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  • This show started out with potential but now I see that it's becoming like Smallville or these other teen targeted shows where you have a mediocre script geared towards fighting a mediocre monster per episode or overcoming some boring mediocre circumstance. Yawnnnn they better pick this up or mimick The Originals with a twist to keep this going..
  • This movie focused more on trying too hard to appeal to sci-fi fans without producing a concrete logical story. Nothing in this story made sense and I was left wondering if there was a way for me to get my time of existence back wasted on this movie.
  • I wasn't expecting much from this movie except for a laugh or two. I had read about Amy Schumer being a funny comedian and I must admit that she had her moments in this film. She seemed real, raw and different, which is always welcomed, and this is why I sat throughout the entire film! Also, after learning the following: that this is a romantic film; the male actor chosen to play opposite seemed like your unconventional type guy, yet he made it work with Amy; and the guest stars like Lebron James and Amar'e Stoudemire. Overall, the movie is watchable due to the newness of the actors and semi-decent script and message. The acting seemed to epitomize the raw nature of humans.
  • I thought this was a very good movie with good acting and pacing of the storyline. The underlying message is what's most important when watching this film, and it has to do with the theory of why we as humans are so emotionally detached and messed up. It all starts with our childhood and the impact our parents or guardian and environment has on us. The director did an outstanding job relaying that message. I can understand why Adrian Brody won an Oscar for best actor some years ago because he was really great in this and there's just something so moving about the way he can express emotions through his eyes. You can feel every emotion that he wants you to feel just by looking at those eyes of his! This movie is a must see!
  • This movie turned out to be pretty good. Quality black dramas are so rare and this one definitely didn't disappoint. The script was well executed and the scenes seemed to piece together like falling dominoes, rather than a jigsaw puzzle with numerous elements missing. Alike is the main character who struggles with being what she considers her true self. Her domineering mother and the opinions of society causes her to repress who she is, a gay female who enjoys dressing like a guy. The agony of not being able to express her true self shows throughout her body language and face and I thought that was pretty good acting. Alike's mother specifically represented society who represses people's right to freedom through rules and moral codes. Alike's father is clearly having an affair but the mother struggles to ignore it, wanting to maintain her made up happy life. Her choice of ignorance symbolizes society's quest to ignore the realities, of what's truly real about people. The pacing and execution of this film reminded me of something Spike Lee would do.
  • After viewing this movie, I was left feeling as though there wasn't enough closure in the film. Michael Fassbender is playing a character with a sex addiction problem. He finds it vile and disgusting and feels guilt but it's also his outlet for perhaps his level of self-confidence. He seems bored, lonely, lost, like an empty drifter, and he turns toward sex and porn in an attempt to fill the empty void within. He's yearning to feel something and all he seems to feel in the end is guilt and shame, but alas, he's feeling so he continues his habit. I assume something traumatic happened along the way to both him and his sister because she too is dealing with her emotional damage throughout the film. Her intrusion upon him seems to raise a deep pain that he represses and buries beneath his soul-less facade. There seems to be a hint of an incestuous past between them and perhaps that's connected to the deep pain they both do not want to address. Overall, this movie was well acted, but I think I would have liked to see less nudity on Michael Fassbender's part, and more of him addressing the deeper problem beneath the porn and sex addiction. The pacing was a bit slow. Along with the soundtrack, its pacing emulated a painter slowly creating a work of art that somehow goes unfinished.
  • Wow, this movie leaves you emotionally and mentally drained by the time you reach the end. As you watch it, you end up really feeling for this lead character who's on a quest of revenge for the death of his mentally challenged brother. His picks off the men responsible for his brother's death one by one. I loved how the movie paced well and didn't linger on any unnecessary scenes; it left you hanging on to every word and anticipating what was to happen next. It was unpredictable and the camera shots tried to make everything and everyone look as natural and real as possible without all the glitz of Hollywood's technology. Two high thumbs up for a heart wrenching movie!
  • This movie is absolutely brilliant!! Two major thumbs up! This is M. Night Shyamalan's best work next to Sixth Sense. In the movie, Bruce Willis wrestles with an unexplainable internal sadness until Samuel Jackson appears in his life. Samuel Jackson helps Bruce Willis awaken a gift within himself that was lying dormant for most of his life. I think the overall message of this movie is that no matter how old you get, it's never too late to realize your full potential or destined purpose in life. Everyone in this movie acted exceptionally well and there was never a dull moment. The ending could have been a little better but nevertheless, kudos again to a brilliant film!
  • If only they still made movies as good as this! This movie is about a female doctor who uncovers a conspiracy in the medical facility she works at. In OR 8, all the patients seem to be going into comas after every operation and thereafter, shipped to the Jefferson Institute right after where they undergo atrocities. The story was well paced and acted out. Genevieve Bujold did an extremely fantastic job as the female lead who uncovers the truth. Michael Douglas played the boyfriend doctor who is disbelieving in her conclusions. I really detested Michael Douglas during this film only because he wouldn't believe his girlfriend! Geez, so much for being a dutiful boyfriend! Anyhow, this movie provides great suspense and it'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Two thumbs up! (Also, you'll get to see cameos of Ed Harris and Tom Selleck when they were younger... gorgeous they were)
  • In a quick summation, the movie is about a king on a rampage to find a powerful bow that will aid him in freeing the Titans so that they can destroy humanity and he can rule the world. Theseus played by Henry Cavill is the heroine who fights back against the king and his army. Overall, the plot is okay but the movie had numerous holes in the script such as towards the end when the Gods engage in war with the Titans, why do they shed blood like humans when they're supposed to be immortal? Gods are not supposed to die. The only way to get rid of a God is to imprison him or chain him up like what the Gods originally did to the Titans. Also, out of all the major Gods written in Greek mythology, we only saw about 6, what happened to Venus, Hera, etc...? Hera is always a major character in all Greek mythology because she is Zeus's wife. And then, the chemistry between Theseus and the Oracle was weak; their kissing scene looked so force. Henry Cavill was believable in his fighting scenes because of his nice physique and agility but at times his acting was weak like when he was trying to stir up the army to fight on his side. I was thinking the whole time, Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart was more believable. The movie had plenty of action and visual appeal but the direction of the story was weak while the premise of the story of okay. In other words, the execution of how to tell the story wasn't that great. Nonetheless, the movie is watchable but certainly not 2 thumbs up.. more like 1 thumb up and 1 thumb down.
  • This movie started off as an original interesting piece about a talk show host working in a radio station with the town around him undergoing psychological distress. The acting was pretty good and I found the pacing adequate. There were no unnecessary scenes or dialogue being said. The ending however was atrocious! There were numerous plot holes piling up back to back. For one, where did all the people go that were chasing Sydney and Garry? Suddenly they had vanished from the scene, and you see Garry going back into the sound booth to try and save the world and Sydney sitting at the desk outside of the booth. She didn't even bother to look around to see if the zombie people were behind her? It was as though the zombie people had cease to exist and they were no longer viewed as a threat. And then, why would the movie end with the radio station getting bombed by the military when the military officials could hear them on the radio? What started off as a great attempt at a movie dwindled away rapidly in the end. Horrible! Also, do not expect this movie to be about zombies, it's more metaphoric than anything. I believe the message is that language is what shapes us and when we are exposed to words expressed in a way that we are not familiar with, we lose a piece of our original selves... if it continuously happens, we lose our sense of direction entirely. In other words, let's not let the media destroy our souls..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    1. An appearance of The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson at the end 2. When Angela (Tasha Smith) finally shut her trap 3. When the movie ended. I was put out of my misery.

    This movie sucked in every possible way. It was one of Tyler Perry's worse movies ever produced, written and directed, right behind Meet The Browns. The character Angela was a total embarrassment to all black people, and her situation was entirely unrealistic. In real life, her husband Marcus would have either fled the coop or engaged in domestic violence, knocking Angela's teeth out. Throughout the entire movie, her mouth and tongue yapped so much that I ended up having a migraine, but I was determined to finish watching the movie so I could see Janet Jackson's performance, especially since she's been receiving so many rave reviews. She did come out of her normal comfort zone and let loose, but was it Oscar worthy? Well, if you compare her performance to others who have recently won an Oscar then "yeah, I guess she should have one too... Pass it around!"

    There was no chemistry with any of the couples, except for Sheila and Troy. Tyler Perry looks so uncomfortable in all of his intimate scenes, as well as the one who plays his wife, she looks as though she detest touching him. Mike's appearance was pointless. No one accomplished anything in this movie. I presume Gavin's death and Patricia's statement of "Love one another" was the ultimate message in this movie... Work out your problems and love, because tomorrow is not promised. Despite the moral message, the movie sucked. Bad acting, poor chemistry, weak plot, poor direction, stereotypical buffoonery = 2 thumbs down.