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Saikojiman Gwaenchanha

Life, Lessons, Love & Beauty
This is one of those series that leaves a mark on your heart. A moral for each story, a beautiful depiction of what is means to be dependable. The hidden truth behind the weight of mental illnesses. The songs, the stories, the laughs and the sadness. I wouldn't miss it. And I will any day watch it all over again.

Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

How on Earth did this get this rating
It's a shame this series got this huge a rating. It was almost painful to watch. Atleast the episodes 1 - 12 made some type of sense. But the horror of the rest. How can such a cheesy, nauseouating romance get such rating. I am more disappointed at the misleading rating more than the series itself. After watching drama like Goblin, memories of Alhambra. This is such a shame. I have nothing to say. This is over the top to be even called a fairytale romance. I give up


What a disaster!
I am a person who never writes a bad review because I want to recognize the amount of work and energy which goes into making each one of this series. But my oh my. This series drove me nuts. The story started so great that I got my hopes up. Then it all started falling apart. Below are the absolute BS of them all 1. Who is the Villan finally ? Cause somewhere in the middle they started losing track of who on Earth are these people fighting against! 2. Who killed whom and why are all the dead people alive? Anyone who is supposed to be dead comes back alive. I mean! Come on. What the hell!! 3. What exactly is the series about? Yes. That is where you will realize. Wait what just happened in the 16 episodes I have no words to explain the horror of watching this series without adding spoilers. The only reason I am rating this even 5 is because I know the actors in the series are absolutely brilliant people. If you have watched their other works you will know how good they actually are. So I have decided to blame the director and the screenwriter maybe. And make my peace. Would I recommend it? Not really. But who knows maybe you will like it!

Uisa Yohan

A different kinda love
I have watched a lot of Kdrama. I have few of my absolute favorites. And I am adding this to my list now. Things I loved. Of course the whole medical mysteries and passionate doctors. The potryal of pain, there are so many kinds of pain in life. Death, sickness, loss and even love. Just so many and so raw that makes your heart ache. Watching this series made me realize how much suffering and hope exist side by side. The actors did their absolute best. I can bet there would be atleast one moment in the series where your heart goes out for one or the other characters. The message behind. And the love expressed with the absolute undramatic everyday-life-like. It just made me sit and watch and think. Will I watch it again. Yes I would.

Dakteo Yibangin

You should watch. But!!!
To start there are 4 main character. The very talented doctor (Lee Jong Suk) from North Korea and his love interest (Jin se Youn). And an equally talented doctor back south Korea (Park Hae Jin) with the women he loves (Kang so ra). The male leads both of them were EXCEPTIONAL!. Great acting, be it the medical part of surgery or the energy and the opposite pole of characters. They were brilliant. Even if you notice a plot hole you cannot really complain cause they did such Justice to their role. And Kang So Ra as the sensitive character was good as well and had a pleasing role which makes you want to root for her. However, the role of Jin Se Yoen was just almost borderline annoying. Almost all the opinion you find online will say the same. There are places where you just wish why did you come back from North Korea? Please go back!. And there are places you are just why does this great guy even put up with all this nonsense. I don't know if anyone felt good seeing the male leads just suffer over and again because of this girl through out the series. But the saving grace is the mystery that atleast kept it going and the nicely wrapped up with a bow ending that made you feel relieved atleast for the other couple. Well you definitely can watch this. Just keep your expectations on the romance to the bare minimum to save your own disappointment.


You will not be disappointed
I do not want to write a big review. But this is one of the perfect Korean drama of all time. The cast were just perfect. Strong leads and even the supporting characters were just flawless. No loose ends. Enough laughs and smiles. Action and mystery. It's packed with wow factors. Must watch!

My Holo Love

A Sci-fi Romance
It was definitely a good watch. After watching Memories of Alhambra and now this. I really understand explaining the limits of technology and the power of imagination in paper and pen is so much more difficult than what it looks like. But the cast did an amazing job. Even with smaller roles to play each of the supporting roles were so strong in character. It was funny, romantic and a bit of thriller make the mix so much good. And one of the best ending as well. And definitely doesn't leave you feeling miserable.

The K2

What a wasted potential
Well let me start by saying you can definitely watch it. It's quite okay truthfully. The BGS and quite a bit of cinematography were interesting as well. They had such a strong story, and it could have really been fantastic if not for few things. The heronie of the story was a all-so-pathetic damsel in distress from the get go till the end. They made her character so weak willed that it was almost irritating. The supposed to be Villan is a strong willed woman with such unexplored potential that they could have leveraged. She was neither terrible or good. She is the shade of grey that they really could have built the story on. For example, when the hero kills people to save the girl we really don't care much on the collateral damage but when this women fights for her place In the world by any means necessary it has been misjudged. Well of sorts! But anyway, if only the guy did not look so damn good. I really would have been terribly disappointed.


Funny but not a fresh concept
It was funny watching this. Lot of laugh and the story does keep you wondering who is the person behind? All the way through. But it isn't a fresh concept. The male leads and their bromance was definitely good. It's a good watch for light hearted entertainment.

Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul

Refreshing concept, Not your typical Kdrama
When you say Korean drama. You usually see polite well behaved characters and sweet sounding dialogs. And Bad guys are the opposite of everything naive and polite. It is not your run off the mill story and definitely a level up when it comes to the plot and actions. Till literally the last episode they kept building the story up. This is not one of those series where after a while the story becomes obvious and the plot becomes Luke warm. They kept it growing interesting and nursed the story to a proper suspense. Action, comedy and sentiments. It was a good watch.

Hi Bye, Mama!

Sentimental and sad
There has been quite a number of Korean drama with the return of a ghost among the living. And In that lines, this isn't anything very different. The actors did a good job trying very hard to balance such a serious plot with humor wherever it works. It was just too sad a story and not for the weak of heart or people who cannot stand a lot of tears. But the selling point of this drama is the take away from each episode. There was a life lesson they tried to send with each episode and I think that does make a difference.

Maen Too Maen

When the acting is so good, you can't help but love it
Haters stay down! This drama was a delight to watch. I laughed so much cause the humor was too good. I had to go back and watch things one more time cause the action or acting was so beautiful I could not help it. The direction was pure perfection they crafted the roles to have such good balance between the humor and the action and the cinematography. Trust me it was such a good watch after a long time of very similar story line Korean drama's. I would anyday recommend this series.

Alhambeura Goongjeonui Chooeok

Human Mind is a wonder and this series is a proof
I read so much about this drama over articles and much watch list, but the overview of the plot was so vague I kept it in my watchlist for a while. But man I am like mind blown now. I would not nit-pick or criticize even one scene of the series, cause that is how strong the story is and explaining technology in words is not easy at all. The characters had such strong tight roles and they did absolute justice. This is one of those series you would watch and say, no one could have done it better than this couple. The animation and cinematography were an absolute delight. And that story is just so fresh and new. The thought that went into the tiny details are a wonder. the final salutations of the season still makes me smile "Trust is where is magic is not in technology". I am not a person to hope and wait for a sequel. But for this i would wait woth fingers crossed. xOxO

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