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Russell Crowe is desperate
Russell Crowe gained all that weight for this garbage movie? How desperate can he be? Did he even read the script? This movie was terrible. There was no surprises, no twist, typical ending, and was just flat out boring. I'm not sure if this was suppose to be an action movie or suspense or what but this movie SUCKED. Crowe might even miss a role in the Gladiator sequel because he gained too much weight. What was he thinking?????

Idi i smotri

This movie SUCKED!! Its two and a half hours of close up footage of kids faces. No to mention its Russian propaganda mage during the soviet union era.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Movies are unwatchable nowdays
I thought the terminator movies couldn't get any worse, I was wrong. Of course Hollywood has to push their liberal propaganda into every movie these days and this movie is no different with this strong woman nonsense. The movie is just flat out bad. At no point did it even seem like Dani was even in any real danger. At the start of the movie Grace beats up the Rev-9 so the threat of the terminator is already gone. I was watching this movie FREE and still turned it off I was so bored. Then acting is just so bad. It's amazing how far movies have fallen and what crap is pushed out of hollywood in the current era.

Trump: An American Dream

what a joke from the Brits
It's basically a hit piece on Trump trying to make him look bad from the remainers in Breix that dont want to leave the EU, george soros cronis paid off by off for the EU, from the UK. Literally it's made in Britain Netflix will buy anything. It's a joke they take people he has basically said hello to one time and say they are friends then try to link him to stuff. It shows how much of a joke netflix is. That's all this is watch the first ten minutes and realize this is coming from Britain remainers and you already get it.

Jacob's Ladder

A low-budget Jacob's ladder
It's better than a 2.2/10 lol. There are a lot of really really really bad movies out there that are a lot worse than this movie with higher ratings on here. It's basically a low budget remake of the original with a lot of throw back's to the original with a different story. If there's nothing else worth watching give it a try it's not as bad as the ratings they are giving on here.

American Dad!: Enter Stanman
Episode 17, Season 14

American Dad at the end of it's run
They have basically already done this episode in brains, brains and automobiles except they go into rogers dreams. This episode sucked unless you find hot sauce jokes funny. I'm starting to think the series is about to come to an end, same with family guy.


Good movie everyone should see once
Don't listen to these radical feminist that haven't even seen the movie calling it propaganda. It's not at all and obviously they didn't watch it.

Ocean's Eight

Was this a parody of the other Oceans?
Who wrote this and why do this to a franchise like oceans? At the end of the Oceans movies the always big twist that are surprising. The ending to this one, they stole more diamond necklaces? That's all. And the little throw in comedy is for children. Even the acting was terrible. They go to a ball, steal some diamond necklaces, get make it look like it was an ex, and thats the movie. Thats all that happens. There were no twist what so ever that you couldn't see coming. This movie sucked bad.

Happy Death Day 2U

Sci-Fi not horror
This was a weird movie and other than the dying over and over again nothing like the first one. It's like they took cheesy lines from Nickelodeon or the three stooges when she has to get those keys for comedy, threw in elements of science fiction with interdimensional traveling, and then theres your movie. There was no horror what so ever. Are you Afraid of the Dark or Goosebumps was scarier than this.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Cheesy and Boring
First of this is not an action movie. I don't know who the target audience this film was aiming for, males, females, age but they failed miserably on all accounts. This a movie about a soldier coming home and dealing with family, society, etc. while recalling past events. The problem is how poorly it is done. This movie is so bad it looks like it's supposed to be a parody of another movie. Some scenes are so bad i was unsure if they were suppose to be funny or serious. From the filming to the just how bad the dialogue is in this movie just seems so cheep. Majority of the movie consist of pointless conversations that having no relevance to anything. Chris Tucker is in the film but he is on the phone 95% of the time. I would highly recommend everyone missing this pooper. If you do watch this film, when they are marching at halftime look and how funny the guy on the far left is marching, it's comical. Also, I've never seen anyone, EVER, fall in love with each other in a span of one hour.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Great horror movie
My favorite genre of movies is horror and I rarely miss any. I found The Autopsy of Jane Doe to be somewhat original, different, and just flat out entertaining. There's never duel moments like what you get with a lot of horror movies. It's not like the same crap that gets redone over and over again, such as home invasion, exorcism, etc. movies. I'm not saying you will love the movie like I did, but highly recommend giving it a look. I didn't find the movie to be extremely scary but it had its moments. Actors did a great job and the ending was amazing.

In my opinion I would consider this film to be horror movie of the year without a doubt.

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