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Bitch Slap

Like Rocky Horror on Steroids....
I came into the theatre of the Premier of this film not expecting much, and came out with a smile on my face, and some new one liners in my mind. The Director and Stars of the film were at the premier at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film was shot about 75% on Green Screen, which made it cheesy and fun. I love the fact that this film was made to be a B-Movie, nothing more, nothing less. The soundtrack was great, and the actors were great as well. This film is so much fun, and is going to attracked a cult following. I am so glad that there wasn't any comments before going into the film, and that is why I am just typing and not commenting on what took place, because to go into a film not expecting something and come out with this pleasure of seeing a film that was so well done, is the best feeling in the world. I hope this one comes out, and people start watching it.....

Solomon Kane

This is like Star Wars and Dark Knight set in the 17th Century....
This film just (and I mean like 45 minutes ago), had it's North American Premier at the Toronto International Film Festival. This work was amazing. Set in 17th Century England, it had the feel of the Dark Knight, and Star Wars. Was both dark and gritty, with some laugh out loud parts as well. I was expecting something special, and that is what I got. I came in to the theatre with no information about Solomon Kane, and came out thinking, this early 20th century writer, who created this hero, was way ahead of his time. The Director/Writer (Michael J.Bassett), and the actor playing Solomon Kane (James Purefoy), this man is going to be big in North America. As it is 3:20 am, and the last film on my list, I am going to sign off. This film still has not had a distributor for North America, so some forward thinking company should pick this up. I am voting for James Purefoy to play the next villain in the up coming Batman franchise.


Does "eye-for-an-eye" retaliation teach the enemy a bitter lesson, or is pacifism a more effective solution?"
This film is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. As some Yahoo said on here, their is a lot of historic inaccuracies in this film, pertaining to the Penicillin raid, in one scene, yes this drug was developed in 1929 so it was in use at this time. People also spoke Russian, Polish, Ukrainian in some instances as well, as they were displaced and moved by "Mother Russia", to be used as farmers, or in the trades. One of the most interesting things about this film, is when they were talking English they were actually talking Polish, and when they were talking Russian, they were talking Russian.

The Russian "Red Army" was also another interesting insert into the story. In the film as well, they had something to say about the treatment of Jews by the Russians, they were not all good, and many of the troops in the Red Army despised the Jewish population as not being Russian, or pure Russian. Enough about the background of the history of the story.

These men and women who numbered about 1200 (including babies) was amazing, this was after the settlement of the forests by the Bielski partisans. As one Jewish proverb says "If you save one life you are indebted to it", this was a major undertaking. Can a group of people survive against all odds. Watch this film, so that we don't go down the same path again.

Fifty Dead Men Walking

Wow, a real life mess.....
This film is a clock a digger kind of movie based on a real life infiltrator of the IRA. Ben Kingsley was just amazing. This film enlightens the watcher to the spoils of one of the worst terrorist states in the 20th century. By being an infiltrator, and a reluctant one at that. The main character: Martin McGartland, saved an estimated 50 people from the death caused by the IRA. Martin is also in hiding because of the fact that IRA agents were fingered by him.

I had no idea who the IRA was run, and this film explores the hierarchical set up. It was set up like an army. Many of the people's names have been changed to protect them, as they are also in hiding. This will hopefully be one of the better films to show the hardships of the IRA. It shows it gently, so the viewer can handle the subject matter. I would recommend this film to any history buff, or to anyone who is just interested in the subject matter.

Food, Inc.

One of the Best Documentaries I have seen in a while, and Canada can learn a lot from this mess....
Did you know that it only takes 48 days for a chicken to go to market. Is this natural? This film explores how food is grown, and the concerns that people have, such as the e-coli outbreak that seems to happen every year. I am a lover of meat, but after this film you will want to change some of your practices like switching to Organic etc. This film also explores demand for certain products that are not Genetically modified.

We all have to eat but we can make decisions based on facts, instead of based on perception. People need to be aware that their consequences may have dire repercussions, so if you need to eat, and we all do, then go out and see this.

Slumdog Millionaire

Wow, I really wasn't expecting what I saw.....
This movie was one of the best movies that I have seen so far at the Toronto International Film Festival. This film is beautifully filmed as Danny Boyle can do. He is a film master. The acting is magnificent as well. Imagine using 3 children under the age of 7 to tell the early part of the story plot. The film uses past tense, and present tense to tell the whole story, which is also seamless. Filming took place in India as well. Their was a question and answer after the showing of this film at TIFF-Toronto International Film Festival. Please go and see this film. This film is has and exceptional cast, and should be seen in the theaters. It was magnificent.

$5 a Day

Premier at TIFF....
First off I have to say that Chris Walken is one of my favorite actors, so for me this movie was a "reel" find at the Toronto International Film Festival. This film was also shot over 29 day, and has a feeling of a real campy type of movie. I hope the some movie company picks this film up because I have to say for an Indie film it was very well made.

The plot happens when Nat, Chris Walken's character is diagnosed with a brain tumor, and his son is some what Shanghaied into going on a road trip with his father, who has really never been their for him. Alessandro Nivola plays Finn his son. Finn was let go from his job as a health inspector, his girlfriend as dumps him, Maggie (played by Amanda Peet) Their is also a cameo (actually a bit more then one) by Sharon Stone as well, who was Finn's babysitter. So this film is pretty much a road trip film.

I hope someone will release this into the movie theaters, as I think Christopher Walken is one of the finest actors of the 20th and 21st century.

Me and Orson Welles

Just came back from the TIFF(Toronto International Film Fesitival), and North American Premier....
I just got to say before I write this review, I am not the type of person who is impressed by someone like Zac Efron, I would actually refrain from seeing a movie with an actor like this, but this film was really well done. It is a period piece and as such as the feelings from 1937. It is well filmed. The acting is great, and I Hope that younger people will go to see the movie.

Orson Wells is one of the best 20th century writers, actors, directors of that time period. He was a mad man though, and this film accurately portrays it. Orson Wells created one of the first Shakespeare plays to use modern dress, the play he was portraying was Cesar. When it is released I would recommend it if you don't have anything to do on a Saturday night....


One of the best documentaries I have seen in a long-time.
The Chinese are buying them for prosperity, and because they are seen as the perfect predator. The shark has been hunted, and in this documentary, given the amount of sharks in the sea, maybe extinct in a few decades. This film, the first for the director, and film maker is a look into the fishing of sharks in some of the poorest countries in the world. The power of the human, protesting, calling on governments to stop the long-fishing from happening in central and South-America. Anyone who is interested in conservation and who maybe want to join a conservation movement should see this film.

I thought that many of the organization who fight on behalf of the protection of animals are vigilantes, but this is in part due to the media. This film shows the other side of these groups. Everyone who has an interest in conservation should see this film(Which is all of us). As the director said," many of these species will not recover." Please go out and see this film....

Everything's Gone Green

A great Canadian movie, because you know their are not many...
The premise of the movie is not very complicated, everyone wants more then they get. This movie could be called we are all greedy. The main character, and the other characters are well acted, but as I said this is a very simple movie, and I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised, since many of the Canadian movies are trying to be something more, i.e. American Movies, with smaller budgets. One of the great things in this movie is that Vancouver, is Vancouver, and this idea of using Canadian cities as American cities, or cities that they are not is talked about. One of the problems that I had was that the scripted was a little to simple, but this is a problem in most Canadian movies, and that is why most Canadian's (in my opinion) favor popular cinema, but this is a positive step forward for Canadian cinema.


One of the best movies of 2005
It is a surprise to see Sandra Bullock in a role in which you despise her. Like many of the other actors in the film you understand why people change, and the reason why they change. This is a movie that examines racism, from both sides. It is also a study on human nature, but from the bad side. This movie in my mind is a heavy weight. The character development helps you understand why the characters change, and why they do some of the things they do. You may need some-time after the movie to relax and bring in what you saw. GO with a friend or someone you can talk to after the movie so that you can fully understand why the characters did what they did. Go and see right away.

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