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Godzilla vs. Kong

Look at the title of this movie. You get what you pay for and you are literally watching a movie called Godzilla vs King Kong, what did you expect? Anyway, this film is freaking fast an awesome. The best movie from the current monster series.

Blood and Bone

Bad Azz
A pretty good karate flick. This was probably Michael Jai White at his peck physical form. That one jump kick is insane. The movie is not the best action movie ever made but it is a good watch. The end could have used more juice.

Best of the Best

Sweep the leg!
The soundtrack or score is outstanding and probably the reason why this film was as successful as it was back in the days. And it is a good karate flick, not great but not awful. I personally wouldn't recommend it right off the bat but it is enjoyable.

Resident Alien

Okay for now
Works well. Peter's out from time to time but nothing is perfect. Overall a great Science Fiction Comedy. I can't wait for season 2. I'm happy this show lived up to the hype.

What We Do in the Shadows

Worth watching
Seriously funny. A film that lives up to the hype, go figure. This film was so good and funny, I will not even risk watching the TV show they have out just in case it is a letdown. Vampires are played out but this film, did the impossible and made me not want to hit my head against the wall when I see the word "vampire."

Heaven's Gate

Dark and shocking. An eye opening look at one of the strangest UFO cults from back in the days. Worth watching. And you can not say that for most things coming from HBO right now.

Highway to Hell

This was sort of fun. Cheesy but fun. I am guessing it was fun because of the time it was made, the 90s; where you can get away with filming bad B movies as long as the story of half worth it.

Willy's Wonderland

It... cleans up
Do not believe the negative reviews. Most of the reviewers are just fans of Five nights at Freddy's and they are mad over how Willy's Wonderland is a ripoff of the idea. Who cares? It is a fun movie. Enjoy it!

The Irishman

Not yet
Sorry, the CGI is not enough to get over the gap in age vs acting. Plus it looks silly most of the time when you are watching old actors with CGI all over their face and even seeing them trying to physically act young. The story is a good one and deserves a better yelling.

Lupin III: The First

Skip it
Soulless, convoluted but most of all boring. You are better off just watching the live action show on Netflix. Not worth watching this. I have no idea why they hyped it up.

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Way too serious and not a fun rub. The problem is the film has a very corky plot and setting but takes a u-turn in an attempt to make a point. But the build up, and the script doesn't hold enough weight to pack the punch that the last quarter of the film was attending to pull off.

Shadow in the Cloud

People don't get it
Actually good. A nice, self aware action movie with an actual story and good dialogue. The film relies on mystery so it probably isn't as good the second time around but whatever. It is fun.


Forgettable and boring. Two words which describes this movie well. Seriously, I would not recommend this movie to my worst enemy.. because just trying to remember to would be an exercise in foolishly foolishness.

Jiu Jitsu

Caged money
Forgettable and not worth watching. Nicolas Cage looks bored and you can tell he is doing this as a cash grab, can't blame him. Ironically enough, I am sure people watched this just for Cage.


The neverending story
Enjoyable until the last episode. The Marvel universe is just getting long in the tooth and they need to give us new eyeball food and not just the same BS special effects CGI punch out flying around fight scene.


Bond, Dragon Bond.
A fun little movie with a silly plot and James Bond voicing a dragon, it works. The special effects are dated but not awful. The film is worth a watch and can even pass for a family movie night.

Dragonheart: Vengeance

Skip it
This is the only Dragon heart sequel or prequel that I have watched and I am happy to report it is okay at best and really not worth your time. On the plus side, it goated me into watching the original Dragonheart again.

Cobra Kai

Brilliant and a must watch of you are a fan of the original karate kid movies. The third season is a step down from the first two seasons but still good.


DC still needs a reboot
After watching this I fail to see how or why this film was so controversial. In fact, it helps to stop the glorification of violence. But as for the film itself, it was produced and shot masterfully. The ending was a bit underwhelming but worked well.

The Lighthouse

Hipster bait
A letdown. Not sure why so many people played off like this film is the second coming but it was like watching two actors do whatever the heck they wanted to do for two hours without a script.

The Gentlemen

Mr McCoy?
It works, I guess. Matthew McConaughey does all the heavy lifting and at times almost has to will this film into being as good as it comes off as being. I can not be too hard on it, most films are trash nowadays so mediocre movies are almost a gift.

Child's Play

Not too bad
Actually, not as bad as I thought it was going to be. My expectations were so low for the film, maybe that is why I enjoyed it as much as I did. The film does fall apart at the 20 minutes but it worked, I guess.

Dave Chappelle: The Closer

The best in the game
This is actually is least controversial special in my opinion. As far as him "punching down" on a certain group of people, if Dave wanted to he could punch them up so bad that it would make his original comedy specials look like toothpaste. I say let the man speak his mind, we all know he is one of the good guys and his humour does no come from a bad place.

The Hunt

Goofy faces
Making funny faces while acting can be very distracting for the audience, please stop doing it - is what someone should have told the freaking lead actress of the film! The film is basically a political version of The Most Dangerous Game but like I said before, the goofy faces were way too distracting to enjoy anything. And politicly speaking I am not sure if this film means to be pro left or pro right.

The Happening

Bad actors kill
Yeah, the acting is pretty awful in this one. The lead actor and actress, Marky Mark and Zoey Manic Pixie Dream Girl Deschanel are notoriously known for their bad acting and when you put them as the leads in a film... watch out!

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