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Really one of the better Bollywood horror drama in recent years
Pretty Good for a Bollywood film with supernatural themes. Typically, Bollywood horror is straight cringefest..

Not really horror, but the characters and plot are well written. Anushka Sharma is a GREAT actress.

Red State

Brilliant and ironic... Must watch
This movie also suffers from the ire of religion aficionados and hence receives bad reviews on Netflix and IMDb. Rest assured, this is a great movie with equal parts survival horror and Tarantino-esque irony.

The movie does have a compact script and keeps things pretty straightforward to brief acts. There is, however, never a dull moment. Definitely one of Kevin Smith's best works.

One word of caution, do not expect traditional structure of a protagonist driven plot. This movie is quite off kilter, using characters as disposable plot devices. I for one, loved that little unpredictability to this film.

Extremely entertaining, unless you are waiting for rapture yourself.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

A pretty decent movie. Do not believe the barrage of 1 star ratings.
I am kind of weary of the multitudes of 1 star reviews. Seems to be some conscious effort to limit this movie's viewership.

Anyway the movie is well shot, well acted and interesting throughout its 2 parts. A bit laborious and (in a self aware manner) takes liberties with coincidence. However, if you can stomach a little bit of nudity, which apparently so many pitchfork yielding IMDb users can not, do watch it.

I absolutely hated Shia Lebouf and his fake and faulty British accent though..

Lars Von Trier is a good film maker. Personally, I thought Melancholia was brilliant. This was good enough to watch.

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