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The Groundstar Conspiracy

Not That Bad
Just re-saw The Groundstar Conspiracy after some 20 something years. Always been a big fan of both George Peppard and Micheal Sarrazin, so I was looking forward to this flick. Somewhat out-dated today, but for 1972, it wasn't all that bad. There are twists and turns. Plots and subplots. Action, suspense, drama, and even a little romance thrown in. Humor, at least a few lines, would of helped a lot here. There is a nice surprise sort of ending. Clearly this is not a masterpiece of a cold war thriller like The Spy Who Can In From The Cold or The Ipcress File, but The Goundstar Conspiracy is a nice little entertaining film. George Peppard looked great here and Micheal Sarrazin was in his prime. It's not their best roles, but if you're a fan. it's a good way to spend a rainy night.

House of Cards

A House of Boring Cards
What a flop. This show is a mega stinker. It starts off interesting enough with a murder victim floating in the river, and George Peppard getting knocked-out in a boxing match. Then, however, the film goes from interesting to stupid, dull, and boring. The plot isn't much and neither is the acting. The script tries to be witty, but there is nothing funny about it. The action scenes are without spark, and there aren't many sparks between Handsome George and his love interest Ingar Stevens.

There are a few minor bright spots; George Peppard looks great and it's hard not to like his performance. Miss Stevens looks beautiful and sexy, and there are some nice views of Paris and Italy. Aside from that, the House of Cards is nothing more then a House of Dull.

No Blade of Grass

Great Motorcycle Gang Action Scenes
Just saw this movie again after 36 years. The film's theme of global pollution seems to have rung slightly true today, but clearly not on the scale projected in the film. Nigel Davenport gives his typically solid performance, but surprisingly, Jean Arthur, does a lousy job. She is dull and stiff, and seems to have lost her sex-pot looks of the 1950s. The best scenes in the film are when the "survivors" accidentally come across a menacing looking group of rebel bikers wearing Hun helmets. The gang racing down the road is impressive and the following action scenes are very well done for this sort of movie.

No Blade of Grass has enough action and human interest stories to keep ones attention. I'd rate it a 7 out of 10.

Such Good Friends

Such An Out-Dated Movie
I'm a big fan of the beautiful, sexy, and talented Dyan Cannon. I saw this film when it first came out in 1971 and thought it was funny, sexy, well-acted, and entertaining. Well, I just saw this movie today, after some 35 years and it hasn't aged well. The movie about a medical mishap and extra-marital affairs is now old news. The plot no longer has the kick it had back in 1971. There are some bright spots that are still shinny; an all-star cast of veteran actors, the sexy Miss Cannon and the equally attractive Jennifer O'Neal, and one very humor "sex" scene. Aside from that, the movie is slow moving and somewhat dull. The plot is depressing, and the ending makes little or no sense. So, unless you're a big fan of Dyan Cannon or Jennifer O'Neal, I'd forget about Such Good Friends.

Where It's At

Where it Was At
Just re-saw this movie after thirty seven years. I was eleven years old and caught this flick on South Beach at the long gone Cinema Theater on Washington Avenue. In 1969, I thought Where it's At! was a very good movie. Now, however, after almost forty years, it's not as good as it was. Times have changed, and this movie is now a tired old re-hash of the war between the generations. It did however, catch a place in time which is just a memory. It's really interesting to see the mod fashions, the old Vegas, a slim Don Rickles, chain smoking, and a hip opening song. The acting was decent, the script somewhat out-dated, but the memories were still fresh. Where it's At, may not be where it's at for you, but for me, it was still a nice and entertaining trip down memory lane.

Harry in Your Pocket

A Pocketful of entertainment
Just re-saw this movie after some thirty-three years. I first saw it at the now long gone Circle Theater in Miami Springs, Florida. I was a big fan of James Coburn and Micheal Sarrazon, and just had to see this movie. It was enjoyable when I was fifteen years old, and it was still enjoyable now. Very good acting from everyone involved. The movie plays almost like a play and the focus is on the four main characters, with little in regards to the supporting cast.

Pick-pocketing was and always will be around. The film tends to make it an art with a romantic flavor, but then again, it's Hollywood. A bit of a surprise ending, but if you're expecting car chases, punch-outs, and shootouts, you will be greatly disappointed. Just a well-acted and entertaining little flick. Harry in Your Pocket is a pocketful of entertainment.

The Day of the Wolves

Decent "B" Movie
Just re-saw this "B" heist film. The plot was interesting, the acting was decent, and there are a host of washed-up former stars throughout. For fans of such films as Ocean's Eleven (both versions), The Anderson Tapes, The Killing, Assault on the Queenm,Heat, and Dayton's Devils, this is an enjoyable little film. Made on a shoe string budget; the texture of the film is fair, and the camera work makes it look like a high school production, but the over all look and feel of the movie is entertaining.

There is even a surprise ending which is comical. Richard Egan does a professional job, as does Jan Murray. However, Martha Hyer has aged badly and has lost her sexy looks from her role in the Carpetbaggers.

So, if you're a fan of caper and heist films, this is the movie for you.

Baby Blue Marine

A Time Lost Forever
Just saw Baby Blue Marine again after 30 years. I still find it a pleasant and romantic film which catches a time which has been lost forever. The innocence and purity of a time now long gone, is truthfully captured in this small film. The acting is above average and Richard Gere's brief appearance as a shell-shocked Raider Marine war hero, holds a keen interest for any film buff or Gere fan. Jan-Micheal Vincent is in his prime and looks and acts like the "All-American" boy. The late Bruno Kirby (who was billed as B.Kirby, Jr.) has a meaty role as "Pop", a peace-loving, Marine Corp reject, dreaming of getting back home to his wife. If you're looking for sex, drugs, or rock and roll, this movie is not for you. If you're looking for action and adventure, the same applies. However, if you want to recapture a time in America of innocence, honor, romance, and love, then Baby Blue Marine is a movie for you.

Mickey One

Mickey Minus One
Just saw Mickey One after a lapse of some 40 years. Trust me, it stunk in 1965 and it stinks even worse in 2006. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of Warren Beatty and loved his outstanding performances in All Fall Down, Bonnie and Clyde, Shampoo, and McCabe and Mrs. Miller. However, in this film he stunk. As a matter of fact, aside from the Playmate of the Year, there is nothing worthwhile about a schlock film trying to pass itself off as art. It's nothing more then a cheap carnival show, with an assortment of sideshow freaks. The movie is boring as can be. The script is horrible, and the so-called comedy in the film was humorless. Mickey One rates a minus one.

The Wrath of God

Rita's Final Curtain Call
I saw The Wrath of God as a sneak preview in 1972 when I was 14. I saw it with my dad at the now long gone Sunny Isle Theater in North Miami, Florida. I recall the film was action packed and concerned a South American Revolution around the early to mid 1900s. These type of films were popular in the 1960s and early 1970s: 100 Rifles, The Wild Bunch, The Professionals, Villa Rides, and the Wrath of God. Rita Hayworth looking surprising young and attractive. I believe she was 52, but looked about 40. Her part was small, and she looked extremely unhappy. Turned out to be her last film. Nothing really great here. Only fair, but lots of action. Only stands out as Rita Hayworth's final curtain call.


Outstanding Tony Quinn Performance
R.P.M. is completely out-dated in today's Me, Myself, and I society. However, in the revolutionary times of the 1960s and early 1970s, R.P.M. was an excellent portrayal of the college "scene" of those times.

Anthony Quinn gives one of his finest "latter" years roles as F.W.J. "Paco" Perez. Quinn's character is a liberal fighting, social changing sociology professor who has earned the respect of the rebellious student population at his university. The students want changes now, but are unwilling to compromise. Stanley Kramer shows that there were "no easy" solutions to the various generational problems for the times. Ann-Margret is in her "sexiest" prime, but also shines as a Perez "grupie". Also, Gary Lockwood as the militant student leader gives a creditable performance.

Revolutions Per Minute is a great trip down memory lane and helps capture the atmosphere of 1970.

More Dead Than Alive

Better Than Average "B" Western
More Dead Than Alive turns out to be a surprisingly entertaining and fairly well-acted B movie.

Clint Walker gives his typical "gentle giant" performance as Killer Cain, a convicted murderer who is released after 18 years in prison. After a senseless prison shootout in the beginning of the movie, you expert this film to be nothing more that a "shootem-up". However, once Walker's character is released from prison, the movie becomes a well-acted drama about such topics as prison reform, parole, murder, hero worship, forgiveness and the desire for fame.

More Dead Than Alive's best performance is from Horror King, Vincent Price as Dan Ruffallo, a carnival barker with a traveling gun show. It's one of Price's best latter career performances.

The kicker in More Dead Than Alive is the shocking surprise ending. So, if you're a fan of Clint Walker or Vincent Price, More Dead Than Alive is the film to see.

Young Americans

Catches A Time of Innocence
I saw The Young Americans in 1967 at the Cameo Theater on Washington Avenue and 13th Street in Miami Beach. I recall enjoying the singing of this highly talented group of "Young Americans". This film was made right before the explosion of 1968 & the "Hippie" movement which swept the "Young Americans". What really stands out to me was how the talented Ken Prymus went from being so slim and trim in this film to so heavy in the movie M.A.S.H. only three years later. I was so shocked that he had gained about 100 pounds. A really great singer and talent, whose weight increase, I feel, ruined a very promising singing career.

A cute film which captures an innocence which has long gone.

Billy Boy

BillyBoy is BillyBore!
I paid a whopping $63.00 bucks to buy this video. Did so because I lived in South Africa years ago and thought it'd be interesting to see this South African filmed movie. Also, I am a boxing fan and recall Duane Bobick. What a big disappointment; I'm talking major! Duane Bobick just can't act. The poor guy is stiff, machine-like, almost a walking-talking robot. You can see how his face was battered by over 40 professional fights. The rest of the cast is just as bad. The story-line is a bizarre mix of romance, incest, sadism, and boxing. If you blink your eyes you can see a host of well-known boxers from South Africa in uncredited roles. Billyboy is not worth a 3 dollar rental,let alone the money I paid for it. I gave my copy away to a friend, who in turn sold it at a garage sale for a buck!

The Walls Have Eyes

I covered my eyes seeing this turkey!
What the heck was going on in the Miami film world in the 1960s. During this decade some of the worst movies in film history were produced in Miami-Dade County. Of course Frank Sinatra made some outstanding local movies-Tony Rome, Lady in Cement, and A Hole in the Head. But, for the most part they were turkey's like this one. The only reason I can think of to see this really foul-smelling "Z" film, is to see the beautiful and sexy Jody Baby. If my memory serves me correctly, Jody Baby was a local Miami star attraction at the strip-clubs, and Go-Go bars in Miami; the Castaways, Club Pigalle, and Jilly's. I think Jody Baby made a few other movies, but can't recall their names or cast. I may be mistaken, but I believe she knew or was friendly with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

She-Man: A Story of Fixation

Man-o-Man, The Movie in History!
She-Man is the worst movie ever filmed, the worst movie ever produced, the worst movie ever acted in, the worst movie ever directed, the worst movie ever filmed, the worst movie ever written, and the worst of the worst movies ever made.

In other words, She-Man is a piece of worthless, stinking, stinky, smelly, boring, lackluster, pile of junk! The cast looks like a bunch of rejects from a "Z" porn-film. Sorry, but the cast of Plan 9 From Outer Space looks like academy awarding winning performers compared to the cast of freaks in She-Man.

The story-line is so freaky. Cross-dressing soldiers, cross-dressing freaks, and freaks, creeps, and perverts in general. I repeat, She-Man is the Worst Movie Ever Made!

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