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Locke & Key

Flashbacks was on point
The surprise factor was there the flashbacks was on point I gave it a 10. Because they never left you hanging about what happened through the whole movie. Everything was placed in the right spot in the movie. I binged watched it on Netflix because it kept you watching.. With the junk out here yes I gave it 10. Good work.

Workin' Moms

Love this show
Because it is true what women go through with kids and a career. And also is is halarious and all the characters just mesh together. And with there partners. I wish Kate would just move on to the man that understands her career. Husband should not get a second chance because he hit the nanny. No Arnold Schwarzenegger lol. Women need to learn there is better fish in the sea. Don't go back go forward.


Different TV
I love this show because it is quirky and crazy. And the characters grows on you they all got there nutty ways. And Uncle Daddy he a mess with them chains on. The guy playing the autism brother is great. The story behind this is funny as heck. I don't know who wouldn't like it people that have no life or sex life .


Very Good Acting and Original Music Score
This show is good it is real life not make believe out there on them streets and I like that they keep it real. The music industry is harsh as they say. The music was fantastic fresh and original. If you watched Sopranos you will like it.

It was the first Pilot show and it got me hooked in every week. I will be back. People are craving fresh original music R & B especially and this is refreshing. I downloaded all the songs on itunes.

Can't wait to hear more. If you don't like it 600 more channels to watch don't hate. Love this show it is about time we have some great actors in Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson.

The Equalizer

Love Denzel In Any Movie But This Was Awesome
The movie was action packed and I love when the good guy always win. The character don't talk much but you can only pull that off if you are a good actor. The young actress I hear she is 17 did an amazing job to play that part.Denzel no words you still got the box office power. My husband ex marine he would not stop hollering when one scene came up he gets a kick out of that stuff. Never seen the Equalizer series at all so my opinion is from the movie only. Sequel is wide open lets have more next year. Hope to see more. Love It. Hope the DVD be out for a Christmas Present for the husband I will be buying it. All I can say is go see this movie because it is very good don't listen to the haters.

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