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The Vanishing

Nancy Travis 10/10
Movie is OK, nothing specially (better then the original, original is too slow,my opinion) but it's not so bad.

Acting is overall great.

Predictable, and without any twists, ending .... no spoilers.

This review is only because I am IMPRESSED with performance of Nancy Travis. She was BRILLIANT, Excellent !

I think, one of the best performance ever (female).

WATCH IT because Nancy Travis produced magic in this movie.

I can't recommended this movie for any other reason, but I am not unhappy at the end.

Autumn Blood

Sophie Lowe BRILLIANT performance. Oscar worth. Truly different but GREAT MOVIE.

Sophie Lowe (the girl) hardly spoke,but she is MAGNIFICENT.Sophie Lowe is now my favorite actress in the world, no doubts.

Little boy amazing too.

Very unusual suspenseful movie,the beauty of the natural world( Every image was like a painting), really beautiful and dark people who thinks world is made for them with guns.

Some people are truly bad, they will destroy the good ones if we let them.

Watch it...

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