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Smart Guy

This may be the greatest Sitcom to ever grace the television screen and it was so under-appreciated. I never met anyone who didn't love this show but for some reason it never made it. Tagh Mowry is charming as T.J.and his whole family was played very well. However the gem of the show is Omar Gooding (Cuba's little brother) who is absoluley hilarious as Mo. The show also had a funny supporting cast including the white guy Mackie and the crazy gym teacher, Coach Gerber. This show combined off the wall humor, compassion, and important lessons and is the most under-appreciated television show of all time.

Some of the great one's are...

-When T.J. must tutor a dumb and violent basketball star and turns him into a Gandhi worshiper -When T.J. meets a young girl Brandy and Mo and Marcus pimp him out -When T.J. and MO must marry for a class assinemnt and the guys build Yvette a bathroom

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