind all day, thinking about who could be the "seventh"?! Now as the show goes, the story seems pretty typical which I believe is why so many drop this before it gets to the part that makes it worth watching. There's 6 heroes that gain a goddesses blessing(basically) for being the best fighters in the world that will all join together to kill the demon god & save humanity, BUT when all are heroes finally meet up theirs 7 of them!? And thats where the real story of this show begins, deception, suspicion, doubt, who can you trust who can't you trust? Literally every episode has you thinking "well maybe its them" and then the next episode your thinking "no it has to be them!" and so on, its one of the best shows that have completely lost me in thought like this. The artwork and animation is beautiful, everything from the character designs & the unique abilities each hero has to the amazing scenery its all very nice and you get sucked into that world. The music wasn't bad by any means, i enjoyed it all very much but it felt more like theatrical music rather than a show/anime music(like it felt a little to heavily poured on in some less intense parts than it should have been). I really liked the opening and endings, the songs were great and both changed multiple times throughout the series which was cool/nice. If your looking for something with action, cool characters(in both design & personalities), decent story and something that will wrack at your brain for literally hours then this is definitely something you want to check out!

4/5 Why? Basically my only complaint is the story seems typical by first glance, but it is still very good at doing what it set out to do. & The music seems a little to intense for some parts of the show when its not necessary(not a big deal though, it doesn't effect enjoyment at all just my opinion). The character designs are some of the coolest from any show I've ever seen, "Fremy" in particular is one of my all time favorites from any show I've seen at this point in time. If you want something thats gonna have you doubting yourself and thinking for hours after you finished the episode this is something you have got to check out and give a chance for it to get to that point, don't give up on it cause its "to slow feeling" in the beginning.

Nanatsu no taizai

Great Show!
~*!Make sure to watch each episode from the very beginning(before the opening song) and also after the ending song! If you skip it or let Netflix auto play you WILL miss content and backstory of the show!!*~ So I saw this on Netflix and a friend watched it and bugged the crap out of me to watch it, so i did. I was not disappointed, it had everything i look for in a "good/decent" anime. To start things off one of the main characters is a talking animal which is hilarious, he's one of the best characters from any show not just one of the typical "animal characters". If your into the typical shounen animes like "Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece", etc its a given, you ARE going to enjoy this show. Now to start it off i love the animation and the artwork, the world the show takes place in is beautiful it completely immerses you into that "fairy tale" type atmosphere with the forests everywhere and all the mysteries of the world itself. The fight scenes are awesome, completely over powered, over the top fighting. The story is very straight and to the point right from go, and that in a way kind of makes the show feel a little shallow & rushed but it works for it & I still think its one of the better shows. I do wish they would of drug the show out just a little more though, I feel that would of given it more of an emotional bond & room for more details making it not as "empty?" feeling(not sure if thats the correct word to describe what i mean but i think you'll understand after watching it). The music is amazing! Both the opening and ending themes are all really enjoyable and can be listened to over and over again and the music & sounds during the show are great and all match well. I love the voice acting for the English dub, I thought they were all great and everyone matched very well. Every single character is great, from the main crew to the side characters they're all fun and a really good cast. At the time of writing this their is currently two OVA episodes which i highly recommend watching if you enjoyed the series as they both shed details to the story that you probably don't want to miss out on & are funny as well.

4/5 Why? Its really funny, definitely one of the funnier shows I've seen lately. The characters are all freaking awesome & cool, if your into completely overpowered, over the top fighting then this show is right up your ally. The animation is great, especially the fight scenes and the artwork of the world itself is some of the most memorable from any show I've seen. Music is great, enjoyable opening and endings, the English dub is amazing i loved it entirely. My only sort of complaint is the story, it's very simple and straight to the point & almost a little rushed making the show feel like "something" is missing. But it is just the first season so perhaps with the continuation of the show it will go more in depth. That being said though this is definitely one of the better shows, its hilarious, has awesome fights & abilities, great dub, and awesome memorable characters. Can't wait to see whats in store for the upcoming season!

Digimon Adventure tri. Saikai

Brings Back Memories, Enjoyed it.
Now if your watching this then you must already be familiar with at least the original season of "Digimon", it definitely brings the nostalgic feels seeing all your childhood characters grown and seeing what they're up to. This movie translates in English as "reunion" and thats exactly what it felt like, it felt like this movie was to set the tone of everything, bring back your beloved childhood heroes and get you remembering and catching up with everything that is "Digimon". Now my first observation was how different everyone looks from the original especially the digimon themselves, the art style looks completely different but thats not necessarily a bad thing. It breaths new life into the nostalgic childhood series. Now as the story goes its just getting started, basically the entire plot is we don't know whats going on yet and we don't quite find to much out in this first part of the movie series. The artwork and animation is very nice, some scenes definitely look extremely awesome and then for me there's a few that seemed to be lacking but as a hole i thought it was done very well especially the combat scenes I was impressed. (I was actually getting flash backs from the original digimon movie where Greymon fights the green parrot while Kari stands and watches in the street) The music was really good, i thought it matched just fine & the opening & ending theme weren't to bad either. As for the voice acting i have no complains, it was my first time hearing the Japanese voices and thought they were just fine. Now my only complaint is the last fight scene, it seemed extremely rushed i think it should of been at minimum twice the length that it was it seemed to take away the dramaticness of the battle by just blowing through without any emotional tension like they normally would have. That said, my favorite thing about the new movie is that everyone doesn't stay in their same old outfits like in basically every cartoon/anime you've seen. They all change their clothes everyday with a new look and its very cool it makes them more "real", and their pretty damn stylish xD.

4/5 Why? I feel it should be slightly lower but i rate higher because this movie was more or less just to lay out the page, set the tone. There's only so much you can do when your trying to reintroduce a fairly big series all in one movie time frame. I also think my nostalgia goggles may make me more bias than someone who didn't watch the original as a child. The artwork and animation was different from what i was expecting but in no way was i disappointed, the music matched well and the story seems like its going to be decent, it definitely leaves you wanting more and wondering whats going on. If your looking for a trip down memory lane i'd watch it, i believe the up coming movies will definitely be better now that the tone has been set, i can't wait!

Tengen toppa gurren lagann

A True Master Piece..
I'm speechless.. this show has left an enormous hole in my heart, i feel like a pet or family member has just died after finishing the last episode just knowing that its over. This is possibly the deepest anime or show I've ever seen, it speaks on so many levels. I didn't think a show could have so much substance. I put off watching this show for about 2 years because i knew it was a "mecha" genre and i can't stand that type with very few exceptions, i believe that to be one of my biggest regrets. This show is a master piece in every aspect, there's not much more i can say that can sum it up better than that. The story is absolutely amazing from episode one to the very end, the animation style is breath taking and my favorite from any style. The music is crazy, its perfect in every way. The opening and ending themes are catchy and you can just sit there and listen to it endlessly and the voice acting is spectacular. And for any people that are like me and are thinking of passing it up because "mecha" this is one title you absolutely need to take a leap of faith with and i am 100% positive you'll fall in love with this show, it doesn't even feel like your typical mecha show even slightly. There's not much more i can add without getting into the show itself, i'll just add this is what every anime or show in general should stride to be.

5/5 Why? It IS perfection (imo). The story is just..perfect. The artwork and animation is just so good i want to throw up from excitement, and the music matches it all perfectly. I literally can't think of a single thing i disliked about this show. Do NOT pass this up, it'll become one of your favorites.

Bus Gamer

Decent Storyline, Lost Potential
So this series is only 3 episodes long.. That about sums it up, the story is about 3 young, in shape guys chosen to enter a high stakes game for high stakes cash. The show gets right into it as it has to with only 3 episodes. Everything feels extremely rushed and nearly no character development or any real look into why this game exists or anything. The artwork was okay, nothing mind blowing. The character designs were decent and the voice actors matched the characters. The music wasn't anything to wow you but it wasn't bad either, the opening & ending songs weren't half bad. There is no true "ending" to this series, it just ends without knowing how the story continues. The story had potential and probably wouldn't have been half bad of a show if their were 20-26 episodes but it did not thus turning it into just something to watch if you've literally nothing better to waste your time with.

2/5 Why so low? 3 episodes to explain plot, introduce characters, attempt slight character development and introduce an antagonist. Plain and simple not nearly enough time to do all these things efficiently. Artwork & music were fine but nothing to be wow'd by. Only waste your time watching this if the story really seems interesting to you, your not missing out if you skip this title.

Aoi Bungaku Series

Extremely Deep
Right off the bat i believe the younger you are the less you'll get out of this series, not because you wouldn't be able to understand the stories clearly but because as we age we gain experience & perspective and come to view things in a completely different light than we would have years in the past. Now this is a pretty dark themed show, in 12 episodes the first 4 "I believe" are one story and then about every 2 episodes from that point are their own story. Each one has a very deep meaning to them, I don't think many will enjoy this unless you've been in the deepest darkest parts of your mind and can relate & truly understand the characters point of views. For me that was one thing that kept me interested, being able to completely understand where these people are coming from and knowing that they're all based on the experiences and feelings of people that really existed connected to me. The artwork was very nice and the music matches it well, giving most the eerie dark themed tone to the show. The characters are all kind of forgettable & yet they aren't, its very hard to get to attached to any character when their entire story is over within 2 episodes but that's to be expected, i believe they were all done the best they could be for the time they had. The stories are all Japanese classics. If your a thinker, someone who's inside their own head probably more than they should be i believe these stories will speak louder to you than they will to others. Give them a chance as they are pretty slow moving and might even feel a bit stale if your not entirely in the mood to watch this, they'll certainly make you reflect on your life.

3.8/5. Why not higher? It was a decent series, it had deep meanings and really made you think about your life & everything about it. The artwork was pretty good, the music matched it well and set the tones well. Something just seemed to be lacking. Perhaps because it was a bunch of mini stories inside of one, the lack of depth for each story may make it feel a bit shallow?


Awesome Show! Deserves a Chance!!
My first reaction was "..i think i could make something better in my 7th grade computer class..", but that completely changed as soon as it got to the first action scene and thats when i realized why this show has the hype and fans it does. The fight scenes are completely amazing, some of the best I've seen from any show but what brings it all together for that spine tingling effect is the freaking sick soundtrack perfectly sync'd with the amazing fight scenes(really all the scenes but its the fighting ones that really blow you away). Now the animation is the weakest part of the show in some aspects but its also part of the greatest, you can really feel how much effort was put into animating so many little details and then you can see where they kinda completely skipped some haha but the pros outweigh the cons. The music is absolutely stellar! The soundtrack can break or make any show and for this show it's its wings. The music will blow you away, make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, & literally make you feel like your going to squirm out of your body. The voice acting is amazing, the script is just so stupid and funny. Not many shows can smoothly keep you laughing but these guys are great at it, even when somethings not expected to be comical they'll have you chuckling. The story itself isn't deep at first but thats only because your still in the beginning of the story itself, the scene is just being set! There's so much potential for the characters development & the plot, i cannot wait for the seasons to come!

4/5:Why not 5/5? Animation is like a 3-3.5/5 sometimes and then others its like a 6/5, so this is my main point killer, but it does improve in the seasons to come. Music:5/5 Amazing, it makes the show what it is. Character Design: 4/5 Everyone is simple and yet unique, they really have a nearly perfect balance. Plot: 4/5 There's a lot of potential, so many places to go but not ahole lot revealed yet thus my hopes are high! Give this show a shot, i know the animation turns many people off instantly but if you give it that small chance i can almost guarantee you'll enjoy it far more than you thought you would have.

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