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Eccentric! Chef Moon

The title is confusing
The title meant two separate entities. Yoo byeol na means eccentric which is the female lead and then chef moon. I thought this will showcase more about food but turned out it has more conflicts so it is not a foodie kdrama. I don't loke too kuch extra characters of the neighborhood and other details became frustrating.


Horrid and despicable scenes
I can't stand most of the scenes because it was so horrible, the acts not the acting. Every scene makes my heart ache and scared to my wits. I couldn't go through the entire drama, I was wondering whether this was shown on local tvs. It needs a lot of patental guidance. The acting were so convincing but I was disappointed that they did not pursue a love line and that sometimes the case was so obvious but they prolong the scenarios.

Find Me in Your Memory

Sometimes i hate the characters being so polite with each other even though they are already dating or married. It just ruins the chemistry or the romance between the leads. Also, although the kissing scene here was kinda romantic, overall, they did not look compatible in my opinion. The second leads were much more interesting.

Dong-ne-byeon-ho-sa Jo Deul-ho

The male lead is an important factor
I have seen the male from the lovers in paris kdrama long time ago and I remember that he stole the hearts of many aS a dashing debonair. In this drama, he have this just got awake Look and looks agitated always maybe because of his character. But the plot itself is boring and there was nothing new presented in the story.

Nalssiga joeumyeon chajagagesseoyo

Love the post scripts
I really hate the beginning 7 episodes because it was so slow with a lot of slow mo scenes and dialogues. But after that, the love theme plot thickens and the chemistry of the two was great even if Seo Kang joon barely acts, he is a naturally romantic guy. I also love the post script that when I'm reading it, it feels like I can hear him say it.

Half of a half

He keeps getting a bad kdrama
My rating is for Jung hae In. He is a very good actor so I hope he will get a more challenging acting projects next time. These last two kdrama does not show much of his acting skills. The story was very slow paced and boring. The plot of the AI was confusing without a background info and the characters seemed were all pathetic for clinging onto their past in a very weird way. Even the romantic line was not fully emphasized when Hae In is a very romantic actor.

Take Care of Us, Captain

Not so romantic female lead
Jin Hee is a romantic actor, I liked him a lot. The actress on the other hand seems weird and awkward. The other women are both annoying in their own ways. Overall, it is tolerable kdrama. The plot is not as smooth as it should be.

Big Issue

Paparazzo at its finest
I like how they potray his excellent life risking skills as a paparazzi. The stories are somehow relevant and current so it was easy to follow. However, I got really bored with the acting of the female lead. It would have been better with more dynamic acting.

Daejanggeumi Bogo Itda

The rating is for the food
The selection of the food in this drama is truly appetizing and looked scrumptious. From the home cooked meals to the restaurant choices are good, even the convenience store food ate all great 👍. The story and the characters could have been better and the singing makes it all corny and annoying but the food is still the quality in dae Jang-geum.

Seutaui Yeonin

Korean Notting Hill
It is a somehow sweet story but the female lead always call kim chul su became annoying in some way. But I like the story and how they have chemistry with one another. The supporting characters are not that much interesting but it was able to contribute to overall happy ending.

Tree with Deep Roots

Learning while watching
Although it was fictional , it has somehow the history of how hangul was formed by King Sejong. It was interesting at first but I got bored eventually plus jang hyuk acting sometimes is overacting and sometimes it was good. It is still good except maybe the ending was still really sad.

Cheongookeui gyedan

The guy is rough
The male lead always "rough housed" the girl. I feel hurt physically just by looking at it. They have a strong chemistry but the I think that in the end her destiny was the second guy. It could have stopped at a happy ending but they really have that kind of ending I guessed to fit the title. I also watched the other kdrama of the female lead and I noticed that she act the same way even she had different roles. She cries well though. The story is also absurd at times but maybe it is more of Korean culture.

Dal-kom-han Na-eui Do-si

So predictable and awkward
The beginning of the story was a little bit romantic. However as the plot progressed, the love line becomes cheesy and the guy looked mismatched for the girl. Then the male lead does not have a chemistry with the female lead so the next story went down hill from there.


Bad guy image of Park Tae Jin
I still had this image of Park Tae jin from bad guys of being a psycho so it was hard for me to look at his charisma in romantic settings. I also felt that there's so many talks in between romantic scenes that it becomes boring. Also, the conflict was overly emphasized in a way that it becomes annoying as you watch it till the end.

Tell Me What You Saw

Absurd hanging
At the end, the guy was hanging for a very long time but has no marks of it when released. Also, the dialogues took so long while the villain was hanging that it appeared to be comedic than thrilling. They also kept on catching him but always escaped in the moat absurd way. I think the woman cop was beaten so many times I couldn't count any more. I watched until episode 8 and then skipped to the final. Jang Hyuk voice makes me sleepy and at the same time it is also creepy.


Not so interesting plot
I usually liked historical because of treason and conspiracy plot but this kdrama did not offer that much. I tried to watch at least the first three episodes and then watch the last one. I think it is important to keep viewers interested in every episode and this kdrama did not deliver much.

Deo Geim: 0shireul Hyanghayeo

It hooked me with 2 episodes
I thought it was really b plot and story by the first 6 episodes. But it became dragging when they already know who is the killer but always get away for some dumb reasons. Also, the girl was hospitalized for four years but her hair did not even grow longer. I liked how Taecyon did not change his looks even after serving in the military. It would have have been great if he performs more action scenes.

Sikeurit Gadeun

Son Ye Jin Cameo
I rewatched it again today after the buzz about CLOY. Hyun Bin is very charismatic and he has chemistry with all his leading lady except maybe park shin hye in Memories of Alhambra. I like his romantic acting and action as well. I skipped a lot of parts before because I don't like the body switching plot in a drama but I find it ok after I watching it. I just didn't like the appearance of lee jong suk coz he looked like a white ghost and Oska's acting is always overacting but there are times that it is still funny.


Weird and crazy
Maybe I just don't like these kinds of dramas. It felt weird and crazy and appears to be a black satire. I also feel that the acting of IU are all the same for the four dramas. It has four different stories but it has the same delivery of strong but soft spoken-stoic face acting.

Chanranhan yusan

Bad Seungi
When Seungi acts arrogantly, I really hate the character. But he is really good in romantic scenes too coz he acts naturally. I rewatched this again after 4 years since I forgot the details. I raised my rating to 8 coz I don't know him yet when I first watched this kdrama. But now after vagabond, hwayugi and others I liked him better than watching this drama before.

Ggeuteobsneun Sarang

A villain's love story
It felt that the title told the story of the villains more than the leads. Still, it was a bit interesting since the plot was during the late 80's and covered the political aspirations at that time. It was one of the classic kdramas that you can watch if you want heavy dramas.

Keopi peurinseu 1-hojeom

Girl pretending to be a boy
It is a cute story. Full of charisma and chemistry for both leads. Supporting actors are not that great but they all have interesting characters that are enjoyable. After 12 episodes, there's not much coflicts in the plot to follow, but is otherwise still good romantic comedy after all. I watched it first 4 years ago and watched it again today 2020.


Waiting for Season 3
I lower my rating to 8 since I did not like the season 2 that much. I will wait for season 3 to finalize the review.

Love Again

I am scared of reunions
Lost love. Comparing lives. Looking back. Some things that you will encounter during a class reunion. Worst of it all is when your partner found a new love after it. I know many true to life cases. I cannot feel sympathy for the leads since I feel bas for the broken families. The acting is mediocre and the plot is slow paced. The settings are nothing special either. It's enough for a 3 or 4 coz it is not that bad as well.

Jang Bo Ri Is Here

Satisfying ending
There are no deaths and drastic violence but the ending was satisfying enough. While watching this show I got mad and really hating the plot and long story but I liked the ending so it was worth it. The villains got the punishments they served while getting a second chance and eventually forgiveness from others.

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