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Fatal Affair

Another bad crazy stalker movie
Hated it. Plot was rushed. Movie was rushed. Acting was trash. Everything was trash. Clichè as hell. Boring and predictable. The character placement was way too obvious and happened so correctly that you could tell this was a story and not actually an experience of anything. I thought the whole point of having a script was to tell a story and not be that obvious.

Double Platinum

Was this a movie or promotion?
First, I wanna say I understand that this is a movie. Second, horrible acting! Third, poorly edited! Brandy is a ugly crier. Diana Ross was a horrible actress. Cheap music uses of only their songs only. Movie needed work. Last, this movie horribly use of slow motion in wrong places that didn't even need slow motion

Unsolved Mysteries

I don't know
First of all I didn't like that each episode only focused on ONE story unlike the original talking about multiple stories. Next, The stories NEED tangible and identifiable evidence in my opinion. Alonzo Brooks needs to get full justices.

Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

The acting in this movie really sucked. It was a quirky movie however things in this movie was predictable placements. Harley Quinn was mostly perfect. I loved violence, but fight scenes were slow enough to see that it was choreographed. The scene when she got slapped by the mob boss and they showed some random scene with Harley performing a song which confused me. The scene where she kicked the phone at a cop was mad unrealistic. The hyena was hilarious to see. Breaking the fourth wall in Narration was funny as well. Harley Quinn has been through the worse it seems. I did enjoy the whole anti-hero, feminist movement happening that was pretty cool and refreshing. There should have been an epic fight at the end.

The High Note

Was it about Grace Davis or Maggie?!
This movie sucked in my opinion. Very predictable storyline! The movie had me confused on whether it was about Grace Davis or her white personal assistant Maggie. And multiple shots of this movie the white girl had more time than Grace Davis in the actual movie. I thought the singing was trash from David. Another reason why I didn't like this movie was because like every stereo typical black movie with a white person in it they made the white person the savior of the whole dynamic of the movie. Jeremy Maggie was able to save the dynamic between Grace Davis and David. She also managed to become a producer like she wanted.

Running Out Of Time

Horrible movie
This movie sucks! It seem like this movie was an endless amount of callbacks based on nothing. The robbery felt Overexplained and it was annoying. Tasha Smith sucks and she is a horrible actor.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu
As soon as I turned this movie on I turned on my Pokémon video game. This movie had a good plot that I was actually surprised. I loved the jokes. Pikachu is Nintendo's Mickey Mouse! I loved this movie

Coffee & Kareem

Nah not feeling that
This movie sucked. Kareem was over the top coonery and bafoonery! Movie had corny jokes and predictable story. Taraji May have made herself hated by the black community..just awful. This movie also portrayed black children as ignorant inappropriate beings. I hated it all.

Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

The worst movie
Tyler perry sucks! All of his movies suck! He survives of the ignorance of black people. It is absolutely repulsive and embarrassing to see that this guy still exist in the industry

Into the Dark: School Spirit
Episode 11, Season 1

More comical then scary
This movie was very predictable. The acting wasn't too shabby. But this movie was also hilarious more than scary. It shouldn't even be considered a horror film. So these kids are in school where there is a paranormal entity killing students that really isn't paranormal. Immediately as soon as I saw Brett I knew Brett was the killer haha! But to see Erica Yang be the goody two shoes character who just want to good grades based on bribery was too predictable. The killings were all fake looking. Also if you noticed a pattern with this movie it was the killer killed first a white person and then a minority. This movie was hilarious and terrible.


Awesome movie.Bad animation. Stereotypes everywhere. But I enjoyed it. The Dark City concept is awesome. I want to see more. I love the fight scenes.

The Cheetah Girls 2

Another bad movie
This movie was horrible! This movie had continuity issues. Horrible plot points! I hate Raven Symone.

The Cheetah Girls

This movie was horrible. Bad continuity. Bad acting. Bad lip syncing. Bad music. Just everything was horrible.

The Sun Is Also a Star

This movie was missing a lot of important information to make a movie good. Quite honestly, the whole time I was watching I was cringing in my chair and hoping that I could fall asleep during the movie. Yara Shahidi did a terrible acting job in this movie and I wish I never saw it to begin with! I am pretty sure and no reality does anyone ever fall in love with in a day and even if they did it would not be under those circumstances. No man is going to stalk a woman to a point where he is obsessed with giving her back a purse are any item of this sort if he is not already within a few steps away from her.

Mom and Dad

Crazy psychotic movie
I actually enjoy this movie a lot but not because I'm the story but rather the violence. It was hilarious to see parents wanting to kill their kids and giving us an understanding that sometimes kids really do ruin our lives. It was an interesting concept in my opinion. I just didn't like the ending.


Not that good
So to begin this review of this movie I would give it a 4 out of 10. Realistically, this movie needed help. Good acting cannot save a bad script. This movie with Chloe had a good premise but a terrible foundation. There were simple unjustified mistakes. For example, this stalker tells Chloe about a daughter in France who isn't alive and yet somehow Chloe not only had the daughter's number but it wasn't even the daughter that contacted her and the confusion comes in on how this random person knew the grandmother was stalking Chloe specifically. On top of that the private investigator that was hired knew who the stalker was right off the back and knew where she lived in two seconds. This was a rushed movie and it should have not been a SLOW movie, but at least detail oriented to keep viewers interested and not confused on the continuity errors of it.

High Flying Bird

This movie only got 4 stars from me because Bill Duke was in it besides that the dialogue was kind of crappy and the movie was too stuck on Christianity on black people. A god should never be this talked about THAT much. Good for all the characters they believe in god. We got it. Not once was there a basketball scene. There should be more basketball in a basketball


Knock Off Of Dexter
This show was very interesting I did like the show and it had a better ending than Dexter. I did not expect the ending that was coming! Just saw us a fantastic show with great actors and actresses. All these writers did was copy the script of Dexter and just kept going haha!

The Purge

Just lazzyy
So this show seems like the producers got too caught up on the fact of telling a story rather than the violence in the show. People did not watch The Purge movies because they enjoyed a story to it it was mainly because of the sheer violence in the movie. This show seems more concerned about a relationship with family Point Blank. And unfortunately, that was not what anyone expected nor could it have exceeded expectations. I was really hoping that the story was going to be something short and fast and fall straight into Carnage and murder and just violence all around in the show. I am sure I'm not the only one with those expectations for this show. However, the story is trash and the violence in this show is trash and there are too many super heroes in this show. Sorry but that was a no for me dawg. 1 out of 10.

The Meg

Just like every other shark movie
This movie was way too predictable and I feel anyone who has watched it should try to get their money back or just save their money. This movie was completely filled of stupid common cliché messages. Some how it turns out the shark if more intelligent than everybody for some reason. The main guy can fight the shark and kill it. The movie had me laughing at all the stupidity and common cliché parts. There were some parts that I did enjoy but the entire movie was trash.


Fantastic movie
This movie was excellent from start to finish. I didn't know if this movie would be so good, but I enjoyed the movie a lot of how it tackled black issues and it gave you a good 70s field to the movie. John David Washington and Adam Driver really knocked it out of the park with the fantastic acting and team work. This provided great history lessons on Jesse Washington and the pain he went through and showed how the work against the KKK had to get deleted by the chief of police for some reason, but they felt the black nationalist groups were more dangerous than the KKK which is a shame. However, I did love how Spike Lee ended this movie with showing how times is America hasn't really changed at all and how we still have a long way to go. But all in all I loved this movie!

Grand Theft Auto V

Excellent Game!
Wow just wow. This might be the absolute best Grand Theft Auto ever. This game had an excellent story of Franklin, Michael and Trevor and very interesting Easter eggs and call backs to both historical, fictional and unproven ideas. This is the game to play! I hope Grand Theft Auto 6 lets us play as Franklin again. He was my absolute favorite character

Get Smart

I guess its not bad
This movie had funny moments, great acting, but was a very corny story. It was interesting to see the Great Khali in this movie and the Rock. Stephen Carrell was hilarious in this movie with his silly self. There were a lot of missing elements to this movie. But if not anything else it was a good adaptation to a corny show in the first place.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

I think this is just a movie wait for the next trailer to the other movies
So this movie was enjoyable however, I didn't like the movie making Ant-Man Change his size so many times and this movie isn't at all relating to the comic. By this point I feel we only watch Ant-man to see the clip after the credits. The story of this movie was decent, however too many predictable kiss scenes and love scenes. I did however like seeing Lawrence Fishburn in this movie and for some reason was expecting a matrix line call back. Anyway I hope the next Ant-Man movie gets more improved.


Great Movie
This movie was wonderfully put together. As a common reviewer I do talk about how movies are rushed and its a decent movie. I do think that Dwayne Johnson really has improved as an actor in this movie. It was also, cool to see him do those ridiculous stunts! I thought the sights of how high the buildings were was pretty awesome. I also, thought that the giant skyscraper The Pearl was pretty cool and I wanted to go there and see the building haha. The movie was good even the children were great actors.

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