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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

They tried to pile so much into one movie and its just overdone. The fight scenes were to rehearsed and you can see gaps in the fighting where Keanu takes a step to wait for the moment he is supposed to grab the guy. If at the Continentalhotel Keanu would have been using a 308 cartridge in his rifle then their is no bullet proof vest or clothing that would stop that from killing! The movie just seemed different from the first 2 in that they were trying to incorporate so many things dogs, horses and going to so many places it's too much. Stick to what got you here. Get whomever back that made the fight scenes fluid and it's not how many men can he kill but the smooth storyline and fighting scenes that make the first 2 movies hits!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Was GREAT sequel!!!
Kurt Russell looks great for his age!! The movie is a awesome addition to the Guardians series! The movie has a storyline that is completely easy to follow and adds to the first movie. They really used all of the original actors and then added a lot of extra storyline with the new actors they added in. I cannot wait to see volume 3!!!!!!

The Aftermath

No woman would go from hating Germans to sleeping with one of them in the matter of a week or two. Especially if she blames them for the death of her son she was so broke up over! It's a totally unbelievable story and is slow moving!


Horrible movie!
I like Sci-fi movies with Cgi. This movie is horrible! No real story. The makeup and masks on the actors are so terrible and fake looking. This movie is a slap in the face of the HELLBOY franchise!


Worst choice for weapons for someone who prepared for this. Using lever action, bolt action rifles when your in a high stress home invasion is not smart! Jamie Lee Curtis's house was setup to trap him so why didn't she just lock down all the rooms as soon as he was inside and it would have trapped him in a room? To search around the house with a lever action rifle is just plain stupid! If your going to make her look so well prepared and no longer a victim then go all the way and make her badass! Enough of the other cast members are I'll prepared victims. Give her a automatic shotgun and let her use it properly so she can really be prepared.

Escape Room

How can these supposed survivors not have better ideas to solve some of the problems? Melt a huge chunk of ice with body heat in cold weather? Why didn't the ice melt when it was underwater? The water was warm. Why not chip away at the ice with boards from the wooden box? Then in the upside down room Amanda jumps to grab a phone cord rather than jumping to the side where the ledge and rail are? It's just not believable that people are so stupid.

Drive Angry

Amber Heard is gorgeous in her blonde hair and tight daisy dukes! Nicholas Cage needs to do something about his hair but he was even good in this movie. The action and continuous chase scenes along with the killing are what makes a great action movie. Having Amber Heard(Dressed sexy) and Charlotte Ross(Naked) makes this a great action movie with hot actresses too!


The thing that bothered me about this movie is that Mantra is so smart and can change Atlantean technologies but yet when his father is trapped under a missile he isn't smart enough to get a pry bar to use to lift the missile? Also using Nicole Kidman as the mother was not a good choice. She just isn't believable as a strong underwater woman. Why are all the women in their 50's getting face lifts? She can't show any feelings with her face because it doesn't move at all not even her lips. Jason Momoa and Amber Heard were the best parts of the whole movie. Amber Heard looks great underwater, I can't think of a hotter actress I would love to be traveling around both above and below water! Now if someone could write a good script with better lines in it they would have a great movie.


Surprisingly a really good movie!
This movie was a surprise. I decided to watch this on HBO because nothing else was on. This movie grabbed my attention from the start. If there are any actresses that ever want to know how to act they just have to study Viola Davis she is what all actors should strive for! The movie has a good storyline with a strong cast. All of the actors are very good and this movie holds your attention for the entire time. This movie is worth your time to make sure you see it.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

So many bad lines, they were trying to make it with so many of the ideas every move about the armed forces are about. Having Cobie Smulders as the tough major that was going to punch Tom Cruise to see who goes search was a joke, noone makes a fist like she did if they know anything about fighting or has any fighting background. This movie is like so many others that the first movie was good so they let the star actor have more say into what happens with the character and it ruins the whole idea. They are actors not writers. Stick with what your good at and leave the other jobs to the professionals that are good at those jobs. You would think studios would have figured it out by now that writers are good at writing stories and actors are good at acting out the story. Stop mixing them up or you will keep having this mess of a movie.

Hotel Artemis

Great movie
I thought the movie was good. I'm just wondering when Jodie Foster started copying Michael J. Fox's facial movements for acting. She seems to look exactly like him when she acts. Sterling K. Brown was great as usual and Dave Bautista is a house that just gets better and better in every movie!

The Predator

This is a SCI-FI movie. Use your imagination!
Don't believe all the horrible reviews. Things happen in Sci-fi movies that won't make sense! Who can say what a child with mental disorders can do or can't do? Part of liking Sci-fi movies is that things happen that you can't explain. This movie has some things that you can't explain. If you enjoy watching movies and not evaluating everything that happens then you will enjoy the movie. It's not the best movie in the world but Predator movies never are. You have to use your imagination to believe that there are alien creatures from outer space to begin with or this movie can't happen! If you can believe that why can't you believe the rest. Don't dissect the movie WATCH IT AND ENJOY IT FOR WHAT IT IS!

The Mule

He messed up his life working instead of spending time with his family. His family made him feel like a screw up and a looser so why would you want to spend time with them? He starts driving drugs to make money to help pay for his granddaughters wedding(because that is a grandfather's job not a mother & father)? Horrible story it doesn't make any sense why all the horrible things in this family fall on his head but none of the other members look like they are a superstar or doing so well. Just drags on forever..............


The movie starts out slow but it gets into the action and when the movie is over I was waiting for more!!! This is the start of the VENOM FRANCHISE! This is a movie that if you enjoy MARVEL movies then you love it, but if you don't like action and sci-fi then you hate it. I LOVED IT.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

This whole movie is based on finding a cure to becoming a crank. Then a whole bunch of crap happens. Then in the end Teresa suddenly finds out Thomas is the person that can cure everyone! IF THEY HAD TESTED ALL THE BLOOD THEY TOOK FROM THOMAS AT THE START OF THE SECOND MOVIE THEY WOULD KNOW HE WAS THE CURE! WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL HIS BLOOD? ARE WE ALL SUPPOSED TO FORGET THE LINE THOMAS SAID IN THE SECOND MOVIE? "ARE YOU SURE YOUR GETTING ENOUGH" WHEN THEY TOOK ALL HIS BLOOD?

Avengers: Infinity War

GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to see a Scifi movie that is amazing from start to finish with all your favorite characters then this is the movie for you! Great movie that takes you on a ride that makes you realize that even super heroes are more than just fighters. This is a great scifi movie!


Should be called CRASH & BURN!!!!!
Denise Richards must have had some bad facial surgery. It appears that the bottom half of her face is just loose hanging skin that moves funny when she smiles. Dolph Lundgren & Chuck Lidell in a movie and not using there fighting skills as a major part in the movie is horrible casting! Denise Richards as a badass FBI agent is unbelievable, she used up her chance at being the young pretty girl long ago. This movie is a disaster from the script to the casting to having someone even finance this HORRIBLE ATTEMPT AT A MOVIE!

The Electric Horseman

Robert Redford, Jane Fonda how could this not be a great movie? This is a great movie that shows when star actors actually rode horses at a gallop without worrying about hurting themselves. Robert Redford is a actor who throws himself completely into the movie. He makes this movie a hit. This is a movie you can watch over and over again.

Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is horrible again!
Why do they put her in movies. She has the sexuality of a potatoes. If this body is the best she can do with that many different trainers than she is LAZY. During fight scenes she at one point can barely get up on her feet to 10 seconds later running. The new action movies are trying to overdue everything by so much that the actors practice everything so many times that they are moving to block punches before the opposition is starting to throw the punch. Bad acting by Theron and horrible directing. Could have been good with a different lead woman that was believable and less over the top fight scenes.

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