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The Rogues

Why isn't this gem on DVD?
Start with three popular actors, add in a classy supporting cast and then a lot of sparkling witty dialogue. Sadly, NBC in its infinite wisdom places this show in a suicide slot Sunday nights at 10 against ABC's Sunday Night Movie and CBS's Candid Camera and What's My Line. Even with Bonanza as a lead in, it didn't get the ratings needed to keep it on the air for more than one season, and that was very sad. I can remember a couple of episodes including David Niven fleecing Walter Matthau out of a million, yet giving it away to Dina Merrill's lady in distress. Gig Young coming to the aid of his pal by selling a Michael Millken type a company that he didn't own or Charles Boyer creating a diamond-making machine out of spare parts and selling the "secret formula" to a sleazy James Gregory. TV Land showed only a couple of the episodes years ago, I just wished they would have shown them all! It was a real class act, and it was a shame that this was the last try that Niven and Boyer did with a series. It was magic. PLEASE! Whomever has the rights to this, let it come out on DVD!

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