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Made for LSD
First time watching I was let down because of the misleading trailers. Was expecting more of a creature feature I guess. However something about the film kept calling me back. For those into film and drugs, this is a great movie to start out a trip to as effects kick in pretty well timed with initial Shimmer effects, culminating in a pretty epic finale (if you've seen it you know what's up)


It Tau-llows
Some reviews said it started bad and got better, I'd say the opposite. Movie starts with a bit of CUBE and SAW vibes, with a dash of Terminator as well. Reminiscent of a sci-fi spin on THE COLLECTOR. And lots of overbearing red color saturation for those into that. I enjoyed the film's darker opening but then it starts to feel more Netflix original and goes into let's say lighter more kid friendly stuff. The end relationship between main girl and TAU was nothing like the trailer depicted or at the film's intro. Don't want to spoil it but I found the drastic change in TAU as the movies downfall, as the earlier violence and horror are effectively lost for some sort of Mickey Mouse Disney good-feel finale. There are worse things to watch especially on Netflix originals but the early potential makes it's eventual collapse all the more disappointing

Evil Things

Disturbingly Creepy (and IMO, entirely underrated)
I almost watched this movie last Halloween season but was put off by the absolutely savage reviews. After getting Amazon Prime and having the house to myself this weekend, I decided on starting up my "found footage" splurge for the fall, with "Evil Things" likely to be the LAST one I watch for some time.

The movie is not perfect, as reviews have pointed out (getting "lost" in the snow, the "ending" that doesn't end and serves as apparent "filler"). But imperfection seems to go with the territory for this genre. I believe this film, as ALL found footage films, requires a degree of suspension of one's disbelief/criticism.

I'm likely "old school" in that I often hold the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT as "the best" of found footage. Having seen it at such a young age, it disturbed me at a level that will never "entirely" go away (that final shot of the guy in the corner...). Well, I am now in my mid-twenties and can honestly say that nothing since the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT has even remotely affected me on such a level as "EVIL THINGS" I believe one needs a proper mind, environment, and perhaps even empathy to appreciate this movie. I get watching "scary movies" with groups of friends, making it a joke and playing the "tough guy" (IM NOT SC'URRED). Watching this film in an empty house, by myself, and with no lights honestly brought me to tears, and I'm not even ashamed to admit that. My body is still covered in goosebumps and cold sweat.

We are introduced to our "villain" within 8-10 minutes, after which is some 40 minutes of "fun" time for our characters. The dialogue in this film felt more real and natural, as did the characters. It did not feel forced or contrived. Strangely enough most of them looked/acted like my friends of 21, so I felt an ease of connection with them that is rare in these films. The film creates a near perfect "timestamp" of the innocence and fun of turning 21 (ah, simpler times...). I think this is why I was so affected by the turn of events.

The "villain" is really a blank slate, and that makes it all the more effective IMO. With no visual or auditory insight to the "villain," it isn't even clear if they are human.

It is easy to write this film off with a group laugh, and perhaps my taste/empathies are off to "normal," but I have never felt so disturbed from a film. The manner in which our "villain" returns around 50 minutes is simply disturbing beyond words, a clear and fundamental violation of unsaid societal taboos of social order and consideration. There is no GORE in this film - indeed, it is fundamentally entirely PSYCHOLOGICAL in nature. That is likely a deciding factor for one's final judgement. Personally, I am much more prone to psychological scarring than blood and gore-fests. While borderline "supernatural," the actions of said "villain" are a fundamental violation of basic societal taboos. These characters drew me in to an age of innocence, of simpler times. I felt strangely connected to them by the 50 minute mark, making the (multiple) telephone calls - an obvious harbinger of tragic conclusions abound - all the more devastating.

The "found footage" circle has, for me at least, come full circle. The BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was disturbing on a level beyond my youthful comprehension. I could not go downstairs for at least 2 years without thinking about that final image of guy in the corner. EVIL THINGS has torn that scar afresh in a way I never, EVER thought possible. The scar will callous anew with "that could never happen" thinking, but this film has done to windows what BLAIR WITCH did to basements for me.

Having seen LOTS of found footage films, many are forgettable and poorly executed. Those that work, however, can achieve levels of terror and anxiety beyond even the greatest "standard" horror films due to their elements of "voyeurism" that are all the more enhanced with technological changes in society. They present a "false sense of reality," one entirely ascendant to third-person films, IMO. Combine this with a villain who is literally WITHOUT ANY AGENDA, WHATSOEVER, and you have, IMO, a truly terrifying concoction of a film.

Doragon bôru Z: Sûpâ senshi gekiha! Katsu no wa ore da

The "Godzilla vs. Hedorah" of the DBZ movies
For the record, I watched this subtitled. I typically cannot stand dubbing, save for the trio of films I owned on VHS as a young lad (Lord Slug, Cooler's Revenge/Return, each helped by a more unique American score, IMO). I switched it to dub for just a moment to see the difference, and well suffice to say it's simply not the same film.

A rich egotistical "villain," an island fortress getaway a la Bond complete with army of mad scientists and bio-henchmen, a refreshingly mute Broli who for once doesn't pout on about crying Kakarot (WTF was ever up with that? Way to kill off the "Legendary Super Saiyan's" potential as anything but annoying, IMO), a killer absorbing Blob, unique cast of "heroes" who rarely if ever get to shine, a Battle Royale, human greed, extortion (of sorts, 18's repeated upping of price), and original finish to a film's villain (i.e., no ki beams or willfully spontaneous bursts of super-power here.) For me, each of these factors in to what I find to be the most underrated (quite literally, as per IMDb score) DBZ film. This has been my short review: feel free to stop here (if anyone reads this at all) as the rest is just more in-depth and my inability to stop/love for writing.

This is certainly one strange beast within the DBZ films, and only one of two movies I hadn't seen for some reason (Bojack being the other). Interestingly I found all the reviews relevant as it's apparent personal opinion plays a large factor. The film seems shorter than most, but I found this to work to it's advantage (short n' sweet as they say). The film largely removes Broli's demeanor or personality, but he never really had one to begin with. He's never really been entirely there to say the least, and really just relegates to pure, unintelligible evil/brute force. At least here he is treated with such, with literally one line of "Kakarot" as he dies - much better than the hundred fold repetitions of such incurred during his "Second Coming." I can see how this film would rank low among hardcore Broli fans, as has been said, but I admittedly am not. I enjoyed the first film, but it was over-hyped for me, even at the time of its release (the only DVD I actually bought, due to Broli's hype-in at the time), but "Second Coming" is my least favorite of the DBZ films (though I enjoyed the Goku/Gohan/Goten combo finale, which was much better than Goku's sudden ability to KO the UNTOUCHABLE Broli in his first film).

This film is an amalgamation of World's Strongest (Biowarriors/mad science), the Blob (or The Raft, if you'd rather), and the Broli films, all thrown into the World Games era of DBZ. It is the only DBZ film to feature a recurring villain for round 3. It is one of the few DBZ films to not end with the not lame in itself, but lame in severe repetition, "get tremendous power/energy from out of nowhere and utterly destroy villain bit" And it sports one of, if not the most unique cast of leads/characters, giving hitherto unacknowledged/under(improperly) used characters a time to shine/do something. Krillin actually does something other than a)charge villain in straight line, b) get smacked by said villain, and c)lament "Why does this only happen to me?" Even Mr. Satan does something, and with Android 18 (so refreshing to see her), his usual annoyance is undercut because she's about the only character who openly defies his B.S about being World Champ.

My favorite "Broli" film, and one of my favorite DBZ movies (ranking up there with Return of Cooler, Battle of Gods, World's Strongest, and Fusion Reborn). 9/10 on a DBZ movie scale, FOR ME.

RoboCop 2

I'm seeing ratings of 1/10 for this and am just baffled. Sure, this sequel is different from the original, which is, IMO, an amazing action/sci-fi/film in general. Sure, there are a lot of subplots and some points which definitely don't sync up (the "nice" Robocop subplot was humorous enough, but ultimately out of place with the rest of it and seemed only there to give the cops a reason to unify/come back). But there is still so much to enjoy. The opening/humor/action/homage to Veerhoven's violence and gore/villain/EPIC finale fight = all these things were great and worked in themselves, but I can see how they don't necessarily fit together due to all the various subplots and misdirections (the wife, the seeing his son in villain Home Alone boy, etc.). So a perfect film? No, but still an enjoyable sequel to a fantastic film, and one which syncs oddly enough with it considering it is a different director (owing largely to purposeful imitation of the commercials, satire, excessive gore, etc.) A 9/10 for me, minus 1 for what I interpreted as a not entirely synced up script and un-pursued subplots which might have been better removed to make for a tighter film or make room for more pertinent substance.

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