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Ford v Ferrari

Bound to be a classic of the genre
Not being a rev-head I did not know what to expect, but Le Mans '66 / Ford v Ferrari was a wonderful surprise. The story behind Caroll Shelby the man and his relationship with Ford and the racing team is great drama. This is a film full of great acting, well directed, flawless cinematography that varies from beautiful to exciting, with a perfect sound track and absolutely brilliant editing. There is a lot of depth and emotional range in the interactions of all the characters.

Marriage Story

Not bad, certainly not excellent
For those that have not gone through a divorce it is a challenge to connect or empathise with the characters. Personally I did not care for any of them. The acting is good, and I get that those who once were in love and are now divorcing will say some horrible things, and lawyers will go for the jugular to leverage a result, but I found some scenes seemed forced such as the heated argument in Charlie's apartment. For example accusations resembling fathers and mothers came out of nowhere. There was nothing that set this up. There's nothing particularly innovative about this film. The cinematography and editing is perfunctory, nothing special about the soundtrack, wardrobe set design etc but there are many nods to the stage for those looking for something a bit deeper. MARRIAGE STORY was nominated for Best Film category and therefore I expected a lot more than was delivered.

The Morning Show

Strong story arc and superb cast
On the recommendation from a friend I started looked in to this series. I incorrectly assumed from the cast list it was a comedy. Instead I was drawn into a well crafted drama. The nuances depicting different facets of a conflict avoids preaching, plus all the intrigue and twists over the first season, superbly directed, shot and edited kept me totally engaged. The cast is a revelation of new depth from the leads best known for their comedy.

I look forward to season two.

Everybody Wants Some!!

self-indulgent and pointless waste
A film with no plot, no drama, no conflict, a comedy with no laughs, filled with male characters I couldn't care less about, female characters only there for eye candy and sex, and there's a sappy "Frontiers are where you find them" attempt at philosophy in the final scene.

So boring the characters themselves fall asleep at the end. By the way, that was the spoiler.

Maybe if you like early 80's music and hair styles, and people in their late 20's and early 30's pretending to be be 10 years younger while wearing shorts there's something for you. Otherwise don't be fooled by all the good reviews this title received. This movie goes nowhere and then the credits roll.

"Everybody Wants Some!!" is a waste of time.

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