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Trump: An American Dream

Excellent DOC
I think this uncovers a lot here, haven't been giving Trump enough credit for his shrewdness and tactical approach to becoming President - don't get me wrong, he is still and will always be a scumbag but it makes more sense now. I think it's a pretty fair assessment of his career.

Schooled: The Price of College Sports

time to check yourself NCAA!
this documentary really bothered me, i am a Michigan State grad - so i am on both sides of this issue. I love my Spartans and our basketball and football teams are perennial favorites to advance at March Madness as well as participate in top bowl games. Something needs to give, these kids give up too much and there are too many people making too much money off of these top programs. At the very least, kids need to have their health care cost covered FOR LIFE and they should also be able to profit from their names or start a football camp over the summer, sign endorsement deals on the side - whatever. I wanted to punch the Chancellor from Nebraska in the head, what a smug, pompous punk. The NCAA really has a lot of nerve to come off like they do, they limit what they can give their players - so,,,essentially, the rich only get richer since the only teams that can get the good players are the best teams since the only currency they really have to yield is exposure - which they exploit and exploit every chance they get, it is really shameless. They recruit these top coaches who are some of the most talented managers and communicators in their profession and then it is just a bidding war on these coaches and their disciples.

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