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Knight Rider

A Bird's Eye View Of The Digital Age
Before "Baywatch",David Hasselhoff was well-known in this entertaining crime-drama TV series known as "Knight Rider".Edward Mulhare and Knight Industries Two Thousand co-stars.

It tells the story of Michael Knight,a high-tech modern crime fighter assisted by a Knight Industries Two Thousand a.k.a. K.I.T.T that happens to be an advanced, artificially intelligent, self-aware, and nearly indestructible talking car,in capturing criminals and stopping crime.

Well,the TV series was entertaining during its time on air from 1982 to 1986 as we get to witness a bird's eye view of the coming digital age especially when computers were just beginning during that time.Added to that,we also get to enjoy how they fought criminals. The only thing bothersome in it is the preparation of K.I.T.T to get into action off the ground took a lot of time.

Marathon Man

Great Entertainment As A Thriller
Dustin Hoffman together with Laurence Olivier stars in the 1976 suspense thriller,"Marathon Man". This film adapted from the novel of William tells the story of a graduate student who becomes surprisingly involved in a plot by a Nazi war criminal who intends to retrieve stolen diamonds from a safety deposit box.

It has been more than 40 years since the movie was shown. No question that we have seen great performance from both Hoffman and Olivier,who obtained an Oscar nomination as the antagonist. Added to that,we get to see great entertainment as the story unfolds despite the fact that plot holes abound in it.Director John Schlesinger managed to cover them up as the viewer gets to focused scene by scene especially with the protagonist involvement in each predicament that he goes through

New World Order: The End Has Come

Coming Apocalyptic Era
"New World Order: The End Has Come" is a Christian movie about the coming tribulation and rapture.

It tells the story of the apocalyptic era as told in the Holy Bible. It tells the story of Demi and Christen and how they find themselves together during the time when the New World Order was formed. Will they give up their faith or will they die for it?

The film is evidently far from a Hollywood film.It does not have big-name stars nor have expensive production design.Also,it does not have any other great cinematic features. The focus is about the coming apocalypse.While interpretations of it may differ from people of different faith,it was alright in the sense that it presents what is important when the world ends about matters of faith in God.

Bonnie and Clyde

A Landmark Hollywood Film
Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway stars in this what others considered a New Hollywood landmark film about the gangster couple in "Bonnie and Clyde". Arthur Penn directs.

The movie involves the story of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker during the robberies and felonies they committed on the road during the Great Depression .It starts when they meet one another and started to team up to more money by leaving their day-to-day jobs and go together on the road to committing a series of crimes from small-time heists and robbing banks as well as the tension they experience with one another.

This is truly a landmark film as it tries to initiate what new things during its time of release that was new in cinema.Obviously,it was a gangster film that gave way to mob films in the future.Also,we get to see excessive features of violence in cinema.Evidently,it was also a road movie that became a cinematic formula by future movies.It also has sexual features. Finally,it also has sense of ambiguity.

Overall,it was definitely a landmark Hollywood film that predates whose features became familiar in future American movies

Batman: Green Ice
Episode 19, Season 2

Mr.Freeze Is Back
The plot to discredit Batman has been done before, but the incidentals are as fun as ever in "Green Ice"

Mr.Freeze once again engages Batman in a plot to discredit the Dynamic Duo which would entail freezing the beauty queen from Iceland to a temperature that will make her love him.

While this is truly a campy episode that somewhat lacks logic,it was nice to see Otto Preminger once again as Mr. Freeze.

Batman: Hizzonner the Penguin
Episode 17, Season 2

Penguin Engages Batman
The Penguin is back for the second season as he get to engage Batman in an TV debate battle in "Hizzonner the Penguin". We get to see a staged attack in the process to allow himself to increase in popularly and almost made a victory.

Burgess Meredith is back for the first time as Penguin in the second season and goes against Batman in a funny duel. Also,we get to witness a campy episode wherein it feels like a situational comedy.

Batman: The Dead Ringers
Episode 16, Season 2

Chandell Is Back
Liberace is back in "The Dead Ringers" as Batman once again deals with Chandell,who has a plot to kill Bruce Wayne and his ward, in order to obtain the Wayne fortune.

Well,it was a silly episode as we get to see Chandell's role is reduced.The adventure that Batman and Robin go through simply somewhat weird especially in the sense of the role of Aunt Harriet and their escape from the vilain.

Tares Among the Wheat: Sequel to a Lamp in the Dark

The Sequel Of Jesus Established His Church 16 Centuries Later Documentary
"And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven." -Matthew 16:18-19

"Tares Among the Wheat: Sequel to a Lamp in the Dark" is a 3-hour documentary that serves as a sequel to "A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History". Just like the first documentary,it once again tries to justify Protestantism by revision and justifying their heresies. It also tries to make an effort to ruin the reputation of leaders and holy men of the Catholic Church throughout its history. It also tries to point out that everything that predates before Reformation is a fallacy. It only repeats a lot of the wrong information provided in the first documentary.

Laughably,it states that Jesus established the true Church 15 centuries after his resurrection despite the fact that Jesus established the church through Peter upon identifying Jesus as the messiah. Interestingly,it also states that Jesus established thousands of churches and not one church.Matthew 16:18-19 has it all stated the truth.

A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible

The Church Of Jesus Was Established 16 Centuries Later
"And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven." -Matthew 16:18-19

"A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History" of the Bible is a 3-hour documentary that makes an effort to review Early Church history by justifying Protestantism and by revising the Catholic Church history and revising the Holy Scriptures.

Also,it tries to point out the allegedly error teachings of the Catholic Church through revision to point out the justifying Protestants as well. It tries to state laughably that Jesus established the true Church 16 centuries after his resurrection despite the fact that Jesus established the church through Peter upon identifying Jesus as the messiah. Interestingly,it also states that Jesus established thousands of churches and not one church.Matthew 16:18-19 has it all stated the truth.

Finally,it does not discount the fact churches are made up of people and no human beings are perfect. That is why it states that all Protestants will go to heaven and the rest will go somewhere else.


Bombshell Lacks Firepower
Charlize Theron,Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie star in this movie about the story of sexual harassment at Fox News involving CEO Roger Ailes entitled,"Bombshell". It presents interesting true-to-life lead characters such as Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly.

No question that the movie has a great cast.Acting performances are wonderful. The Oscar nominations taken by Theron and Robbie are a testament to that. Speaking of Academy Awards, credit must be given to it for it won Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling. Unfortunately, the story is lacking.

Speaking of the story, it was definitely in need of tension and sensationalism as it just goes through the motions. The sexual harassment scene with fictional character Kayla Pospisil with Ailes was definitely lacking as the mood and emotions it created just makes it an ordinary scene just like the others. The viewer would probably feel nothing in it. As for Megyn Kelly's character is portrayed,her scenes felt more of a compilation of montages rather than providing an analysis of her character.

From Here to Eternity

A Pearl Harbor Melodrama Classic
Burt Lancaster,Montgomery Clift,Deborah Kerr,Donna Reed and Frank Sinatra stars in this war movie classic directed by Fred Zinnemann entitled,"From Here To Eternity".

It tells that story of people at Hawaii that contains several interesting elements and intriguing characters.We meet an Army sargeant and a bored housewife who enters an illicit affair.We also meet a champion boxer who refuses to fight for some reasons and prefers something instead. We also get to meet him to undergo a series of punishments as well. And what about the Japanese bombing the place?Will it take the story to greater heights?

We get to see great acting from the major cast. All of them getting nominated for an Oscar is a testament to that especially with Sinatra winning the Best Supporting Actor.The film also has a great story amidst wartime despite its melodrama elements being an old classic. Finally,it has a lot of compelling elements that will make the modern audience at present enjoy this film after decades that it has been released.

Alamat ni Leon Guerrero

Love For Western Movies
Lito Lapid stars in this Filipino version of Lone Ranger in this movie,"Alamat ni Leon Guerrero" (English Translation: "The Legend of Leon Guerrero"). It presents a gunslinger that serves as a protector of the poor against the oppressors.

No question that the movie is purely an action film that provides actions scenes that could be categorized as implausbile and unrealistic. We also get to see more about entertainment as well especially with Lone Ranger-like hero legend on the scene. It was a Filipino movie showing the country's love of gunslingers and Western movies which were extremely popular in the past.Finally,it also shows the country's love for Lone Ranger which happens to remain a cultural icon worldwide.

Batman: The Devil's Fingers
Episode 15, Season 2

Liberace Is Back As The Great Chandell
"The Devil's Fingers" has Batman dealing with the Great Chandell,who happens to be great piano maestro,that is up for them to steal something at Gotham City. What is interesting is that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are on vacation when Commissioner Gordon sought their them to help them in their cause.

Well,the show becomes entertaining but Liberace makes the show establish itself to be really a parody and that should not be taken seriously.Maybe,they wanted to promote Batman as a comedic superhero. What is worse is that even the Gotham City Police itself would rely in Batman as well instead of making an effort to stop the criminals.

Lady Chatterley's Lover

All About Sex And Eroticism
The filmmakers and stars of "Emmanuelle" are back.

Sylvia Kristel stars in this Just Jaeckin-directed movie entitled,"Lady Chatterly's Lover". The novel written D.H. Lawrence was adapted on screen tells about the story of Sir Clifford Chatterley's tension of his marraige with Lady Constance Chatterley when the former asked her wife to find a lover among the upper class.This leads her to the arms of someone interesting from the lower class.

The book of D.H.Lawrence is all about passion. Unfortunately,the movie was more about sex and erotic experiences of the characters. Also,we get to see slow and dull feature that evidently wanted to make an effort to showcase the features of soft-porn in the film.

His Girl Friday

Grant And Russell On Top Form
Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell star in this 1940 romantic comedy "His Girl Friday". Ralph Bellamy and Gene Lockhart co-star in this film that was a remake of 1931 movie "The Front Page" directed by Howard Hawks.

The film tells the story of how New York newspaper editor Walter Burns tries to prevent his ex-wife Hildy Johnson from getting married by getting her to write an important story about an impending execution. When she realizes that the convicted murderer is innocent, she tries to find the truth and who is real guilty of the crime committed.

The movie remains entertaining 80 years after it was released. Grant and Russell are in top form as they both provide great performances as Burns and Johnson respectively. Also,we get to see a fast-talking movie wherein everything happens at a fast-paced manner by the 1940 standards. One-liners were also interesting especially provided by the main characters. Finally,the romantic comedy,which was once classified as screwball comedy, remains once of the best thoughout Hollywood history.

Love Boat: The Next Wave: Cuba
Episode 19, Season 2

The Final Cruise Of The Sun Princess
"Cuba" is the final episode of the Sun Princess.We get to see a hurricane blows the ship off course that landed them into Cuba where they met gunboats.

Jim calls upon a government official,who conducts a shipping inspection,who surprisingly get attracted to him that makes her job somewhat difficult.Also,we get to see John and Paolo go to a Havana nightclub that makes them fall for a beautiful singer. Meanwhile,a Russian gets involved with the Cuban military goes into the ship. Camille fills in as a security officer and tries to save John and Paolo from trouble.In the end,the Sun Princess sails home for the its final voyage.

No question that the spin-off series "Love Boat: The Next Wave" has ended in just 25 episodes. Why did it get canned in just two seasons?It was evident that the episodes have become less campy and escapism is no longer the theme of the decade when reality shows are becoming the thing.

Love Boat: The Next Wave: Prom Queen
Episode 18, Season 2

Alcohols And Revenge
Well,this is the penultimate cruise of the Sun Princess entitled "Prom Queen". We get to see things happen to the ship's crew and the passengers.

We get to see Camille and Nicole help a woman make some vengeful acts against a man who stood her up during prom night. Also,we get to see two men make their drug their philandering buddy to make stop on the day before he got married which unfortunately got him killed. As for Jim,he is sharing some romantic moments with an alcoholic lawyer. They try to convince her to seek help whenever she falls off the wagon.

The alcoholic jokes seems somewhat juvenile. As for the revenge act,I felt the same as well. It shows that lightweight stories are no longer on appeal for modern audience. Also,the escapism should have been left in a decade earlier while this spin off was on air.

Batman: The Yegg Foes in Gotham
Episode 14, Season 2

Egghead Makes A Comeback
Egghead comes back for another episode to get the attention of the Dynamic Duo in this episode,"The Yegg Foes in Gotham".

In it,we get to see Egghead to make an effort to obtain the secrets contained in Batman's mind but suprisingly becomes the legal owner of Gotham City. He takes over the police, puts Batman and Robin in exile, sacks Commisioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara, and makes a plan to obtain the assets of the city. But as expected,Batman manages to put a halt on Egghead.

Despite the fact that Egghead presents a lot of things that he could present Batman, we get to see him get eventually beaten in a seemingly stupid mistake as he got to overlook something that is easily identifiable. That is why the show is a parody and it makes people laugh at present which makes it a cult classic and holds up to today's audience after the show has been out of the air for more than 50 years. Finally,Vincent Price remains a valuable asset as Egghead in terms of fun and entertainment.

Love Boat: The Next Wave: About Face
Episode 17, Season 2

Makeovers From The Crew And Passengers
In "About Face", we get to see the Sun Princess goes to another intriguing makeover cruise from both passengers and the ship's crew.

First,we get to see a president of a video company to look better with the hopes of her handsome employees to make a move. Meanwhile,a man in the witness protection program gets to fall head over heels with a mobster's daughter and tries to disguise himself to escape the mobster's attention.

As for the ship's crew,we get to see Will assume a variety of identities to impress an old flame.Finally,Jim does some makeover of his own but does not get attention from Camille.

The common theme of people making over helps it to become a less-than-boring episode.The spin-off show makes it a lot better among the other episodes. Too bad that these type of common themes no longer would entertain TV viewers especially during its time when the show was on air. Of course,competing with other high-rated TV shows won't help its cause as well.

Body Rock

An Enjoyable Break Dancing 80's Bad Movie
Lorenzo Lamas and Vicki Frederick star in this 1984 break-dancing movie directed by Marcelo Epstein known as "Body Rock".

The movie tells the story of Chilly,who has a talent for break-dancing. After realizing that being a graffitti expert won't get him anywhere,he decided to go into his dancking skills. But things get interesting when he got recruited by an industry pro and asked him to leave his friends who are rappers and break-dancers.

This was obviously a poor and awful movie as it has barely a plot and it contains bad performances from the cast. No wonder that Lamas got Razzie Worst Actor nomination to it.

What saves this movie is that it from total disaster is that it contains a lot of entertainmen.One is the songs in the movie particularly the theme song "Body Rock" from Marie Vidal which happened to be a hit song during its time of release. Also,it would relive break dancing memories for people who grew up in that era. Finally,it will provide the hip hop culture and fans an eye-opener of where it originated.

Da Vinci Code Decoded

Disorganized Documentary Presenting Different Views On Jesus
"Da Vinci Code Decoded" is a documentary that provides insights on behind the Dan Brown's novel,"Da Vinci Code". It interviews historians and theologians about the accuracy of facts and theories presented in the novel from who the historical Jesus is and the role of Mary Magdalene in the life of Jesus. Also,we get to witness them to provide the coded messages on the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings and facts about the Gnostic gospels.

The documentary is not well made due to the fact that the people that were interviewed just provide facts about the things written in Dan Brown's novel. There was also confusion and disorganization as people were just there to comment on different topics instead of organizing the theories presented by Dan Brown in his novel.

Aside from that,we are also presented by theories more about the philosophies of man about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Others are authors promoting their book and telling their own version of who Jesus is. What is worse is that all the people interviewed do not have a single view of Jesus. Basically,they present sporadic facts about him. The only thing common is that they all present something that is not written in the Holy Bible. What is worse is that there are no writings presented in it as well.

Batman: An Egg Grows in Gotham
Episode 13, Season 2

Vincent Price Appears As Egghead
Vincent Price appears as a guest in "An Egg Grows in Gotham". He plays the new villain that Batman is up against that is called Egghead. Interestingly,we get to see that Egghead knows who Batman really is.

The Egghead steals an ancient charter of Gotham which states that was stolen from the founders by the Mohican Indians.It was also stated that only Gotham City is leased to the founders and the land owners require the people to pay them the lease.If they don't get paid,Gotham must ceded to them back again.We also get to see Egghead place Bruce Wayne in the machine that will make him forget things like being Batman.

Well,Vincent Price provides great entertainment as Egghead. Too bad that making fun of the American Indians was not totally funny especially when it comes to land ownership and property dealings.

Love Boat: The Next Wave: Trances of a Lifetime
Episode 16, Season 2

A Hypnotist Makes A Difference In The Cruise
In "Trances Of A Lifetime",we get to witness another interesting and intriguing experience of the passengers and the crew of the Sun Princess.

In it,we get to see Danny annoying his father by telling him that he wants to be a photographer of nude women and wants to do it for a living. Nicole's niece joins her for the cruise after her parents divorce.John lends her his ALF doll to keep her company. Intrestingly,we get to see a hypnotist place a spell on passengers and the crew members to obtain their fondest desires. This provides Danny an opportunity to take a photograph of everyone nake. Will become the "Terminator". Jim imagines several things and kisses Camille. Finally,the ALF doll came back to life which made Nicole's niece talk after a long time.

Well,this is probably one of the better episodes of the show during its two-year run.It could probably be a strong competitor for the best in competition for the episodes when the former cast of the original "Love Boat" made guests appearances. Having a hypnotist in the cruise made it entertaining.

The Real Jesus Christ

A Different Jesus
"The Real Jesus Christ" is a documentary that tries to explain who the historical Jesus is all about. This 50-minute documentary presents interviews from several theologians and historian as they try to provide an insight of the man who is recognized by millions of people around the world as the messiah and the Son of God.

Based on the interviews made,they all recognize Jesus more of a political leader who led a movement against the Roman Empire rather than a spiritual leader of mankind. Also,they presented a picture of who Jesus is in the eyes of James,the brother of Jesus, and the difference from the eyes of Paul,whom many Christians around the world adhere to.

While they overall the people interviewed have the same opinion,it was worthy to note that their view of the real Jesus is without records as they claimed that the writings about him have faded into obscurity. Overall,it would be more on speculations rather than the view of millions about Jesus that have lasted through many years of history.


Drive Is Robotic And Extremely Violent
Ryan Gosling together with Carey Mulligan and Albert Brooks stars in "Drive". The film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn was evidently inspired by Walter Hill's 1978 Ryan O'Neal starrer "The Driver".

The story is a person who is extremely skillful behind the wheels simply known as "Driver". He also happens to be a Hollywood stuntman and a getaway driver for criminals. He is obviously possess a stoic character but started to become more emotional after he gets to know her neighbor Irene and her young son,Benicio. Things become more interesting and intriguing when Irene's husband gets out of jail.The Driver intends to help them during a million dollar heist that the ex-convict gets involved in. But things get out of hand during the robbery.

No question that the viewer is treated to an artsy film that many would appreciate.Added to that,we also get to see great acting from a cereberal thespian in Gosling. But overall,I felt that the film is robotic in the sense that the characters are basically acting like caricatures. What certifies this is the its extremely violent scenes especially when the film tries to place close ups on murders and killings done.This is to provide shock to the viewer.The story was lacking as well.

Too bad that movies should possess an emotional value to them particularly when it comes to the characters to understand their nature. While many may appreciate this movie especially those who love violence in films,personally I felt that giving less importance to the characters made it less interesting.

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