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Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nu hai

It is a really moved film.
You are the apple of my eye is a very popular film from Taiwan in China and its story used to become a trend in 2011. This is a real story came from a very popular author-Ke Jingteng who is also the director of this film. The story includes his friends and the girl who he liked and chased. He decided to use read-me way to show the whole story line and a special way to retell the story through screen in order to commemorating the good times and unforgettable experience during this special period in his life.

First of all, the style of this film which we call "small fresh" is still very popular today and become a trend in China. No matter "small fresh" is as an ideal of life, or as personal vision of a better mood, "small fresh" is always exiting with the characteristics of natural, simple, quiet, freedom and happy. The name of film is You are the apple of my eye, which give information that Ke Jingteng and Shen Jiayi, regarding each other as the most lovely and important person in life. Apple is sweet but could be sour; it is just like the youth. There are many regrettable things of youth but they are still the precious person for each other. We cannot deny that friendship is an important clue linked this film. For Ke Jingteng, Shen Jiayi is the positive energy for him, helped him to improve his studies and also encouraged him to became a real man. They seemed like good friends but inside their bottom of hearts, there are emotions beyond friendship.

Actually, "friend" is a fantastic word; it will always tie people with their intellect and emotions when they face some problem in life. Ke knew that three of his friends have also like Shen, maybe once he expresses the true feelings, their friendship will be destroyed. In our society, between love and friendship, it is often difficult to make a choice and we are not allowed to get both at the same time in many special situations. There are only four results at last, no love but friendship or no friendship but love, both or neither. Ke took care of Shen and finally told her his feelings, but he did not want to get the answer from her. He wanted to keep the relationship with his friends but he also really afraid of being rejected by Shen. On the contrary, for Shen Jiayi, first love is fantastic. She has also liked Ke but in her opinion, this first love between them will become the most precious things in life, she wanted to keep it in memory and hope it will not be changed by time. Nowadays, when two people really be together, many initial emotion will disappear. First love is like the blooming flowers, even as beautiful as the rising sun, it is unforgettable and pure. Shen felt happy enough about the time they spent together, she did not say "Yes" to Ke but told him instead, "In the parallel time and space, we have already being together."

Secondly, from the aspect about cinematic technique, each image is taken pastel colors and all the colors are fresh, bright and beautiful in order to adding up the lightness for the whole film. In particular, sunny day is the basic environment of the whole film which means in this story, most of the time is very happy for Ke. Sunshine can always represent the best period of age in people's life, especially the age of eighteen, people own pure friendship and pure love, the color of sunlight is yellow or orange which gives us the feeling of warm and happiness. For example, when all of the characters went to the beach and had a great fun in a summer time, sunlight irradiated on their smiling face, every image can be a good picture in our mind; Also, when Ke Jingteng imagined that he is the bridegroom in Sheng Jiayi's wedding and kissed the bride, the sunlight is filled up with the room. There is a image which i still remember, both Ke and Shen wrote down their wishes on the lantern and flied it to the sky, the background was dim which brought out the only color of bright orange from the flying lantern. This is a perfect part to give deep impression to audiences. We can understand that each of these scenes is precious memory for Ko, sunlight represents the first love, and it can always give the warm feelings for everyone. So whenever we see every scene with sunshine, it is beautiful and we will receive cheerful mood along with them.

To my mind, it is a very simple and funny story, but easy to remain us those special and interesting times in our life which make this film successful. I really enjoy watching it and also moved from it. Youth is like a heavy rain, even though it is easy to get cold, we still looking forward to going back and poured by it again. Finally, Ke has the friendship forever and most importantly, he owns a pure love from a girl and those wonderful memories.

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