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Twin Peaks: Part 8
Episode 8, Season 1

Maybe the greatest thing ever aired on television, a mystifying, terrifying, haunting, beautiful, mindbending trip into the origins of this world. Tying the birth of a new, unbalanced evil to the first nuclear activity is brilliant, not exactly new in the realm of literature, but the way Lynch takes us to that place is one unlike anything I have ever seen. I'm fairly familiar with surrealist filmmaking, I adore Deren, Brakhage, Bunuel and many more, but this was easily some of the best and most creative I have ever seen. Lynch uses the knowledge the viewer has about this world until now and chooses deliberately not to destroy the mystery, but instead gives us a ride to a place of feelings, of things that are frankly indescribable, yet still deliver context in the logic of his world. I will watch this many, many more times in the days and weeks to come, but until now I just want to congratulate Lynch and Showtime for managing to create something like this.

Toni Erdmann

False teeth and the thing about happiness
Toni Erdmann starts slow and is in general a movie that takes its time. 162 minutes might suggest an overlong or very slow paced film, but in this 162 minutes we get a firework-like examination of a relationship between a father and a daughter. And yes, Toni Erdmann is a comedy. There are some moments that are so hilarious, that they gained applause mid film from the audience at my screening. But it is also a tragedy. A really complex one actually. There is so much loneliness in those characters, so much longing. Toni Erdmann is constantly entertaining, extremely well acted and emotionally compelling. A masterpiece of German cinema.


Pure cinematic excellence
When I saw the trailer of Victoria I was really interested in the movie, because I am a fan of Sebastian Schipper, who directed also "Absolute Giganten", one of the best German movies in recent years. German cinema had to struggle in the last years, too many movies about the German past or really bad and soulless comedies flooded the market. Only really few risks were taken and some of them were pretty good E.g. "Zeit der Kannibalen", but for the most part they sucked.

So...there comes Victoria, a movie by a experienced director, with (for the most part) unknown faces in the cast, a really small crew and shot in a single take in a night in Berlin. Latter is something truly unconventional for a German film, so I went into the theater expecting a good unconventional German movie.

What I got was a masterpiece. Victoria is not only the best German movie in years, but (IMHO) the best movie of the year yet. The tracking shot in the movie isn't only there for effect and a showcase of the cinematographers talent, but a essential part of the films main story, that unfolds around a Spanish girl named Victoria, that meets a bunch of "real Berlin guys", so they call themselves, in the middle of the night. You experience the story of Victoria in real time, you see live character development for instance.

That, the down to earth acting and plot make the movie so incredibly immersive that it becomes something completely new and fresh, which is incredibly rare in recent years. I don't want to give away more about the plot, so I'll talk about the acting. The acting in this movie is fantastic, the dialogue is actually completely improvised, so that the actors, especially the fantastic Laia Costa and Frederick Lau, become these characters in those 140 minutes and it feels real. It feels like they are actual existing persons.

The cinematography is brilliant, Sturla Brandth Grøvlen does a fantastic job in accompanying the main characters and even if there are some shaky parts, which was expected, its never annoying and the viewer becomes the camera. Another aspect of this movie that I adored was the soundtrack. It was perfectly suited in supporting the atmosphere and hypnotic.

I left the theater speechless, what happens in the final act will either throw you off, or you will be completely exhilarated. Either way: Watch this movie and support movies with original concepts, only like this we will continue to get better movies than the usual dog**** from Hollywood and co.

Victoria is a truly exhilarating masterpiece and the first time I felt like watching a new kind of cinema in a long time. Go and watch it. Its worth it.

Twin Peaks

TV at the Peak (got it) of its glory
The Story is following: The FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper has been sent to the small town of Twin Peaks, where a girl named Laura Palmer has been murdered. In cooperation with the local police Cooper tries to find out, who the murderer is, but then some unusual events occur...

Twin Peaks is absolutely fantastic in every sense of the word. If you are a fan of Lynchs other movies, you will love it,because everything that makes him a great director comes together here. Even if you don't like Lynchs previous movies, watch at least the Pilot, if you are appealed to what you see there, keep watching, because it only gets better.

The cast of the Series was mainly unknown to me, with the exception of Kyle McLachlan, but the acting is on point all the time, and I couldn't think of anyone else playing any character. The characters themselves were brilliant. Even if there are some very few stereotypes, everyone else is just unique and interesting, and have always some kind of backstory. There is only one log lady and one cheesepie and coffee loving FBI Agent, who has weird dreams. The dialogue is probably the most entertaining, that I have heard in a long time, sometimes thrilling, sometimes extremely funny or weird, but never boring. The production value is really good for a TV Series from 1990, even if there are some really few shots that are used repeatedly, I never really was dragged out of the experience. The Story is really exciting and has some nice twists and turns, there are some a bit disappointing episodes storywise, but I can overlook that.

All in all, this is a masterpiece, and in my opinion some of the best of David Lynch. If you like weird stuff, watch it. If you like cheesepie and black coffee, watch it. If you like murder mysteries, WATCH IT!


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