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The Brave One

Jodie Foster is beyond brilliant. Terrence Howard is mesmerizing. Together their chemistry on screen is beautiful. Anyone who says this movie is not amazing has NEVER experienced true loss, true love or ever been violated. I love this movie. It takes it's time developing the characters and their relationships. Even the lighting is realistic - none of that Hollywood lighting on Foster. She looks real. You can feel her pain, her rage and her heartbreak. This is the best acting I've seen in a long time from two of the best actors working today (not to mention they're both physically stunning!). Don't judge this film before seeing it. It is not just a revenge film. It moved me in ways I cannot describe. The depth of her character's despair over the loss of her boyfriend, compounded by the fact that she has no other family, is so real it's stunning (and set to music equally stunning).

Fire with Fire

Best Teenage Love Story EVER!!!!
I have adored this film since it released in 1986. I know every line and every beautiful scene by heart...yet it never gets old. This is the trademark of any truly great film. Plus it's timeless. Hey, I'm not saying it's in the same league of "Gone with the Wind". I'm simply telling you that it is a wonderful teenage love story. And it contains so much powerful chemistry, angst and present day challenges between teens, that this makes it a timeless love story.

The WAY these two look at each other is to DIE for. Great acting! This definitely put Virginia Madsen on the map - and thankfully, she's so back and better than ever today! AND unlike "Pretty in Pink" and "St. Elmo's Fire" this film is not about the 80's. It's just a wonderful little love story with a classic undertone, "good girl falls for bad boy".

Enjoy it with the 16 year old heart that still beats inside of you.


Fun flick!
I am not one to sit down and write out my own personal review of a film. However, seeing the last review which was posted for "Easy", I felt compelled to get that ridiculous "east coast" "family values" freak's comments off the screen (jerk!) and recommend this film to women everywhere. It's a delightful, fun, realistic look at a young woman's journey of love. I believe the main character's (Jamie)behavior reflects many young women's today (especially those of us who were raised without a caring mother, or no mother altogether). Jamie is a young woman exploring her sexuality, her creativity and mostly love. Searching for, and understanding what love is, is I believe the primary quest of every person (young and old alike). This film is NOT "west coast" or "liberal". It's just a very realistic look at a 20-something woman struggling with growing up and being used by men...until she learns she can control her own choices, her body and ultimately her destiny.

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