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Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter
Episode 10, Season 6

Major changes on the horizon that set up for the finale of the series
***CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR EVENTS IN ALL EPISODES OF THE SERIES INCLUDING THIS EPISODE ******************************************************************** ******************************************************************** ************************************************************** Awesome. All the foreshadowing we saw in this season and seasons passed, things we have been waiting for since the pilot episode are happening. Many story lines are tied up, many are set up for the following season(s) to come. Events from the first episode are finally set forth to come to pass next season. Loras faces his trial and fully confesses to "his sins". cersei lannister isn't playing around. In a ruthless brash way, cersei responds to her trial with an act that lights everyone up. Her little birds assist in a creepy savage type of way. Daario gets dumped because there is no place for him in westeros and he will only serve as distraction, as advised by Tyrion. Daenerys Targaryen gives Tyrion a promotion and he swears to serve as her hand. Arya finally makes it to Westeros and visits the Riverlands. Walder Frey feels the pain others can give if pushed too hard to vengeance. Lord Frey gets some pies made especially for him from Arya that his own sons were a part and regards from the Starks. Little finger basically proposes to Sansa with the plan to have him serve as king of the seven kingdoms with Sansa by his side, but she refuses this offer. We get a look at the tower of joy and Jon's parentage and the white wolf rises as the king in the north. Though Jon feels reluctant to serve as a leader and would prefer Sansa take up the title, he gets other houses pledged to him all the same. He banishes his get out of death free card for her actions against shireen. Westeros gets crowned a new ruler in kings landing, Jaime appears very conflicted at this moment after he returns to see Cersei. It will be very interesting to see how he reacts to Cersei's actions, Daenerys conquest to Westeros with everything she has been working for, Jon and Sansa in the north, if Bran will bring the wall down when he passes through the wall after being marked, the night king and his army and basically everything that is going to happen in the next season. It is going to be a long long year waiting for next season, hopefully we get Winds of Winter before then.

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards
Episode 9, Season 6

Best Battles so far
****CONTAINS SPOILERS*** Danny was not to happy about the state of Mereen, but couldn't expect anything less from the way it was left. She takes a much more aggressive approach then Tyrion in response to the attack. Daario is right, Danny is a great conqueror and commander, not the greatest ruler. Danny takes a flight over Mereen to take on the master's fleet while the Dorthraki deal with the sons of harpy. The arrival or Danny's dragons, Danny riding Drogon and the Dothraki Khalasar was spectacular. The dragons torch all of the the ships of Volantis, Astapor and Yunkai. Ramsay and Jon exchange terms. Sansa and Jon discuss Ramsay. Ramsay underestimates Jon and his army while Jon underestimates Ramsay initially. Yara and Theon make a deal with Danny's. Battle of the bastard begins.One of the greatest medieval battles on TV and film let alone in the series.Easily the most intense battles which felt like movie quality production and effects.Ramsay is much more organized and has much more men at first and better formations, until help arrives. Ramsay offers Rickon a game to offer him a way out. Roose made a correct prediction about people like Ramsay and the fate they eventually receive. One of the best episodes of the entire series. Wasn't without its character losses, but a battle victory comes at a price, but at least we got a decent outcome for our wishes. There was some nice justice we finally got. Enjoy it,we do not get much happiness and justice in GOT. Ramsay starts to go out as you would expect of Ramsay, but then we see a vulnerable Ramsay and some real revenge from characters he has played with.

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger
Episode 4, Season 6

Call the banners
***May Contain Spoilers***

While this episode served mainly to set the stage for things to come, it was filled with great scenes and some great dialogue. One of my favorite scenes was Little Finger owning Lord Royce. Little Finger completely flips the threat on himself onto Lord Royce as Robbin is easily manipulated by Baelish who will really rule as Lord of the Vale. Curious to see Sansa encounter Baelish again. He did send her off to Ramsay but she needs the Vale so she will need to quickly forgive. Tyrion does some negotiating and acts in Daenery's absence and gets some backlash from his colleagues for his proposal to the Masters of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis. Jorah and Daario reach Daenerys and attend the dosh khaleen. Daenerys heats things up and wins some support in the process. Can't wait to see the Tyrell's and Lannister's take on the High Sparrow and the faith and then Jon, Sansa, the wildlings, the Vale and any northern houses who will rally behind Jon and Sansa to take on Ramsay. Brienne gloats and talks some s*** to Davos and Melisandre. Cersei, Jaime, the Queen of Thorns and Kevin Lannister discuss working towards a common goal. Theon and Yara reunite in an iron born way, but never the less unite to make Yara the leader of the iron islands. Jon gets "the pink letter" as Ramsay personally calls Jon out and claims to have Rickon and will flay all the wildlings and makes a few other threats which influence their response to the letter. This episode really set the stage for the plot line in the north, Mereen and Vaas Dorthrak, King's landing. Can't wait to see the battles in the North. King's landing is about to go war as well as Mereen. The next 6 episodes should be amazing.

Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker
Episode 3, Season 6

Solid Episode
This episode was very good. No shocking reveals or resurrections, just good storytelling. This episode Jon wakes up from a long nap. With Davos and Jon both thinking WTF but not actually saying anything, Jon gets up realizing he was indeed dead. A lot It is said without words actually being spoken. Tower of joy. Much anticipated scene, I thought it was very well done especially Arthur Dayne, I thought he looked amazing with the sword. This was also interesting to see how things actually happened rather than the survivors interpretations of what happened. Unfortunately Max Von Sydow did blue ball us by taking Bran out of this vision before we could go into the tower. Hopefully we revisit this soon. Bran is not happy about getting taken out of the past to live in the present due to his happiness in the past and his dismal present and out looking future . Daenyrs joins other khal widows. We have not seen much of her this season through 3 episodes.. Lord Varys gets some information. Cersei states her intention to fight ser gregor as her champion against the faith. I am with Jaime, I cannot wait to see this trial by combat(CBGH) Pycelle lets loose after seeing ser gregor. The small counsel leaves Jaime and cersei. Tommen gets manipulated yet again. Very good scene with the high sparrow and tommen, tommen easily swayed after hearing something tywin once told him about listening to counsel so he takes this advice. Arya gets her sight back through it appears she is still drawn to her family, when she is praying to the olds gods of her family despite not knowing this while being blind. Rickon and Osha return and shaggy dog. I have watched this scene multiple times and I actually do not believe that was shaggy dog and I do not believe the Umbers are being straight with Ramsey. I don't know if it is just wishful thinking, but the wolf's head was small and Umber was throwing around a lot of insults and refused to swear any allegiance. We shall see. Jon gets justice against his murderers, we get justice with a long glimpse at #f*c*Olly. Jon states to everyone that because he has died, his watch has ended as he drops the mic and walks off stage.

Game of Thrones: Home
Episode 2, Season 6

This season is moving much faster than excepted.
***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** *********************** Amazing episode. In just the second episode of the season things pick up dramatically. A very cool flashback through one of bran's visions appears it will reveal something major that has been theorized for years.

Castle black gets dramatic between the mutineers and the help that arrives. Sir Robert Strong AKA the zombie mountain appears he will be a very useful tool for Cersei's revenge tear that appears to be on the horizon. Ramsay surprises though many of us saw this coming with instances of foreshadowing, though still shocking to see. The iron islands makes a nice return to season 6. Tyrion was shortly featured but had a very awesome scene with creatures I hope to see him in the presence of more in the future. A character that has spoken one word the entire series has spoken others.

Oh and that thing that we all kind of knew was going to happen, happened. Though I was certain it would happen (at least in my own mind), I was still on the edge of my seat the for the entire last scene of the episode thinking they may wait.

Once the episode ended and I watched the episode 3 promo, I became super upset that I have to wait a week because it looks like it is showing a scene that has been theorized about since the late 90's. This season isn't f***ing around. Things are moving fast and the entire story is in new territory past the books (for the most part).

Better Call Saul: Cobbler
Episode 2, Season 2

Very Good Episode

I was very worried about this show when it was announced while breaking bad was still airing, but couldn't be happier with this show. It retains a lot of the elements of breaking bad without trying to imitate the show that spawned it thanks to it's two very intriguing characters Saul and Mike.

The previous episode really just laid the foundation for this season and had some great B.B. easter eggs with a great unexpected opening taking place after the events of breaking bad and the season 1 premiere's opening scene. This episode featured Jimmy doing his thing at his new office enjoying all the perks but you can sense his reluctance of not being his own man on his own terms.

He takes a little side pro bono gig for the hilarious baseball card man Pryce (do yourself a favor and search youtube for Kenny Strasser). You get to find out about the Hoboken squat cobbler aka full moon pie aka boston cream splatt aka siimple simon the ass man". This interview seen is classic Saul Goodman and I really am looking forward to Jimmy's story arc. It seems as if Saul has always been Jimmy's true nature. We know where he will end up but the Journey will be the fun part.

We also get classic Mike being the great PI he is tracking down Pryce's baseball cards very easily and brokering a deal with Nacho. I can't wait to see what they do with Mike and how is going to progress in the criminal world and really want to know why he is buying that massive gun from the B.B arms dealer they have been featuring in the promo's.

Fargo: Palindrome
Episode 10, Season 2

Ties up a great season and pays subtle homage to season 1 and the film
****SPOILERS****** This season has been amazing, hard to say if better than the first because they were so different, but definitely the best thing on TV in a while. This episode wrapped up Peggy's, Ed, Hanze's and Lou's fate (mostly).

I have to be honest, it featured only one death I believe of a non important character which I was not expecting at all, I was expecting an at least medium death count and I thought Lou would take his gun shot wound. It really caught me off guard, I didn't like it at first initially but it ended up being better than what I thought.

Milligan ended up getting exactly where he thought he wanted to be, but it ended up being not at all what he wanted. After "the king" Milligan conquers the Gerhardts, he gets rewarded with a 9-5 accounting desk job, maybe he will out do the previous postage man!

Hanzee got a nice call to season 1, getting a new identity, face and becoming the season 1 Fargo mob boss. He helped out a young Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench, probably killed those two kids as well, what a guy. No but seriously, he was such a great character, so original he was such a great addition to the show. In the beginning I thought he was just going to be a stock bad*** wingman who is just there to help other characters but he ended up being one of the best characters on the show

Lou got insane delusional Peggy to safety. I really liked the freezer scene with Peggy and Ed, though Ed did you really have to tell Peggy you don't think it is going to work out as you are bleeding out? It was all her fault, but a little lie wouldn't hurt. I liked how they weren't obvious with Lou, we knew he was going to survive this season, there was going to be the Sioux Falls massacre and that he gets a leg wound at some point before season 1, but didn't know how any of this would take place. They could of had an insane shootout but I like the route they took better.

Lou and Betsy got a much happier ending than I anticipated, they got to really enjoy being together at least for that moment. I liked the discussion with the "Myth of Sisyphus" book that Noreen has been reading. She would bring up a nihilistic view how life is meaningless, but as Betsy is slowly dying she disagrees as did Lou inadvertently in another scene in the car saying we have a job, theirs is there family. Life is what you make of it. I really liked the more quiet bittersweet tying up of the season 2 story lines.

Can't wait to see where they go next season, this was by far the best anthology season of any show I have ever seen.

Fargo: The Castle
Episode 9, Season 2

Excellent bizarre episode

After last season, I was very skeptical going into this season with the belief the material wouldn't be able to live up to it's predecessor. Season 2 has been just as great, hard to say which one I like better as they are very different.The massacre at Sioux falls has been talked about since Lou brought it up to Malvo in season one. We knew it was coming but had no idea how it would happen or who would be there. This episode is filled with more betrayals, horrible small town mid western police work, and a greatly timed UFO for Lou. The season had references to UFO's with Rye Gerhart seeing lights in the first episode which got him killed and Molly's drawing of a UFO and the little poster at the gas station. When I saw it I reacted like the characters did, like wtf is that? No way that's a UFO it's a weather balloon you can see water coming off of it. Well actually no it looks like a UFO but this is a crime drama why would they actually put that in there. I kept going back and forth until I accepted it was a UFO. However, we are getting the perspective from Martin Freeman reading from the History book so who knows if that frame of reference is actually accurate. It was one of the more bizarre experiences I ever had with television but I thoroughly enjoyed the episode from start to finish and cannot wait for next week.

Game of Thrones: The Children
Episode 10, Season 4

Great Finale. Drastic changes appear on the horizon.
I don't like to compare shows that are entirely different, but G.O.T is like Breaking Bad was for me. The first season was great, but each of the following seasons (or novels) progressively gets better and better as the story goes on. This episode (and really the entire series) has perfect pacing in the way they present and tell their story.

There were a few characters that were in quite dangerous predicaments last time we saw them. From what I saw last week and previous weeks, I didn't think a particular character was going to make a huge play this early, which was a nice surprise. I love how this show has such attention to detail with minor characters and (seemingly) minor side stories, very early on in the series. The show plants a seed here and then one there, I think nothing will come of it or maybe forget the person, place, old myth, past stories, history etc…. , then boom, old stories and people appear, taking things in an unseen new direction. I kind of saw one or two things (generally) happening this episode, but two of the characters heavily featured in this episode really caught me off guard in the way they reacted to situations they were in. One character has been on a journey for quite a while, after seeing this episode I really feel he might find something another main character acquired in past seasons, very useful to him/her (and perhaps others) in the future. Like many G.O.T episodes, you will laugh, get angry, think wtf is going on, perhaps yell in joy at your TV, possibly at how bad a$$ a particular character is becoming; I believe I did most of these tonight.

This episode was longer than normal, (66 minutes) but it felt like twenty minutes to me while I was watching it. This really set up Season 5 perfectly with tying some things up, making drastic changes to others and but shouldn't torture you with too many cliff hangers. This was a perfect finale, to the best season yet, but with how things went and appear to be going now, I can't see how season 5 won't be even better.

Game of Thrones: The Watchers on the Wall
Episode 9, Season 4

Great Battle
The anticipation for this battle has been a long time coming, and it didn't let me down at all. Features a very intense battle , with amazing fight scenes. I enjoyed this personally more than any of the other battle scenes. A couple of great dialogue scenes as the calm before the storm, before the battle begins.

With how this show has been about not being shy about killing off anyone, it really makes it so intense in that you feel any and all the characters are really in danger. The battle lasts for the majority of the episode and doesn't slow up from the time it begins, until it ends.This episode has some of the most amazing visuals and sets so far on Game of thrones.

With all of the giants and creatures we have been teased with, you really get to see all of it this episode. It has a long continuous shot towards the end of the battle which was pretty awesome as well. The finale next Sunday should finish off, in my opinion, the best season yet.

Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper
Episode 8, Season 4

Emotionally Exhausting
Amazing episode. I think as good or better than "The Laws of Gods and Men". The last 3 episodes of this season are definitely going to be a crazy ride, and this episode starts it off. Like almost every episode this features great acting and dialogue, but this also has a couple great action scenes. All the plays and events from this season and really the entire series, are coming together and things are going to places I could have never seen coming. It is amazing to think back on what many characters used to be like in the beginning of the series, and what they are like now. This episode is really going to make you emotionally exhausted from the events you are about to witness. This show has always screwed with my emotions and this episode is no different and is pretty unpredictable. This episode is one of the most intense episodes of the series. It is going to be a long week waiting for the next episode and I can't wait to see where the final two episodes go from here.

The Big Bang Theory

This show is one of the greatest modern marvels in the world today
In my Humble Opinion,

This show is one of the greatest modern marvels in the world today. It's watched by a great number of people, and has achieved great critical success and has been awarded with a number of Emmy's. After my friend highly recommended that I watch this show and give it a chance,I watched 6 or 7 episodes and I cannot for the life of me figure out why it has such success. I watched enough episodes to give the sitcom a fair chance, and honestly it was torture for me. I wanted to like it because my friend was so excited that I decided to watch it. I literally didn't laugh once (not exaggerating) and I wanted to, especially when the laugh track told me something was funny throughout the entire episode.

Too me, forced, awkward situations with random statements and pauses that play a laugh track are not funny. A true comedy doesn't need to tell you something is funny with a laugh track played 30 times throughout an episode. In any good show, whether it is a comedy or drama, you need interesting characters that you either like or don't like; But either way you want to watch them because they are intriguing to you. This show features characters that are not only not interesting, they all annoyed me to the point of anger.

But I do have to give the writers and creators of this show credit, because I am completely baffled as to how you can create stale, stereotypical, unfunny characters, place them in forced,awkward and unfunny situations; then have those characters walk in the room and say "Hello" then pause, play a laugh track then air this on television and achieve success commercially and critically.

I never try to be different just to be different or a hater on things that are popular just to go against the grain either.

To each their own, but for me this is the worst series of still images played rapidly in succession through a motion picture camera that I have ever seen on television or film.

Breaking Bad: Felina
Episode 16, Season 5

A satisfying sadness.
What Can I say about this series that hasn't been said many times. I got into Breaking Bad Late, (when the first half of season 5 started to air), but I made up for lost time by binge watching the first four seasons in an embarrassingly short period. In my opinion there are only two perfect shows that I ever had the privilege to watch, and this series was one. This series was the most exciting, thrilling, unpredictable, terrifying, dark, funny and just about every emotion you can attach ride I ever had. I was nervous for the second half of season 5 to air because of the tremendous expectations B.B. had going into it; But in hindsight I don't know why I did, breaking bad never disappointed and each season the quality of the show was consistent or exceeded the previous seasons. I love that the show has gotten such positive reviews and success but in small way I don't like the mainstream success because I feel some people like it and recommend it for the wrong reasons, being that they just think " ya Walter white is bad-ass watch this show", and don't appreciate the amazing acting, and probably the best writing I have ever seen with such attention to detail. Never in my life before B.B has a show literally controlled my emotions for the 45 mins or so it aired and many times even way after the episode ended. I remember watching the second half of season 5 and literally having to pause the TV and I would pace around for several minutes before being able to handle watching more. That probably sounds insane to someone who didn't watch this (and probably does to many who did too lol), but that's what this show was for me,it was one wild ride. As such a big fan of the show, I wanted it to go on forever. But it really did end at the perfect time, and went out on top with a bang. A perfect ending to a perfect series, for me the ending fit perfectly for this show.

True Detective: Form and Void
Episode 8, Season 1

A perfect ending to the consistent tone throughout the series.
***Contains Spoilers***, I don't understand why so many people don't like this ending and are complaining, saying it wasn't good they were expecting a twist, more questions answered etc. Nic Pizzolato said multiple times that the show is about the characters and he isn't trying to trick anyone. When the writer and creator of the series informs you that he isn't trying to trick anyone, I don't understand why some people where still looking for twists out of left field.I like the unanswered questions, like with Audrey. It shows how people are victim to horrible tragedies and they could be your friend, your daughter or whoever, and many times they never speak about it. A clean cut ending where everyone who was involved in the killing gets arrested and convicted would be the complete opposite of the consistent tone and message throughout the show. That is not what this show was. Obviously I would like more answers to some of the loose ends, because I am so interested in this show, but how it ended, was perfect for this show.

Game of Thrones: Mockingbird
Episode 7, Season 4

Very Good, the final 3 episodes should be one wild ride.
A very good episode which features some great dialogue exchanges and really grabs and holds your interest for the duration of the episode. Along with the previous episode, major decisions and events were set into motion and we will see the results in the final three episodes. Game of thrones never really has simple transitional or filler episodes, and this definitely is not either. Two of my favorite characters are heavily featured in this episode. The first sees an opportunity to try and right some of the wrongs of his past and makes complete sense looking back on everything this season and I'm sure many even saw this coming. The other, probably the most devious mastermind of them all (in my opinion), is constantly manipulating everything and everyone around him for his own personal current and future advancement. Nothing is ever as it seems with this character, and the only thing you can predict with him is that he will make himself better off. By the end of this episode you will may become a little angry due to the fact that you have to wait a week until the next episode. I for one cannot wait to watch these next three episodes play out, it should be one wild ride!

Silicon Valley

Best Comedy CURRENTLY Airing on TV
I was a little skeptical about this show at first and went into with the impression that I would try it but it would lose my interest after an episode or two. This show so far has been a wonderful surprise. Unlike some comedies that create forced, awkward situations that are only funny to the recorded laugh track that plays, I have burst out laughing from a number of scenes that have aired in the few episodes so far. It is very original, smart, has a believable story and characters and has many funny moments with quite a few scenes that will catch you off guard and you will die laughing. At first this was just a show I was DVR'ing then watching at some point during the week maybe a few days later. However the last few episodes have been great and I have been watching live while it airs because it isn't a stupid comedy, it keeps you interested with a pretty good story.

The Wire

If You Haven't Seen this show, but are considering it, please read my review.
This Review is aimed at anyone who has never seen the wire, but may have heard about it from about 3000 people recommending you should watch it. I watched the wire about 3 years ago well after the series concluded, and watched it in the same binge watching way I watched The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and Game of thrones. I won't compare The Wire to these shows because they are not really comparable other than the fact they are some of the greatest shows ever, but are completely different. The wire isn't about drug dealing, the police, politics, or the education system, it is about the entire city of Baltimore. I'll admit The Wire isn't for everyone, it may be too violent or complex with the vast amount of characters and side stories for some, but I guarantee if you are a film and TV series lover and appreciate writing, acting, and an abundance of interesting characters, the wire is pretty much perfect in these regards. Each Season changes slightly in which facet of the city it will mainly cover, and becomes more complex as the series progresses. This show has without a doubt some of the most interesting characters, and best writing I have ever seen on a series. Even small side characters have intriguing stories that progress throughout the entire series, and I have never seen more attention to detail. This show isn't built up with such high expectations for people who haven't seen it for no reason, watch it , and there is about a 99.99% chance you will become one of those previously mentioned 3000 people recommending it to everyone you know who hasn't seen it.

In Bruges

One of My Favorite recent Movies. Hilarious, smart and features great dialogue and is highly original
I highly recommend this film for any Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie films, but really to any lover of film. There is a reason film's like this aren't big Hollywood block buster hits, because it is a highly original, dialogue driven film that will go places you couldn't foresee happening. This is a hilarious dark comedy (which may be a little to dark for some, especially one scene in particular about mid way through), but I really consider it more of a crime drama than a comedy. The best way to watch this film is to watch it without seeing any trailers or reading any reviews that contain spoilers so you can get the best experience when you watch it. The premise seems simple, two hit men hiding out after a recent job, but trust me when I say it is much more complex than that. If you enjoy this film I highly recommend watching Martin Mcdonagh's second feature, Seven Psychopaths. Also, I haven't seen many Short's but his first and only short "Six Shooter"(Which Won an Academy Award) I have seen many times, its only about 30minutes in length and features a simple premise as well, but it is a powerful 30 minutes and you can watch the entire thing for free on youtube ( just search "Six Shooter Martin Mcdonagh").

Game of Thrones: The Laws of Gods and Men
Episode 6, Season 4

Best episode of the season, things are really starting to pick up.
Great Episode. In my opinion, the best of the season. Game of thrones is an extremely complex series with a substantial number of characters and stories to tell. In this episode things seem to take a large dramatic step and things really started to heat up. Several of the main characters make major plays and things fall into place from events set in motion long ago. The writing for this series is so well written how they develop their characters into such great depth and they continue to become more complex and interesting. One of those in particular took such a dark dramatic turn from what it once was in the beginning of the series. The last 15 minutes of this episode alone makes it one of the best and features some of the best dialogue, writing and especially acting of the series.

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