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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

The only word which can sum up The Last Jedi is abysmal. There's nothing I can say which hasn't already been said but it really was the lowest point for Star Wars. Shame all the hard work put in by actors, effects team, designers etc was sunk by the most inept and selfish director, project lead and producers. Truely the last straw, Disney.

Black Sails: XIII.
Episode 5, Season 2

Please ignore the trolls and watch the comments for spoilers.
This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite television episodes I've ever seen. Everything we thought we knew about the main character, Captain Flint, is turned upside down in a poetic master- class of how drama should be.

The whole season had been building up the protagonist's backstory, giving us an idea of why he was in this situation and why he so desperately want to achieve his goal, which had led us to believe that we knew exactly what was coming and why.

But we were so wrong. The episode continues to give us flashbacks, coming to the climax of the sub-narrative about the past and leading to what would seem a certain conclusion. Until the last ten minutes when we're treated to a great plot twist that changes everything and a sequence that left me speechless and absolutely heartbroken (and I usually never get engrossed in the story enough for real emotion to be evoked).

The acting is incredible, the writing is phenomenal and the pacing is spot on. All of which contributes to one of my absolute favourite television episodes and a quality upgrade that finally led me to recommend black sails to everyone.

And please ignore the trolls, but their very presence should be taken as an indicator for how good the episode really was.

Elder Scrolls Online

It's a shame that ESO's poor launch has left such an unalterably poor impression on people.
There's no denying that ESO's launch was rocky at best, but the game developers put a lot of effort into listening to what the players wanted and making the changes and improvements that were necessary, resulting in a great MMO that is sadly shunned by many who can't get over their initial at-launch disappointment.

Make no mistake, this isn't skyrim/ oblivion/morrowind multiplayer as many hoped for, but a fresh feeling game that incorporated the rich and beautiful lore and setting of the elder scrolls series into a highly enjoyable mmo experience.

The real beauty of ESO is its simplicity. From the combat system to the crafting system, the game is easy to pick up, but still manages to remain challenging and properly reward veteran players who have put many hours into perfecting their characters. Unlike many mmos, there is next to no learning curve, the gameplay feels exceptionally fluid and intuitive, allowing you to jump right into the adventure.

Another great feature, that we've come to expect in elder scrolls games, is the immersion. Every line of quest and radiant dialogue is fully voice acted. There are thousands of random books, scrolls and notes to be read; hundreds of fully-voiced, random npcs to talk to; hundreds of easter eggs referencing our previous es experience and much more. You can get lost in it for hundreds of hours and only scratch the surface.

Another feature that must be mentioned is the pvp. It's huge! Hundreds of players in one instance, all fighting to control the most keeps, towns and other resources as possible; all the while watching their backs for any counter-attacks or surprise sieges. It's manic, exhilarating and truly captures the all-out-war feel perfectly.

Of course eso is not perfect, there are still some features that could be addressed or expectations that simply can't be met.

One of the big problems elder scrolls players have with eso is the linear adventure style. Each area has a certain level that you need to be at before you can survive exploring it- it's not a sandbox as many hoped. This counters the "go in any direction and just explore" feel that many wanted, but keep one thing in mind: the areas are huge in and of themselves. The main alliance story follows a path through these areas, but there are many, many more quests to be found off the beaten track, and dungeons to happen across while adventuring.

Another big complaint is the initial cost. It's buy to play, so when you buy it, you can play all non-DLC content as much as you want and for as long as you want. For ~ £50 / $80 you can have endless hours of entertainment (for the price of about 15 hours' worth of films at the cinema, or 6 months' subscription for another mmo).

If you are a fan of the es series and want to continue exploring and enjoying Tamriel; or you're an mmo fan that wants something new and massively fun, the eso is well worth your time. And ignore those who played the beta and a week's worth at launch and now tell people how awful it still is, it's improved dramatically since then.

The Big Bang Theory

Seasons 1-4= 9 stars, seasons 5-... =1 star. 5 stars from me.
"The Big Bang Theory" started off as a fresh, intelligent and genuinely funny t.v. series that hit its peak during season 3. Every episode had a clear plot that involved one or more of the five central characters that had relevant jokes throughout; as well as many irrelevant to the plot but relevant to the overall theme.

During season five, however, the show started to change as it gained popularity. Instead of a fresh, intelligent show; it became the same "relationship therapy" show that has been regurgitated on E4 for years. Now, a once funny and insightful comedy that gave nerds the spotlight is a dull, familiar and used programme that recycles the same jokes and situations every few episodes.

For those of you who believe that TBBT is as good as it ever was, I ask you to watch an episode from seasons 1-4 such as:"The Pancake Batter Anomaly" or "The Tangerine Factor" from season 1; "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" from season 2 or any episode from seasons 3 and 4 then compare it to an episode from the other seasons. You will find a tremendous difference in plot and character quality.

I am deeply saddened that the once brilliant t.v. programme "The Big Bang Theory" has been sold out. My advice to anyone who has not yet watched it is to stop after season 4 as the later seasons will only sour your taste after an incredible time of watching the first four.

Grand Theft Auto V

Excellent game but loses appeal quickly.
GTA V is an incredible game with many missions and activities to keep you busy and a rich, detailed world to explore. It is also technically cutting-edge. The main story is well-written and a very fun experience with characters that you instantly love. The online mode is just as fun, especially if you play with a group of friends or your in-game "crew". However, it quickly becomes boring. While running through the main story and for the first 15 levels of the online mode you will have tremendous fun and it will be almost addicted to the game but you will soon find yourself driving around aimlessly or going around killing random people. While the buzz lasts, GTA V is one of the most fun and immersive games you will ever play , but it will soon become very bland and you will switch to another game within a month of playing. When you first play, try not to rush everything at once and it may be more enjoyable. Complaining aside, it is an excellent game that I would definitely recommend.

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