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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is apparently a 'thriller'. The only thrills I got were a mild titillation at Sophie Lowe's bare flesh, and a jolt of surprise at the remarkable point in the film where two characters actually have a conversation (albeit an extremely short one). The moments that seem like they are supposed to be suspenseful are depressingly predictable, and quite frankly, often stupid.

    The story is exceedingly weak. The whole situation makes little sense, and as the movie almost completely lacks dialogue, we are left in the dark as to the motivations of the characters and the background of events framing the story. The principal characters don't make a convincing rural family - they can't even chop firewood properly!

    Many of my gripes with this movie stem from the fact that the writers have apparently attempted to tell the story without any dialogue except where a character's significant thought can only be conveyed by speech. This makes for some intensely frustrating scenes where it seems even the actors are desperate to say something. In fact there was a point where I couldn't help but burst out laughing at the absurdity of two actors trying to exchange charged emotions without uttering a word, when plainly the situation demanded some verbal comment.

    For much of the first half of the movie I honestly thought that the characters were all part of some religious community where everyone had taken vows of silence. But no, it turns out the writers were either just lazy or had an inflated sense of their ability to convey a worthwhile story without using the most sophisticated means of communication available to humans.

    The one thing this film does have going for it is the gorgeous scenery and the deft camera-work - often the dramatic backdrops are the only engaging material on the screen. I would have come out happier and more fulfilled from this movie if it had just been an hour and a half of footage of the Tyrol mountains.

    I don't recommend seeing this movie, but if for some reason you do, take this advice if you wish to avoid some boredom and frustration: watch the first scene, then take a nap for about 45 minutes while it goes on - don't worry, you'll quickly catch up on the few significant things you missed while snoozing.

    I'm giving it two stars for the scenery and cinematography, and one for the actors - I wouldn't say they were amazing, but they deserve some credit for doing a decent job of performing in an unusual way and emoting without verbal communication.