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I would like to blame the acting on the actor, but it just may be the director, or the writer. No, it's the actor. In any case the raw emotion from the lead male is usually nonsensical. He raves at his boss like a spoiled child, and acts bipolar most of the time. In real life that kind of behavior gets you fired, reassigned, or committed. I kind of feel sorry for Ms Alexander as she has been tasked to play a person who is highly functional, but has zero idea on who, what, when, why, how etc. Just how did they pitch this story and character to her to get her to sign off on this? The premise is interesting and unique, but the two main actors are a bit stiff.

The Night Manager

Outstanding mini-series
This miniseries has everything. Beautiful locations, and amazing acting. Hugh Laurie is really convincing as Roper. And I had not really taken Tom Hiddleston in until this series. But he is great. It is frustrating that it is talking as long as is for the series to play out. I have been spoiled by binge watching! I know what is coming of course as I read the book long ago. Le Carre's signature theme of betrayal runs through the whole story of course. So...excellent cinematography and acting, beautiful scenery, good plot: if you like spy/action then you will LOVE this film - as long as you understand it is an English film, which means the drama builds a little more slowly than typical American films and relies more on plot and characters than it does on explosions.


When the previews first aired for Grimm on NBC, I thought this would be my kind of show - Dark, Supernatural, Fairy Tales. Sounded good. However, during the first episode spending a lot of time yawning. I was bored. The idea is great - Nick discovers that he comes from a long line of "grimms" that police the supernatural creatures of the world. And the show imploys that the Brothers Grimm where such hunters, and that is how they gained material for their much-loved fairy tales. So, yeah, cool idea. The problem is the execution. The acting is wooden - especially from David Giuntoli, the actor who plays "Nick." Giuntoli is one of the most boring leading men - I have no idea why anyone would cast someone with so little charisma. The production value is low, as most of the monsters look ridiculously fake, but worst of all the show lacks any real wit or charm. For "hunters"-of-evil type shows, stick with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural and The X-Files. Grimm offers nothing new or fresh. Truly disappointing.


Where do I begin... This show is so outlandish and unbelievable! It should be labeled as pure fantasy. The first episode is mediocre and just nose dives from there. the plot is ridiculous. I cannot suspend enough disbelief to think even for a second that these idiots fresh out of Quantico are the best agents the FBI can throw at a major terrorism investigation! And i know Priyanka is getting high praise for her acting, but i find her to be over the top. I'm not sure how much of that is her fault or the result of having to work with a terrible script. This show insults your intelligence at least once during each segment. Lots of pretty people acting badly in not-so-believable scenarios.

(2014) ashamed!
Where to start....This movie is so over the top weird that it ends up making so sense. It's so all over the place, so over acted, so dumb, so poorly acted and so boring that it's just a pure all around bad movie. Matthew McConaughey poorly acts the same boring, hick character he plays in every movie he was ever in (similar to nick cage). The plot is just lame and way to retarded to follow or even attempt to make realistic or interesting. Apparently getting sucked into a black hole sends you to some library of time... I wont say anymore than that because it gets even stupider. Just a bad bad bad movie. There will be only one Kubrick...and its not you mr.Nolan!

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

worst movie ever.......
i've never left a movie while it was playing in theaters before or asked for a refund before, but I guess there is a first for everything. We sat through maybe 45 minutes of this trash, hoping that it would get better. It never did. It got worse and worse and worse.I literally walked out of the theater in disbelief of such a horrible waste of time. I am amazed that anyone with a sense of reality would find such a horrible movie even remotely amusing. I guess if I was 12 years old and curious about adult sexual extreme nonsense,this would have been an ideal one for me. But since,I never have been curious to find out just how ridiculous a group of college students can become morons,I stay away from brainless and pointless shenanigans.

American Hustle

Shockingly, this film was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar......
.....I could not believe how many Academy Award nominations it received. But the Academy has been sinking for a long time along with most of Hollywood elite. Little is left of the glory days when good films were built on solid stories, good acting and superb directing. American Hustle had not of that. What it did have in almost every scene was nearly exposed breasts.Any movie that has a character in dresses and blouses that plunge as far as her navel and more in her every scene is a movie that is begging for eyeballs because there is no other reason to watch the movie. Amy Adams is pretty enough but she was as lame in this as in Leap Year. Christian Bale who has been top notch in most of his roles was stuck with paying a pathetic character in need of a bottle of booze and an retirement in a 1972 mobile home park. Bradley Cooper over played almost every scene...only in one did he really shine when it all crashed down around him. Jennifer Lawrence was wasted in this bore of a movie.

The Revenant

Tom Hardy should have got best actor not Leo
Revenant is way overrated!!! This movie is unrelentingly grim and lacking any point. Leo di Caprio didn't do much that could be called 'acting'. Grimacing, moaning, yowling, grunting...maybe 10 lines of dialogue, most if it in Pawnee (supposedly) Jim Hardy really deserved an award...something better than an Oscar, for his incredible characterization of Fitzgerald, the evil antagonist...he stole the show for me. If I ever watch it again, it will be for the incredible beauty of the cinematography, and Jim Hardy's performance. I still love Inarritu's work, but his 'mystical' touches didn't work in this film, so this was not his best.


...bad everything!
The movie was boring, disjointed, and depressing--a real disappointment. I'm guessing it was an embarrassment to the actors. What was supposed to be funny wasn't. I don't think Joy smiled once throughout the entire movie--I've seen more passion on Shark Tank. In fact, I never saw Joy exhibit any real excitement about her product. I love Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro, but a movie with well-known actors and cute songs does not necessarily make a good movie. This is just another stupid movie for Hollywood to make money off the limited talent of Jennifer Lawrence. I am tired of movies about dysfunctional families: simply a poorly written, directed and edited movie.


I am surprised by the acclaim for this movie.......
I get why movies like this get nominated for Best Picture and why topical pictures get so much attention and star-studded casts. It's an If this worth an it won best picture is beyond me!!!! Seriously though, it's just dull. There is nothing in this movie that is cinematically interesting. Just scene after scene of people in varying states of agitation either reading or speaking. Compare this to a movie like Steve Jobs (2015) which is also very dialogue heavy and note all the various ways in which Boyle and crew aid their dialogue through camera movement, interesting angles and shadowing, etc. It makes you realize how thoroughly uninteresting Spotlight is in that particular way. Spotlight could have been done as a picture book with a few sentences of dialogue per page and Mark Ruffalo's happy face or sad face plastered on top.

3 stars though just because a very interesting subject.


When smash came on it was to be a show (musical)good voices new songs young wanna bee looking for success. But we got an old worn out woman and her ex bickering,gay lovers,a wife who strayed and a director who tried to bed all the girls and you showed it their wrong time slot now to muddy up the situation a salt and pepper love affair send all that junk packing go back to the music if i had wanted a story with that all the crap you projected i would watch young and restless they have 40years of it. The dialogue is ridiculous in its bitchiness, the characters obnoxious, the plotting absurd. I suspect all the favorable notes on the web are the product of "guerilla marketing" by the backers of the show. No one who really enjoys Broadway can find this fiasco appealing in any way.


Vicious is hilarious! Not in its pantomime/farcical plots and set-ups you can see coming for a mile, but in the throwaway lines ("don't touch the cheese, it's only for show") and the interactions between the characters. It's my guilty pleasure. I laughed and laughed at this episode. The actors are really into their stride now. They're obviously enjoying their craft and having a whale of a time.

It's the reverse of Grace and Frankie where an astounding cast participate in a good-looking but empty-of-heart show. Vicious looks tacky but under the catty veneer there is a real affection for the tragedy of the human condition. And, of course, theatrical tradition.


BBC does it again.
Terrific. BBC does it again. LOVE the cast.. great ensemble. Mysteries excellent. Beautiful country. England after WW ll done well. James Norton a big beautiful hunk as the minister rides a bicycle, and the country side he rides thru has me planning to visit Grantchester .... Robson Green the local Irish police inspector is as always terrific to watch. Can't say enough good things about Grantchester. It's got it all. Dashing and sensitive leading man ( and a vicar to boot!) gruff policeman with a heart of gold and a gay curate. There are even a few clever and amusing women thrown in ( What the Dickens!) However, this is not just about solving murders in a small village in England; it explores the effects of the second world war on many people, plus the "class thing" in England and let's not forget love, mostly unrequited! Throughly enjoyable and I can't wait for season 2.


Stellar TV
High quality television, with its strength being the re-creation of the 1960s, but with 2010s cinematic advances. The main characters are interesting and well-acted, although if you are a steady mystery viewer, you will figure out the ending very soon, which does take away from the suspense.

Sean Evans presents the shy, taciturn Morse in his younger days as a detective. He is fetching and keeps his own counsel as to personal matters, and we can see him developing into the ascerbic, driven chief detective we've come to love and respect. Colin Dexter's brill writing launches us here in ENDEAVOR into a seamless transformation into the mature Morse with promise of excellent episodes to come. I'd like to see more of the young Morse and hope this is only one segment of what will surely be a superior backstory for the series. Beautifully written and paced, ENDEAVOR presents a cast of appealing faces and splendidly low key criminal pursuits. Highly recommended. I loved it, am clamoring for more.


What a wonderful series.....
There isn't enough good things you can say about this series. The casting is perfect, better than any series that I have ever seen on Netflix, the chemistry and interaction between the characters is meaningful, aids the story-line and always likable. Every episode brings everyone together and you end up pulling for the team every time! This is who-dunit at its very best and sets a high plumb line to this genre. There is no personal drama, personal fluff that typically characterizes a series. Each episode begins with a end in mind, and what an end every episode is! What a shame it came to an end. I shudder to watch the series again, and hopefully it won't shatter the magic of visiting it the first time. This truly does justice to Swedish actors, and the scenery is attractive and amazing. This is a must watch for fans of detective series genre. While Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes will always take the cake, Krister Henriksson's Wallander leaves nothing behind!! 10 OUT 10!

Robin Hood

A tremendous action adventure show with all the trimmings of a classic!
I am emotionally crippled by the Series 3 finale! I haven't cried as much at a T.V programme in a long time! The emotion came from knowing the characters from day 1, (being the avid watcher I am!) I have watched these characters develop (especially Much) and you feel you're going through everything with them. The story lines for Series 3 have been absolutely phenomenal compared to the last series! As much as it kills me to say it, Series 2 was not as great as it could have been, but series 3 has raised the bar! An utter triumph! I wasn't too keen on the Irish storyline from episode two it did not really develop or go anywhere or the silly love story with Kate and all the boys in the gang in episode 9 - (a bit silly) but the last 4 episodes were breathtaking.The introduction of Archer was the best thing about this series.That gorgeous hunk is precisely what RH was missing (a bit of Errol Flinn) The actor who plays Archer is electric and I'm sure is going to be a huge he the real deal and a fab actor and a great addition to the gang..If not there new leader!!!!!! both my daughters and i think he is very hunky and my son thinks he is "so much cooler than robin"


more, please.......
If you love Quirky, British, Family Dramadey..... You will LOVE this UK show SPY. Get through the Pilot and you will be wanting more. Just like typical British flare at first glance it comes off as pompous and insincere, stick with it and by Episode 2 you care about about the family and it's wacky friends. Also they play off a lot of American current events and sayings so the writers "cross the pond" so to speak. I was sad when I ran through all of the episode, it defiantly left me wanting more. The only child Marcus Elliot played by Jude Wright is for lack of a better word BRILLIANT. The funniest show I have seen so far.....

Death in Paradise

just brilliant!
Death in Paradise is different from other British detective shows as it is set in the Caribbean and it focuses on the humour of a 'fish out of water' scenario, rather than the serious investigations like Midsomer Murders or A Touch of Frost. Ben Miller is very funny as the big time London cop who is sent, much to his dismay, to this Caribbean Island of Saint Marie, where the means are minimal at best and where it is always warm (and not cold and rainy, like London). That doesn't keep him from wearing his suit, though. He earns the respect of his officers by solving the crimes with limited means. They do think he's a little weird because he's set in his English ways. All in all, I recommend it if you can keep an open mind and do not expect a 'standard' British detective show.

Inspector Morse

British TV at its best.
Back in the year of 1987 Oxford started to get a bad reputation, a reputation they never asked for. And what was the reason that the highly acclaimed and known city of Oxford got this reputation? Because of a grumpy old detective by the name of Inspector Morse. This highly cultural, intelligent detective that fancied a good beer and classical music over anything else in life. Brilliantly casted by John Thaw, one of Britains best actors of all time, shows just what British Television is all about. Quality, through and through. The people behind the casting of this series has done a terrific job, the human interaction between the characters in this series is nothing short of brilliant. The relationship between Morse (John Thaw) and Lewis (Kevin Whately) is a relationship that one wonders how works. They seem to be from different planets, but yet they manage to interact in such a way that they always ends up sorting the beans. Morse, a man that always carries around large bills always leaves Lewis to pay the bar bill because the bartender has no change for twenties, and that always patronizes Lewis in such a way that you pity him. But in spite of this slightly awkward relationship, you do feel the compassion that is between the two. Even though they are highly different, they work so well together. Piecing together the pieces of the puzzle like the whole puzzle was nothing but a story book telling them exactly what happened. Morse being a loner, living on his own embracing what he loves the most, classic music he in many ways comes of as socially inapt seems and odd match to the family man Lewis. But as you watch this series, you come to understand that it could not have been in any other way. They are a perfect match, which makes the series move along so perfectly as it does. The way the series illustrates just how great detective work is done, and what personal sacrifices the ones doing such work has to endure just leaves you in awe. If you want good quality television, Inspectore Morse is a first choice by far. Many people get intimidated by the run time that a standard Inspector Morse episode has. But it's the best 100 minutes you can spend in front of the TV if you first are to spend time in front of it. Thank you John Thaw, for the work you and all the others put into Colin Dexter's works. You will always be remembered.


The story line has gone down hill....
I remember the press special they did after the first season, where they admitted that when they started, they didn't know the show would be what it was, so the had been writing on an as-you- go basis. The show has become a soap opera with gaping plot holes, because the story was designed to be a one season story. Good job stretching for season 2, but by the time the Faux- manda showed up, everyone should've known what this was. And now that they've killed Daniel I really just can't even pretend to do it anymore. You guys do NOT know where you're going, which is fine for daytime soaps, but this is prime time! I think they should have ended the show when Emily got her revenge. The writers seem to have run out of ideas and whats going on is totally unbelievable. Ridiculous. I think I am done.

Friday Night Dinner

A Shabbat for the goyim....
This " the family-based sitcom" is the most universal TV concept around. From Birmingham to Bangalore, a dom-com is a safe bet for TV executives.And although Friday Night Dinner is slightly niche given that its characters are Jewish, it still retains universality. Plus, America has a sizeable Jewish population which will help the series considerably, providing that it doesn't rely on clichés and offensive racial stereotypes.

Brilliant prose, tightly crafted script with hilarious situations, a believable family dynamic, engaging close to perfection in a comedy as I have seen. Simon Bird is clearly destined for great things. You can depend on all of the players being on screen as long as the wish to be, the don't throw away actors in British Television; they enjoy them as they age!

Le avventure di Pinocchio

This Comencini version of the adventures of Pinocchio is the most fateful to the original novel and also perhaps the best, including some of the biggest names in Italian comedy of the seventies, like Manfredi, Lollobrigida and Vittorio de Sica. The score of the film (by Nino Rita) is FANTASTIC: the themes are airy, elegant and memorable. The slow carillon in "Fata turchina", the coupled piano-harpsicord motif of "Birichinata" or the magic, slightly psychedelic mood of "Trasformazione di Pinocchio e Lucignolo", the askance tango "Il Gatto e la Volpe": just a few of the excellent episodes giving the LP its old-fashioned countryside charm. Fun for all family, and undeservedly little known of outside of Europe. A children classic with a subversive undertone that adults can appreciate.


This is how it goes, and the author did the following, pick a real life political situation and twist it around while drunk or under drugs. Add some facts with lots of impossible imaginary incidents, then wake up from the hangover to see all is wrong and does not add up. It is all about over sized terrorists, CIA screw ups and characters that are lost and jumping places. You cannot fool educated viewers with all this crap, like shooting a scene in Morocco with men dressed as Jordanians and women dressed like Egyptians and say it is Beirut. The author, producer, and director should have done more research to convince us, it is another "24" but here Jack Bauer is a Psycho - Cuckoo blonde named Carie Do not waste your time on this, slow boring and does not add up!

Person of Interest

Thums down!
I used to love watching this show with my husband on the weekends. This last one with the weird lesbian scenes just totally blew the whole show for me. It didn't fit in with the story line or the development of who Shaw was in past shows. Computers do not calculate or guess who will be romantically involved. This show is NOT about romance. I find it sickening that the writers thought they had to put something in to pacify the gay agenda. Come on guys what happened to the writers from the first two seasons. The 1/6/2015 show was awful. I almost turned it off several times but was hoping it would get better. It didn't! It is so confusing it really makes no sense! Go back to the original premise if you want to keep viewers! I'm so disappointed. Another show bites the dust in my opinion. Thumbs down!


Just overrated!
The acting is very nice but the script is shallow, over the top and pointless when you look at it from beginning to the end as a whole.

The so-called "true story" gimmick rescues it by keeping it attached to a possible reality.

Actually in some way that is synonymous to cheating.

Massive plot holes and side stories leading nowhere shows it was made for just TV for a predesignated duration.

After all unreasonable escalation of the tension and curiosity, plot concludes with a disappointing ending.

Another overrated series at least....

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