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Can you hear the drums Fernando?
Oh, Spain where Danes had their time of vacation over 40 years ago with big parties. This movie has some nice animation especially the background and the dance duel.

The Happytime Murders

1970's coming back
Suitable for old boys around the 40s like me who grew up with the Muppets since the 1970's. Stay at the end credits. If you love this look forward to Banana Splits at the end of this summer.

Cabin 28

Strangers Reloaded
Based on real events. Good for a streaming on a boring Weekend.

Volki i ovtsy. Beeezumnoe prevrashchenie

Russian CGI fairytale
A must watch for the whole family that loves European cartoons. Followed by a sequel this summer.

They're Inside

I'm on the inside, no outside.
Hitchcock would be proud. Don't except an Universal Halloween Horror Night classisc movie but some obscure slasher cinema for dinner time.

Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure

Like a cheap King Size burger
These three Norm of the North movies are not for everyone. Stream this on a boring Weekend.

Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom

I love NY
The polar bear movie every cartoon critic loves to hate. And now the 4th Norm of the North awaits somewhere in the autumn.

The Houses October Built 2

House party, yo!
Old school haunted house movie in new digital handheld video format. Like made for a Halloween party with b movie marathon.

The Fear Footage

No fear!
Don't except a cinema masterpiece of the year, but a classic 3 stories in 1 handheld horror to watch on your streaming devices. After long rows of failed handheld horror this could be cult.

Blair Witch

On the menu of 2010s junk food horror
Nice try in the way of this decade of 1990s kino revival, but a fail for me. Put it on the menu for bad Halloween movies marathon.

Volki i ovtsy. Khod sviney

Improved animaion in this sequel
Good for a family that wants more than Hollywood animation. Be sure to sit through the end credits.

The First Purge

Da Purge yo!
As we wait for Universal Halloween Horror Nights here are the lastest Purge movie. This prequel is like a callback to classic 1990's action movies.

Belka i Strelka: Lunnye priklyucheniya

Looney Tunes version 1.0
Like a a cgi Russian Looney Tunes with animals and aliens on the moon. Good for kids education about Russia though. Maybe a third Space Dogs will be released.


It came back!
The movie came up in the time of real life clown scares around 2016 and 2017. A must see for those who grew up with horror in the 1980's as a teen. Pennywise's escape makes room for the sequel next month.


Sinister indeed
A Sinister movie indeed. Now bring on the third Sinster.

Insidious: Chapter 2

The second time
Insidious is back in style. Be sure to turn the volume up to the max. Let us see if there ever will be a 5th Insidous.

The Curse of la Llorona

Just in time for Midsummer Screeam!
Based on an old Mexican folklore. Who knows which spinoffs will be next of the many things from the Warren's forbidden room in the next decade. Classic exorcism routine, and better than the most of the Amazon junkfood horror.

Annabelle Comes Home

1980s' coming back
Based on real events. A slow burner, but some neat effects like the TV. Good if you want something else like these few years non stop action cape action movies. Let us see if the Conjuring universe ends next autumn.

Belka i Strelka. Zvyozdnye sobaki

To the moon and back
Based on real events, and good for school education. A sequel and a Youtube show followed.

Child's Play

Child's Play ver. 1.0
Nice update of the 1980's version. I hope this will get an Oscar nom for best effects. Who knows if there will be a sequel next summer?


It has returned!
Now a part of Universal Halloween Horror Nights, as autumn 2015 had many clown scares aroudn the World. If you are bored, want to go back to the 1990's and have 3 hours watch this.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

If your family loves Problem Child I recommend this
More running time, more classic slapsticks and now NYC as the colorful background. Surprised this did not get an Golden Globe nom for best comedy. Many around the World may have bene burned out by the constant Home Alone 2 reruns every Xmas. Some DTV sequels followed without Culkin.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
Episode 26, Season 2

Time had been flying since the S2 ending
Twilight's Big Brother is getting married. That is Shining Armor a youthful stallion. Somewhere the villain is hiding in the meanwhile, and a story twist is coming up. Some of the songs includes the orchestral This Day Aria. A certain DJ pony comes back. The positive message is that love conquers all thanks to the power of love from two ponies.

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

And so the many blend sequels of Alpha & Omega began. The ending looks like an Amiga Christmas demo. It's best to look at the Alpha & Omega sequels on Youtube with Bobsheaux that had a row of A&O rants.

Paranormal Activity 4

It's that time of the year again
From the fading glory days of horror parodies, laptops and Paranormal Activity. Now check if your Xbox Knect is haunted.

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