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It's got heart, feels like anime
This movie is so anime, I'm serious. The way it sets itself up, and everything. I loved how they were realistic about stuff. There's this perfect balance of seriousness and comedic relief, and it feels inspired by anime (think steins;gate)

I hate most new movies that come out but this one gets a 10 from me.

Alita: Battle Angel

One Hell of a Ride
Believe me when I say I am hard to impress when I watch a film. This one is an absolute masterpiece. If you're still having doubts, I'll help you out. If you like the genre of science fiction, you HAVE to see this in the theatre. If you like anime, then again, you HAVE to see this in the theatre. If you like action movies, again, you HAVE to see this in the theatre. Even if you are new to these genres, this is still an objectively excellent film by the highest of standards. Instant classic, 10/10.

My final thoughts go to the filmmakers:

Make. A. Sequel. And if you DO make a sequel, let me just say, it had BETTER be just as DARK, VIOLENT, and MATURE as the first. Hell, you can make it DARKER and MORE VIOLENT, give it an R rating even. I loved the violence.

If you come out with a sequel that is less dark/violent/mature than the first, I'll be the first person to tear apart. Don't pull a Pacific Rim Transformers Edition on me, and THANK YOU for making this beautiful, sexy, excellent movie.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

literal garbage
I don't know why this is called a Pacific Rim movie It's just another braindead transformers Cgi fest

Please watch Pacific rim if you haven't, it's amazing

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Don't waste your money
Everyone is hacking / cheating to ruin the experience for everyone else and the majority of them don't get banned. If all the cheaters were banned, half the playerbase would be banned. You can just do a quick google search and bam, tons of premium hacks available that you can buy, that don't run on your computer, the makers say, run a VPN and connect to our server, you'll never be banned. I believe them, and I'm disappointed in the incompetence of the game's anti-cheat. Every single match ends with, someone knowing exactly where I'm going to be and lining up a head-shot minutes in advance, because they see every player position on the damn map with their hack. This is the single worst thing I've ever bought in my life.

Inside Out

If you were looking for the cringiest, most awkward people on the planet...
Look no further than this movie's review section. How anyone can go below 8/10 on a timeless classic like this is beyond me. I don't know what else to say. I imagine the people or (or lowlife with too much time and too many fake accounts) that try to shoot down this film, they probably have been seriously triggered in some way, on a deep emotional level. Do you think you should be happy 24/7? Do you think sadness has no value? Do you not believe in scientific concepts (the brain, emotion, memory, neuroscience) which are in abundance in the film? The type of person to hammer this film, I would not want my kids to be within 2 miles of that person, much less do I think that person should be trusted to have kids of their own.

Please go fix yourself, and stop spewing your diarrhea into IMDB on movies that are quite obviously masterpieces in film.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Worst game I've ever played
SPOILER: Seems like video game standards have gone WAY down. The only positive thing I can say about this game is that it has pretty graphics. The story? Nonsensical and cringe. The combat? brain-dead easy and definitely not fun or deep. The puzzles? Confusing, out of place, and uninspiring.

But it doesn't stop there. Their main character was purposely made to be incredibly ugly, like it's extremely hard to not look away when you see her face, it's disgustingly ugly and it's just like with Mass Effect Andromeda, apparently it is politically correct now to make your characters butt-ugly. She doesn't even look like a female, at all. Also, I'm training to be a psychologist, and I can safely say the game's interpretation of mental illness is naive at BEST. A person with psychosis would not die as a result of their hallucinations like Setsuna does frequently. Their would be no plague crawling up their arm. You can't try to mimic a real life mental illness and make it fit along with your fantasy mythology, it just doesn't work and the immersion of this game evaporates faster than water splashed on the sun. You will regret buying this game. You would probably even regret pirating it too.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

I love MLP and I'm a 21 year old male
This show is not just a little girl show, it's amazing and awesome. I've seen every episode and I love the characters. There's something here for everyone to like, male, female, young, old, gay, straight, (very liberal so definitely it suits me) etc. this show was written to be respected and respected it shall be.

Get Out

Deserves 0/10, don't believe the hype (don't waste your time)
I feel so sorry for myself after trying out this movie. The reviewers gave it good scores, but since this movie was injected with a million different ways to make white people look racist and tons of sexual innuendo between our handsome male lead and our resident sexy white girl, I guess it would have been politically incorrect for reviewers to have even a microscopic sized spine to criticize it. I mean hell, are you into like toe-nail fetishes? Femdom? you might like a scene or two, but the rest will give you cancer.

I can honestly say, this movie's writing is worse than anything I've seen before. Twilight? Yeah. It's worse. The acting is almost as bad, especially from the supporting cast. But really it's just everything about the writing, I bet I could have written a better film when I was in 4th grade. I am writing this review so that you don't waste your time. Please don't waste your time. Please. Avoid like the plague, not worth even 1 star, piece of horse crap of a film.

For the record, I didn't make it past the first 25 minutes, I don't care what happens after that, I already lost 25 minutes I'll never get back to the worst writing I've ever witnessed. Everyone involved in this film should be ASHAMED. They should have just made a porno with the two lead actors.

John Wick: Chapter 2

lots of fun
The first John Wick movie created an amazing framework for a series in John Wick, the secret assassin society, and the idiotic gang lords who pick a bone with him.

I just want to say, I am not a big fan of the action genre. I hate 007, Mission Impossible, etc. this movie is WAY BETTER than anything like that. The stunts are actually believable, and the characters are actually enjoyable. This is a fun, funny, intelligent, and sexy movie. I see some reviewers criticized the direction of the film in 'more action, less character development' but is that necessarily a bad thing? I'd rather have more action, and a little bit of excellent character development, than too much character development and not enough action. Just enjoy the fun.


Zootopia is incredible, in league with WALL-E and Inside Out
I dare say this could be my favorite Disney film, ever. Take a PG-13 rated live action cop-drama/comedy mystery action movie, and make it animated, and THEN replace humans with animals, and give all the animals the intelligence of humans. Then, and only then, will you have Zootopia. And that's exactly what the writers did, with a remarkable commentary on current-day political and social issues.

Judy Hopps is a rabbit on a farm who dreams big, dreams of becoming a police officer. No bunnies become police officers, because they're small and weak. But Judy doesn't care about people who tell her what she can and can't do. She's determined to make her dreams come true, but winds up smack dab in the middle of a crime conspiracy. She's caught a Fox red-handed with his own life of crime, and gave him the option to help her with the case of the missing animals, in exchange to avoid going to jail. So the Fox and the Bunny have a bit of a romance, yes yes :) Judy is pretty cute You MUST see this movie. Even if you don't like animated films, I have to recommend it. The voice acting, the production and animation, this is very much a visual TREAT. It's perfect, just absolutely perfect. It made me cry, it made me laugh, and it made me emotional about some struggles I had in my past, but then made me feel hope about my future. This movie is beautiful.

The Filthy Frank Show

The Filthy Frank Show = The Jackass of Youtube
I stumbled upon Filthy Frank a while after it began. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Meet Frank: an half-Asian man with a satirical personality, whose only aim is to be offensive and sometimes clever. But then you meet Red Dick, Safari Man, Pink Guy, and Lord Chin Chin, where things start getting out of hand.

Every character is played by the same guy, George Miller, the genius of Filthy Frank. He has a gift. He writes and produces rap music, performs stunts, reality TV show style pranks, and so much more. Everything he does is perfect. If you haven't seen The Filthy Frank Show, go and watch it from the beginning. Every episode is hilarious.

The Filthy Frank Show is now one of the most popular things on YouTube for a reason. Some say it is the jackass of youtube. George Miller deserves more recognition, IMO he should get his own TV show.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim can be defined as "Epic, stunning, exciting"
one of my favorite movies to date. Obviously the plot is not the film's strong point, although, it is MUCH better than any Transformer's Movie's plot.

Like, the story in Pacific Rim is actually decent, not the best thing ever, but still doesn't drag on you for the epic battle scenes that are basically the only reason why you'd watch this.

You like the idea of monsters fighting giant robots, you love this movie.

Watching it in less than 1080P is a crime.

10/10 because we rate movies based on what they are supposed to be. And pacific rim, to me, was supposed to be an epic technical showcase of the effect studio behind it, attached to a cookie-cutter story.


The best anime I have ever had the pleasure to watch
I logged into the account I never use to write my very first review on IMDb because THIS IS DESERVED of it. Steins;gate is a sci-fi, maybe even on the noir side, epic, that will have you crying, laughing, cringing (in a good way), and laughing again. If you like anime, and you have not seen Steins;gate, this is the thing you should go watch. Steins;gate the series. I have not played through the visual novel, read the manga, or seen the movie. I just know how spell bounding the anime was.

Some say it starts off slow, but it actually does kick off to a relatively good pace in the first episode. It just seems slow compared to what lies beyond it, which was very fast paced for me (and I loved it). The English voice actors did a beautiful, beautiful job. The character depth and progression had me hooked very early, and up until the end it was such an emotional journey to be on indeed. The music was just heartwarming and also sad (in a good way).

the main character, mad scientist whatever his name is, is a goofy little guy with a love for gadgets and trinkets, and math and physics. In a turn of events he gets himself caught in some kind of time paradox, in which the world goes to ruin, mostly because of the accidental invention of a time machine. Without knowing yet what lies at stake, he rounds up more friends to share in the glory of being able to harness the power of time itself BUT soon enough everything falls apart, and he has to like, y'know fix it, and now I've said enough.

This is THE anime epic I had waited to see, and I'm so glad I did. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now!

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