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Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Cinematicly good
When you leave the deficiencies aside from the historical point of view, it has been a documentary series that can be watched with pleasure.

Suna no onna

Search pest belongs in the scene where the sands are starting to film a Entomologist . The atmosphere used and the background music heard is causing us to have a slight tension. Employees to take the strain of search in a kayak sand embedded in Entomologist Niki Jumpei ( Eiji Okada) who recently met with one of the village. I also invite the aliens by shooting from a late return time to the village . Unbeknownst to steps taken by the new life waiting in the depths of the land of endless sand will take him to a dark world. The film begins after what I tell you , I hope that this part of the event, which we handle in-depth examination of... participate. Have a good time ...

Banker Bilo

Süper film
Best of Turkish director Ertem Eğilmez which is one of the great movies. Sener Sen Ilyas Salman and starring the comedy is a work filled. Social structure, the lust for money offers to the audience with a funny language. Which Scams Mahon (Sener Sen) continuous Bilo (Ilyas Salman) is cheating. Bilo can not be concluded with kindness eventually chooses evil.

Smooth, friendly and a great critical "Yeşilçam" classic ...

This film can not be introduced to the world I'm so sorry to Turkish cinema.

Enjoy ...

Hababam Sinifi

Görülmeye Değer
Rifat Ilgaz adapted from the novel to the movies is a great work. Turkey is one of the masterpieces of cinema. The player with the screenplay with the director ... a true work of Kemal Sunal, Munir Özkul Akçatepe Khaled has taken the role as masters of Turkish cinema. It is a comedy film, smooth, natural, friendly ... the film's characters have been used for a long time. Many sequels are made.

I think everyone would follow the culture without discrimination is one of those rare films. If you want to watch comedy movie you're looking for

Enjoy ...

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