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Twin Peaks: Part 1
Episode 1, Season 1

Seems kind of far-fetched that there has been 110 ratings so far and 97 of them are 10/10. I mean...the show hasn't aired yet, strange. I am looking forward to watching the new episodes but i will also be honest with my rating, if it deserves a 7 i will rate it a 7. The fact that there is 110 ratings so far with no rating lower than an 8 is bizarre to me.

Family Guy: A Shot in the Dark
Episode 9, Season 14

It's very sad
Family Guy used to be centered around the characters. The first 8 seasons there were many, many episodes that just were hilarious throughout because the plot were simple and it felt like you were taken to another world, the Family Guy world where you couldn't wait for the next episode to see what would happen. Now it just seems so fake, they removed the humor from the characters and ultimately the show. When's the last time they based an entire episode on a normal day for the Griffins? (Like Stewie and Brian fixing up an old house? lol) The characters have been getting softer and softer and the episodes continue to deteriorate because they try and make them about current events or newsworthy stories. Half the episodes recently have some kind of controversy, whether it be race, politics, or social issues. The whole reason i loved Family Guy was because it was funny, the characters were so different than any other show and probably most of all, i was able to get away from the real world for 20 minutes. This episode was rock bottom. What the heck was this? Very disappointed i spent time watching it.


A poor finish negates what was a terrific Sandler movie
I really was surprised at the beginning of this film because it seemed so much different than the typical Sandler film. Sandler plays John, a Californian chef for a popular restaurant who is pretty much a normal chilled out guy married with 2 kids. Flor Moreno (Paz Vega), a poor single Mexican mother gets a housekeeping job at John's house. It was frustrating at times because Flor did not know any English so there were communication breakdowns. Flor's daughter, Cristina (Shelbie Bruce) lives at the house and acts as a translator for her mother. John's wife Deborah was tremendously acted in this film. She was crazy. It was a very annoying human but terrific acting by Tea Leoni. Deborah's alcoholic mother also lives at the estate but she doesn't really add much to the film. The movie was going along great and then it seemed to just derail with John and Deborah cheating on each other and Flor falling in love with John, John falling for Flor. Flor decides she doesn't want to get involved with John because it would ruin the marriage and so Flor and Cristina leave and go home. Cristina is forced to leave her private school that she had entered and she is crushed by it.

7.5/10 I enjoyed it overall but i was hoping it would go in a different direction. The acting was decent and the plot was entertaining until the final third of the movie. Not a typical Sandler film as he wasn't really funny nor did the beginning/ending evolve around his character.

Wet Hot American Summer

This movie is awesome!
I wasn't even alive in the 80's but i can totally relate to this movie because I've been to summer camp. I had never heard of this movie until recently when i saw it on Netflix. At first, i was hesitant to watch it because it had a mediocre rating and i just assumed if I hadn't heard of it, how good could it be? It was amazing! There are so many stars in this movie, i lost track. Every other scene i recognized one of the actors/actresses (Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Molly Shannon, Janeane Garofalo just to name a few). It is based at a summer camp in Maine. This movie just brought back memories for me of my summer camp days. Things such as swimming in the lake, rafting down the river, chasing after girls, playing capture the flag. The only downside to this movie is there are so many different characters that its hard to keep track of them at times.

8.5/10 The movie was great because it was funny, it was well-made, there were lots of great acting and stars, and it made me remember good childhood memories of camp days. I have yet to see the re-make/new version but i look forward to it!

One Hour Photo

Amazing. Robin Williams plays the perfect creep
I had always wanted to watch this movie because i had seen so many Robin Williams movies but not this one. This movie is sharp, creepy, weird, thrilling and really, really good. I am still thinking about it days after watching it. Some of the film is even left to interpretation by the viewer so there is even more to figure out. The movie is about Sy, a photo clerk at a super store. Sy(short for Seymour) played by Robin Williams is a typical man in his 40's/50's that is a nice, lovable, loser that lives alone. His loneliness turns him mad. He becomes obsessed with a family (Nina, Will, and Jake) that regularly gets their photos developed by him. He makes copies of their photos and puts them on the wall of his apartment. He is so lonely that he dreams of being a part of this family. He buys the same book that he sees sticking out of Nina's bag at the store. At first, he wanted to be like an uncle to the family but then later on he wants to marry Nina and get rid of her husband Will. One of the creepiest parts of the movie is when Sy watches the family's son Jake (Dylan Smith) play soccer from the sidelines and acts like an uncle.Sy eventually gets in trouble for using the extra film to make the copies of the family photos and gets fired for it by his boss (Gary Cole). Sy completely loses his mind at this point, and is determined to get rid of Will by filming his infidelity. Without giving it all away, the ending is wild. I would say the first half of the movie is better than the second but I'm nitpicking.

8.5/10 Very intense, very creepy. Williams at his best in my opinion. Not necessarily his best acting but his best character fit. Kudos to the director and supporting cast as well, it was very well done. Thrilling atmosphere and excellent music. This movie is gripping partly because its so cringe worthy at times how weird Williams' character is and how obsessed he is. Humans can be such odd creatures when they are alone for too long.

Grandma's Boy

Not amazing but simple, effective comedy
The movie is about a 35 year old stoner, Alex (Allen Covert) who works as a video game tester/designer. I'm not a huge fan of Covert as an actor but he plays a decent stoner. After getting kicked out of his apartment by his landlord he moves into his grandmother's house. His grandma lives with two friends of similar age. The older women he lives with are played by Doris Roberts, Shirley Jones, and Shirley Knight. What makes this movie effective in my opinion are the characters. JP, who is a co-worker of Alex, is a weirdo who wears a cape and talks like a robot at times. Jeff, played by Nick Swardson, is Alex's friend and co-worker. Swardson was funny in this film, he even hooks up with one of the older women. Dante, who is Alex's pot dealer was perfect for his role. Linda Cardellini, the girl from "Freaks and Geeks" plays the hot new production manager Samantha, sent by corporate. Alex and JP compete for her. Spoiler alert: Alex wins. JP, who is desperate, borrows Alex's only copy of his new video game that he designed and instead shows it to their boss saying that he created it himself. Alex's grandma, who enjoys playing the game, is able to prove that JP didn't actually make the game. Kevin Nealon and Jonah Hill also make appearances.

7.5/10 Very funny. It isn't quite at the level of Superbad or the Hangover but it's still a solid comedy that is always enjoyable to watch whenever i see it. All the characters are great and the writing is good.

The Babadook

Has it's moments but not a good movie
I will start out by saying that i am not a huge fan of horror. I like horror movies that are scary but also mysterious/thrilling. This movie just didn't entertain me. The positives were that the kid was a pretty good actor. I thought the camera work was very effective, the coloring in this movie was different and it worked. The one part i found to be actually pretty horrifying was the mirror scene. It was certainly a creepy film but it wasn't good creepy. The problem i have with these types of films is that they rely on startling the viewer too much with quick twitch flashes. The only scary parts are the ones in which things jump out unexpectedly. I am just not into that, what i like is a story that is scary yet sorta realistic. Some of my favorites are Sixth Sense, The Shining, Shutter Island, Saw, 28 Days Later, etc. The plot in this film i could never relate to. If your main objective in watching a scary movie is to be scared then this movie might work for you. I'm just tired of these types of movies, they are all the same in my opinion.

5.5/10 Not as good as i had hoped. It sorta starts slowly and then there are a few worthwhile scenes towards the end of the movie but ultimately not very scary or interesting.

The Devil's Advocate

Pretty Good...
This movie was certainly interesting. Can't say I've seen anything like it. It will make you think and it has a few moments that are a little frightening. I really didn't have any expectations for this film other than knowing that Pacino and Keanu Reeves were in it and It had an intriguing title. The plot is basically a lawyer, Kevin Lomax (Reeves) who moves to NYC and starts working cases for a new boss, John Milton (Pacino). You can tell early on that there is something different about his boss, he acts very corrupt. Later we find out that he is the devil. Reeves is working on a case where he has to defend a child molester and bad things start happening. His wife, Mary Ann who was played by Charlize Theron, starts to lose her grip on reality. She starts seeing things that aren't there. Towards the end of the movie, she kills herself in a mental institution. Theron was probably the best actor in this movie, i thought that Pacino and Reeves were just okay, I didn't come away thinking that they excelled in their roles. The movie has a few twists and turns that i didn't expect. Late in the film, we find out that most of the movie was a bad dream showing Reeves what would happen if he followed through in defending the molester. So, the ending is Reeves deciding to not defend his client and instead go with his conscious. The only issue is that the media is all over him for making such a decision. Pacino goes on to say that vanity is his favorite sin.

7.5/10 The score in this was fantastic, it gives off a very eerie vibe. The acting was just okay for the most part and the story was crazy. It all makes sense in the end but for a while it just seems to be chaos. Overall, it's a solid film that is complicated to understand the first viewing. I like the idea in this film, it could have been even better. Not really a classic in my opinion.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

This movie was simple but its simplicity made it great. Steve Carell, has been in too many roles where he is the butt of the joke but this time his character is the perfect fit. The film is very unrealistic and in no way actually represents an apocalyptic scenario, but i think its completely fine, the movie is more about the connection between the characters with the end of the world being a minor part of that. Carell plays Dodge, a soft spoken man with a boring job who does not react much differently upon learning that an asteroid will end the world. It was Carell's subtleness that really stood out, there was very little energy in his performance but instead of boring it was captivating. Keira Knightly was absolutely fantastic as Dodge's neighbor Penny. They initially got off on the wrong foot when Dodge found out that Penny had some of his mail in her apartment including a letter from the love of his life that got away. Dodge tried to kill himself with cough syrup but to no avail. Penny was played with wit, charm, humor, joy, and with such charisma that i couldn't help but fall in love with the character. Dodge and Penny have some interesting encounters when they take off on the road together including an odd restaurant scene. It was the final few scenes of the movie that really make it memorable and thought provoking. Penny and Dodge know that time is running out and they realize how much they have fallen in love in the short time they have known each other. I loved the ending as Dodge comforts Penny as they lay in bed listening to the chaos of the outside world.

8.5/10 I look forward to watching this movie again and again. The cast was terrific, the acting was very,very good. Although the ending is bittersweet its almost a microcosm of life itself.


Not worth watching
This movie is simply a train wreck. I don't understand why they still make movies like this where there is a dumb person with a video camera who self shoots their own death after a series of repeated mistakes. It's very unrealistic and predictable at this point. It is made in the same mold as Blair Witch, V/H/S, Devils Pass etc. except in this one, there is one guy with a camera recording everything at a psychopath's house. The psychopath, Mark Duplass, who i think is much better suited for comedy was exactly as the title says: He was very creepy. The film relies on shock horror, lots of scenes where things jump out at you. The opening scene, a college aged guy who drives a crap yellow car shows up at a cabin near a lake supposedly because he was informed of a film job there. The first 25 or so minutes of the movie we find out that Duplass' character, Josef has cancer and needs to make a video for his unborn son (wife is pregnant) before he dies of cancer. The bath scene was particularly disturbing. Aaron, the video taper, sees soon that this guy is not right mentally but he goes on ahead anyways (like they always do). There were several times where Josef purposely ran off and scared Aaron when he tried to find him. Soon we find out that the whole thing was a lie, he doesn't have a wife and doesn't have cancer. Aaron ends up escaping creepy Josef's cabin and makes it back to his house where conveniently he starts to get stalked by the creep. After finally calling the police to report Josef, Aaron realizes that he knows nothing about the stalker except for his first name(The cabin turned out to be just a rental). Josef breaks into Aaron's house and drops off a DVD near Aaron's bed (while Aaron is sleeping of course) that is a video of Josef trying to apologize for his behavior. In the video, Josef begs Aaron to come meet him so they can talk about their situation. So, in the most predictable ending ever, Aaron the idiot goes and sits on a bench where they were supposed to meet. Josef proceeds to sneak up behind him wearing a mask and chop him in the head with an axe, the same axe from the opening scene.

3.5/10 I feel the same way about this movie as i do about most of the "found footage" films. They just don't work. Yeah, it's creepy and a few jump out of seat heart pounding scares but that's only because the main character was so dumb in the first place, this would never happen in real life and for me i like horror movies to be realistic so i can actually feel scared and can relate to it. This movie will appeal to a niche audience but is really terrible.

3:10 to Yuma

Not really my style of movie but still enjoyable
When I go to watch a movie, i don't like to watch any previews or read reviews because i don't want to see any of the scenes beforehand and come to pre-conclusions. So, i didn't really know what to expect from this film. When i saw that Christian Bale and Russell Crowe were in it i had to see it. This isn't a bad movie by any stretch but it just wasn't my type of movie. The movie takes place in late 1800's in the western United States. I don't like western movies with horses and lots of shootouts so this isn't a movie that i am eager to watch again. Bale, in particular seemed out of place in this film. Russell Crowe played the lead antagonist well but I never felt like it was a classic performance such as Gladiator or Beautiful Mind. I had no idea that this was a re-make so I couldn't make any comparisons to the original.

7/10 Not bad. I was able to make it through the whole movie but westerns are not my favorite. There was some tense moments that i enjoyed and the movie has a great cinematic feel to it.

The Aviator

A lot to like about this film, Beautiful, well written, and great performances.
The Aviator is a majestic movie. The first part is filmed with a bluish green hue to reflect the times. The movie takes place in the 1920's when Howard Hughes, a business tycoon who throughout the movie is trying to make a film called Hell's Angels. Shortly after Hughes finished Hell's Angels he had a nervous breakdown. I didn't know who Howard Hughes was before i saw this movie, so i didn't really look for anything in particular in Leonardo DiCaprio, who played Hughes. I think Leo did a fine job. The scenes where his character loses his mind (he had mental disorders that he dealt with) were some of the finest acting in the film. The life of Howard Hughes depicted in this film shows that he was a very powerful man who demanded perfection from his associates. However, his mental issues got the better of him when he started to become paranoid about everyone and everything. When he dates Katherine Hepburn (played by Cate Blanchett) there is a bizarre connection between the characters that really stands out to me. The scenes in which Hughes crashes his airplane were pretty unrealistic in my opinion but didn't take much at all away from a really solid movie.

9/10 Though the movie is quite lengthy, the acting, script, and the camera work were all very well done. It glides along majestically showing this generation some of what is was like back then and a glimpse into people who deal with disorders. One scene in particular that will always stand out to me is one in which Hughes is in a bathroom and doesn't want to leave and just stands next to the door because if he were to open the door that means he would have to touch the doorknob and would thus get hands dirty (He was obsessed with being clean).

The Sixth Sense

A movie that still rates as one of the best "scary" films of the 90's
This movie is creepy, scary, brilliant, dark, funny, sad, twisted but awesome. There aren't too many jump out of your seat scary moments but the overall tone of this movie was dark and kinda creepy. Bruce Willis is a psychologist that works with children. The opening scene is intense when a former patient has broken into his house and i thought it was a great way to start. Haley Joel Osment is a big reason why this movie is so good. He plays a kid, Cole, who has issues (the main one being he can see dead people). His friends, or classmates rather, call him a freak. Cole has never told anyone he can see dead people. The first person he tells is his new psychologist who he believes can help him.

9/10 Even if you aren't a big Bruce Willis fan, this is a really interesting movie that never slows down. Although the twist ending was very well done by Shyamalan the tone, atmosphere, casting, and acting in this movie is what really makes this a classic.

The Invention of Lying

A movie that will make you think but won't make you laugh
This was a solid movie. Ricky Gervais, who i really like from The Office and Idiot Abroad is the lead character, a man who lives in a world where lying is impossible to do...until he starts doing it. A few lies later and he has lots of money and fame. However, much of the fame is due to him being able to talk to "the man in the clouds". Jennifer Garner who, normally i enjoy was a little off in this film, the fit just didn't seem right. There were plenty of guest stars in this film that were a pleasant surprise. This film made me think a lot about how we live our lives. In terms of the rules that are established and how we view the world. There were a few bits where i was amused but it's really not a laugh out loud movie.

7/10 I enjoyed the film overall but the main characters were all just okay, no one really stood out. Lots to ponder in this film and the plot gets a little silly at times.

Bad Grandpa

Had some great laughs but a very dumb movie
I never really got into Jackass films, so this was the first one that i truly watched. I have to say it was funny and worth watching but its so dumb at times that i couldn't help but hope some scenes would end faster ("Strip Club" and "Post Office"). The lead character grandpa -Johnny Knoxville- who i really liked in 'The Ringer' goes on a road trip to bring his grandson, Billy, to his dad, Chuck, who is a slow witted, poor, druggie that doesn't care about his son. The reason that he has to take care of the kid is because the mother got arrested for violating parole. The movie starts off with a bang when grandpa gets something stuck in the vending machine and begs onlookers to help. This movie was basically a series of pranks on unsuspecting people. Supposedly it was real and not fake but there were times when i felt the reactions of the people were not serious enough to be real. In between the pranks a story is woven between a grandfather and his grandson bonding. Of course, grandpa doesn't much care for the boy's company when he is going after women. Jackson Nicoll, who played Billy did a great job, he had great chemistry with Knoxville throughout the film.

7/10 I thought it was a little overrated because of how truly dumb it is but at it's core the 2 main characters are memorable and likable and there are some serious laughs in this movie.

Kroll Show

7/10 because 70% of the skits are worth watching
It's hard to give a good review for this show because you probably have to like Nick Kroll as an actor to enjoy this show. He does a ton of different characters on this show, some of the best ones are Liz from a PR Firm, Gil the prank show host, Jeff the creepy Ref, and Gigolo House. Some episodes of this show are better than others, i thought the first season was the best one and then good episodes were more rare in season 2 and 3. The guests on this show were a big reason this show was a success. I thought Jenny Slate was excellent as Liz, the other Liz in the PR Firm. Jason Mantzoukas is one of my favorite new actors, i think he is funny in every character he plays. Other notable guests were John Mulaney and Chelsea Peretti.

7/10 I think you just have to watch this to see if you would like it, it won't appeal to everyone. Decent show in my opinion.

Employee of the Month

Nothing to write home about
This isn't a great movie. It's actually a really lame premise that a box boy (or man in this case) in a super store who lives with his grandmother and doesn't own a car tries to woo the hot new cashier. However, for some reason i enjoyed it, at least most of it. I don't really even like Dane Cook but i thought he was pretty good in this movie. The issue is with Dax Sheppard, his character was super lame and weird. It's the type of movie that's totally predictable from the opening scenes - the main character loser will end up getting the new girl.

6.5/10 Overall, this movie will not blow you away. If you don't like Dane Cook, don't even bother watching this but i found it to be quite humorous/good at times, albeit boring and stupid at times too.


If you have an open mind, this is a brilliant piece of cinema
I can understand why some religious people will not like it because it is not based on the bible exactly. I've never read the bible, i just wanted to see it because I am a big Russell Crowe fan. It turned out to be a really good movie. Visually, it is very stunning and amazing. I would give it a 10 for picture quality. The giants were why I didn't give this movie a higher rating, they were not realistic enough for me, too far out there. The story itself was far greater than i expected it to be. This movie was very intense with many battle scenes. There was also a lot of heart wrenching scenes as Noah seems to have lost his mind but is merely trying to carry out the creators's plan to a T. Noah's job is to cleanse the world and he is to have only his family on the ark, he completely ignores emotion in his decisions. This cast was perfect for this film in my opinion, Russell Crowe has a certain way about him that makes him perfect to play Noah. Anthony Hopkins was brilliant as Methusela, Noah's grandfather and Emma Watson, who plays Noah's adopted daughter who has a baby aboard the ark. The first half of the movie is really, really interesting and then once they get on the boat with all the animals it calms down a bit before rising to a terrific climax where Noah understands that he must let his granddaughter live.

8.5/10 This is a wonderful movie if you just give in to the fact that it takes place in a world so far from reality, where there is crazy creatures and magic. If you go into this movie wanting to see a reenactment of the bible, you will likely hate this film. If you want to see a really beautiful film that features a story about the creators of the world in a good vs. evil battle which leads to Noah's ark and the cleansing of the world, I highly recommend giving it a try.

We're the Millers

This movie had some good laughs but fell short of its potential
We're the Millers starts out as a really refreshing comedy. It felt like this had the chance to be a great, great comedy like Hangover but then towards the second half of the movie i felt it was weak. The first half i thought was some of the best comedy of the year because of the awkwardness between Sudeikis and his "family". Sudeikis and Aniston worked well together but it did feel weird to see Aniston as a stripper. The scene with the Mexican police officer was odd yet extremely funny. I thought Ed Helm's character was not really a good fit in this movie. The reason that this isn't as good as Hall Pass in my opinion is because the story slows down so much in the middle and towards the end and then finally picks up the pace again.

7/10 Got off to a hilarious start but couldn't maintain it. 2nd half of film drags on and on with no real direction. Many will like the characters in this movie but i didn't really like this cast as a whole. Overall, it deserves to be at least a 7 because even though lots of jokes missed, there were lots that hit as well. Also, some very intense moments that i didn't expect out of this film.

Twelve Monkeys

Superb acting and an interesting storyline make this movie great!
The story starts out as a future world where a virus has wiped out much of the population. The main character played by Bruce Willis, who was asked to go back in time and stop the virus from spreading in the first place. Brad Pitt played the role of a crazy person in a mental institution. Pitt, especially, put on one of his finest performances on screen in my opinion as a very insane person who tries to help Willis escape the mental institution in the beginning. The only reason this movie was not perfect to me was the ending but overall it was very intense and exciting. I had to watch it twice to understand everything that happened, it's very thought provoking.

8.5/10 All actors/actresses did very well in this film, it deserves to be recognized as one of the top Sci-Fi films of the 90's. One of the strangest movies I've seen.

Inglourious Basterds

Almost perfection in film, bravo Quentin Tarantino!
This movie sets the tone from the very first scene. You already get hooked and know this movie will be epic. Christoph Waltz was truly magnificent as the main nemesis, the Nazi general in charge of finding and capturing Jews. He deserves a lot of credit as his character is haunting, yet very intelligently played. Brad Pitt put on a real solid performance as a Jew from the Southern U.S who has rounded up an apache army to go to Germany and kill Nazi's. The lead female character (Melanie Laurent) did a fantastic job in this film, you can really feel the fear of being caught and the courage to avenge her family's deaths the entire film. Tarantino, who i have long been a fan, did it again with Inglorious Basterds. This movie is tough to stop watching after it gets going, it pulls you in and doesn't let go until the end. To avoid any confusion, this isn't really a war movie, there are some grisly scenes of war and violence but for the most part it is not anything like a WW2 film. Trust me, if you don't like war movies or violent movies and you think this movie is not for you, give this movie a try, the real gem of this movie is the tension that consistently builds.

9/10 Similar to Pulp Fiction, this movie was tremendously made, well written and pure entertainment. From the actors, the directors, writers, they all did a fantastic job setting a tone in this movie that is rare in cinema these days.

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

OK it was bad but not a total waste
This movie is terrible in the sense that it sorta makes you cringe at times. I think it depends on your sense of humor. For me, I will never watch this movie again but i might put it on if there were nothing else on TV. The lead character's crush in the film is beautiful (Christina Ricci). I actually thought Swardson did OK in this movie for the role he was given but the premise of the movie was not well thought out, a dumb idiot in porn business and the idea that somehow him coming early before sex even starts would set some kind of trend in the industry and make him a star of porn. There were some very funny moments with Bucky's landlord (Kevin Nealon) and it was sort of romantic in the end how this idiot from Iowa hooks up with a babe waiter in Hollywood but the ultimate result for this movie is a failure because its just time consuming blather if you don't find Swardson's thick midwest accent amusing. Personally, this movie reminds me of Dumb and Dumberer, the wretched prequel to Dumb and Dumber, in that there were some rather funny scenes and i was able to watch the entire film but my intelligence took a hit and it was really, really dumb. 5/10 There are some occasional laughs throughout, if you make it to the end.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

An unfortunate script leads to a poor movie
I'll start out by saying that this movie is not really worth watching. It's too bad because of all the great actors and actresses in it but it's just boring and doesn't provide any sort of joy. I'm not sure who wrote the movie but it appeared as though there was very little effort put into it. My kids didn't like it as well so I'm not really sure who the target audience is. Steve Carrell and Steve Buscemi are great actors but this just wasn't meant to be, they look out of place and are not very convincing that they are magicians. The only reason this movie was not an utter failure was because of Jim Carrey. Now this wasn't a Jim Carrey classic performance but it at least injected some comedy into a rather unfunny movie otherwise. I had high hopes seeing all the great actors in this movie but it was truly a dud, one that i will likely never watch again. 5/10.

The Big Lebowski

Never knew how good this movie was until i watched it
I had heard about this movie all the time from friends saying it was good but i never actually saw the movie until recently. Its a fantastic ride along with an unemployed but peaceful dude who suddenly gets mixed up in something he cannot always comprehend but just goes along with it anyways. I really liked John Goodman in this movie, a lot of his scenes were hilarious because he gets so angry. I will say if you don't like cursing in movies then this movie might not be for you. I think one of the reasons this is such a classic movie is because all the characters are very relatable and very funny. 9/10 One of the few comedy movies that can be watched over and over.

The Cobbler

Not Adam Sandler's best but sneaky good
I saw the ratings for this movie before i watched it and thought this would be a bad movie (like Jack and Jill bad). But i was pleasantly surprised because this movie had a similar vibe to Click and Funny People. It shows a real message to the audience that i think a lot of people can connect with as opposed to just a dumb comedy. At the end of the movie there was an odd twist that i really didn't see coming and that's why I only gave it a 7. Some of the reasons why this won't remembered as a classic is because there are just too many scenes where i thought it was a little over-acted or poorly scripted. Overall, what starts out as a sad movie in the beginning turns into quite a funny and wild movie that isn't great but worth seeing just for the oddness of the idea in reality, being in someone else's shoes.

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