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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

One of the best sci fi action films ever
Grew up as a child watching this... it blew me away then. It holds up. It deserves to be seen by the new generation.


Lives up to the original
I don't say this lightly and was very worried going in but i loved it. It really was a great live action version of one of my childhood favorites! Please see it i thought will smith was not going to work but he was great


Seriously just watch it! :) It's creepy and crazy and fun.


This show is amaZing
Listen... just watch it. It's charming, fun, has amazing actors. It's a great show. So happy Netflix picked this up.

Time Trap

Surprisingly good
It's rare to find a little gem like this. Really wasn't expecting this to be a unique sci fi experience but it was. Kudos to the filmmakers. With so much bad storytelling nowadays this was something different and fun.

The Keeping Hours

A perfect example of acting taking a film to the next level
So this film on the surface is somewhat linear and the twists and turns are ones that are again... on some level expected...

What sets this film apart is how powerful the performances are. The cinematography is great as well and the music but i was really so drawn in by the two leads...

This film is beautiful in my opinion and worth watching.

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