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The Accidental Prime Minister

Poor Direction Which Ruined Whole Film
My Review: The Accidental Prime Minister

🔥 Cast All the actors and actresses resembles real life characters.

🔥 Script ¶ This film is based on journalist Sanjay Baru's book 'The Accidental Prime Minister'. Means, it shows only one angle of Indian politics during that era. But, it definitely gives insights of many things that are unknown to common man.

¶ The film tries to show the political struggle which Dr. Manmohan Singh had to do with his own party politics during his Prime Ministerial tenure. Sometimes he stood for decisions and sometimes he had to bend infront of Gandhi family because of his lack of guts or bad political decisions (particularly during UPA 2).

The script is very flat and has nothing dramatic. But, it sticked to original facts and didn't exaggerate reality.

The script didn't include background facts on which scenes are depicted. That's why, the common man who knows very little about Indian politics will get nothing.

🔥 Miscellaneous The background music, camera work, dialogues are good as per the script's demand. But, fails to add any special Masala in script.

🔥 Final Verdict

¶ The poor and incomplete script makes almost all the scenes incomplete.

¶ Director has tried to show all major events during UPA government, but, not a single event has been perfectly directed.

¶ Those who have the good understanding of history and knows other facets of Indian politics will only get what's going on the screen. Rest of the audience struggles so much that they left completely blanked and not even confused.

¶ This flim is like a documentary (incomplete documentary). And usually very few people watch documentaries.

¶ The film has based on real political characters and it's a probably the first time in Indian cinema which has showed tremendous courage to show real life of politicians which usually gets controversial. And I hope this trend will go on. 👏🏽

🔥 My Rating As a film: 1/10 As a documentary: 2/10


Dilwale: Heart attack
The only thing that keeps you mildly engaged for the interminable 2 and half hours of Dilwale is tomfoolery. However even there you are left wondering whether the entire track is a bunch of silly lines or clever brand placement. With Dilwale, Rohit Shetty goes hopelessly wrong despite much that he had at his disposal, including a power-packed cast and producer. Not that one has ever expected anything more than a masala entertainer from him but Dilwale has neither masala nor entertainment. It is just an unappetizing khichdi (hodge-podge) of action, emotion, romance and comedy.

Bottomline: Did Rohit Shetty make this film in his sleep? Seems so...

Delhi Safari

Very funny movie... but to enjoy it fully, must see its Hindi version....
Pros: There are superb funny dialogs of monkey character... Very funny voice given by Govinda to this monkey character... It makes overall movie too funny... It gives Eco-friendly message...Songs of movie are also good... what human has done with nature with nature showed in songs.... this movie inspires us to save environment... this movie gives a strong message about caring for the environment and wildlife preservation... As we are here only because of nature...

Cons: The movie animation is isn't that much great which can be neglected if you focus more on comedy and message of the film..... This move is extremely violent and uses inappropriate language for English version sound is not properly synchronized with character lips so it looks very poor animation...

so for full enjoyment must saw this movie's Hindi language version....

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