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Ray Donovan

Please renew for at least one more season...
Season 7 finale was not a proper series finale. Now that Ray finally found out what really happened to his sister, there has to be more reaction from the rest of the family. I've watched this show from day one and if the studio wants to cancel this show, then do it with a bang for the loyalty of your fans!!!


CBS poisoned us, and left us with no antidote!!!
Any true fan, no matter who you are can easily say that you've sat there after every episode and compared such feelings or situations to your personal life. No matter how high your IQ is, you've learned something or at least gave you something to Google up. Watching a team of geniuses in their own rights and weaknesses make the impossible happen, what more can I say, except for... PUT MY DAMN SHOW BACK ON BEFORE US FANS GOTTA GET IGNIT!!!

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