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Feels like I've seen it before.
Kidnap, Falling Down, Duel... It's been done to death, and it shows. There's nothing new in this film, and nothing interesting. It's a boring way to waste an hour & a half watching people do what people don't do. The tough-guy line at the end and the cheesy "moral of the story" final scene could have been shown in the first 5 minutes, ending the agony. This movie makes me want to finish watching Leonard Part 6 (I walked out of the theater on that one) - at least it's not a remake of anything.

Command and Control

How many nuclear ICBMs have exploded in the continental US?
If you think the answer is zero, you really need to watch this. Beyond the shocking lack of accountability among the scientists who created these machines, and the military that operates them, I was really bothered by the (mis-)treatment of the crewmen who responded to the site.

14 Minutes from Earth

Overly dramatic; short on science; runs long; but still entertaining
I don't think anyone would really believe a documentary would be released of a failure, or of the main character dying, so the cliffhanger moments are really overdone. And as has been noted by other reviewers: the science we're promised at the beginning is entirely missing. What really grated on my sense of reality was calling him their "pilot" - he had no more control than Abraham Lincoln would, if they had dropped a penny from that height, so he wasn't piloting anything. But if you can get past all that, it's actually an interesting story about a lot of money being spent to seriously risk a man's life just to break someone else's useless record. No mention at all is made of the ONE guy who originally did this for actual science - Colonel Joe Kittinger.

Crip Camp

What have YOU accomplished lately?
Watching this documentary is about as humbling as being at the senior olympics, as a teen-aged logistical supporter. Seeing what these kids accomplished with their physical & societal challenges makes me embarrassed to even think about giving up on ANYTHING, or complaining about my problems. But it's not a depressing film - it's remarkably optimistic & uplifting. It's also hilarious - the jokes they tell on themselves had me rolling! They're also surprisingly insightful about their place in the world, and not accepting what they're told that is. One of the campers with CP was even poetic, despite her profound disability. Yes, it was VERY hard to understand her, but the effort paid off. You won't regret taking the time to watch this.


The list of stars made this look like it might be an interesting story. And the acting was good. It was also nice to see Diane looking better physically than in some of her previous works.

But the story is a complete let-down. The forced suspense & peculiar behavior from the characters is tedious and distracting; moreso when they start spoiling the twist themselves. It felt like watching an M. Knight Shyamalan movie with all the characters discussing the real situation and pointing into the camera laughing at the audience for being tricked into buying tickets. Thankfully, I didn't - but I ought to demand my rental money back.

I won't spoil the story for you directly, but I will say I'd rather have re-watched Fight Club (1999), The Truman Show (1998), The Machinist (2004), or the last act of Brazil (1985). Even Basic (2003) had a better twist, and I consider it to be a waste of 90 minutes.

Helicopter Wars: Vietnam Firefight
Episode 1, Season 1

Four TRUE heroes; they didn't think they were then, or now.
As hellish and pointless as that war was, this story inspires pride and patriotism. With just the right mix of technical animations, dramatic reenactments, voice-over exposition, and real-life participants' recollections, the tale these guys tell will keep even the worst ADHD pre-teen riveted for an hour. Three Huey pilots and an engineer out to get photos of the countryside unwittingly enter one of the fiercest firefights in Vietnam to fly more than a hundred men to safety - withOUT a landing zone. Not even the designers could have imagined that rotor blades could sustain that much damage cutting down tree branches and bamboo, fly out, AND RETURN half a dozen times or more; ultimately carrying more than TRIPLE the helicopters' nominal capacity. All this while taking heavy small-arms fire from a force estimated to be nearly five times the size of the evacuees'. If the helicopters were alive, they'd be heroes, too. Do yourself a favor and record this because you WILL want to watch it a few times - it's SO much better than watching greedy back-stabbers competing for money on an island, listening to bad singers competing for record deals, or numbing your brain on dwarf amateur chefs flipping houses.

Hot Pursuit

Just a 2-word review...
I wish I could. But IMDb wants me to waste 10 lines to express to you how big of a waste of an hour and half this movie is, so here goes: it's bad.

No, not like that. REALLY bad. Beyond bad.

Remember Ishtar? Remember Leonard Part 6? Remember Kung Pow? If you see this, you'll think those weren't SO bad, after all. It's not galactically bad like those 3, but it's certainly in their league.

It's not zany, like Airplane! It's not quirky like This is Spinal Tap. It's not hilarious like Stripes. Its story isn't as inventive or original as Caddy Shack. If you didn't see the whole thing coming just from the poster, you weren't looking.

It was clearly an attempt to bottle the lightning from The Heat, using Midnight Run's storyline, and it's an insult to both of them that they're mentioned with this catastrophe.

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