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The Inbetweeners

Fantastic comedy, great scripts and great acting
This is a sitcom series well worth seeing. Not only does it outline the desperation of people in the late teens, but it continuously pokes fun at gulf in social stereotyping at that age too. The situations the four boys find themselves in never grows tired as each individual scenario is both different and hilarious. A must see! It is worth watching them in chronological order as there is underlying back story to a certain degree, but single episodes can be watched as there isn't continuation. The lives of the four boys intertwine to such an extent that their actions invariably affect the life of one of the other's and their interactions and efforts regarding women certainly are pure comic genius. Great comedy and good character building will leave you in stitches guaranteed!!


Definitely worth a watch, if only once!
So I bought this film on DVD mainly because it was on cheap, and also the script on the back sounded good. I would certainly recommend this as one to watch, even if it is a bit slow in places and certainly lacks the fighting action the back cover raved about! It gives a good look at the character behind the man, and Tom Hardy certainly lives up to the accolades regarding his performance. With this in mind, I would say borrow this film from a friend, similar to Clockwork Orange, you don't want to watch it again, certainly not for a good long time as it will just seem a little boring if you do! I did hear that Charles Bronson did actually watch this film and thoroughly enjoyed it which I think is sign enough!!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Entertaining film if a little clichéd
Dawn follows rise of the planet of the apes satisfyingly enough but tries to satisfy the Hollywood cliché of having a bit of everything. Something it fails to deliver on. 'Rise' was a good film as the plot was really good, and whilst the plot for 'dawn' is promising the execution lets it down.

The graphics however are excellent and the film does deliver all that is promised from the build up and there is lots of 'apey goodness' within the film. The acting of the human characters is fairly good, although is let down again by the clichéd parts as the acting is completely overshadowed by the holes in the plot.

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