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The Devil Is a Woman

The Devil that men can't have.
I won't devalge the devils secret here. But I will warn you. She is alluring. And she is dangerous. Her name is Marlene Dietrich.

Visit to a Small Planet

I hate to.. But I have to.......
Say, this movie just isn't very funny. I like Jerry Lewis but this is just..... well, stupid and I'm all for stupid humor if I can laugh but this just doesn't do it. At least for me.Your mileage may vary?

The Vanishing Shadow

Pretty Good really. It's fun.
I don't have to much to add that the others haven't already added only to say that it's got pretty good gizmos and special fx for a cheap serial of the era. It's fun and kinda funny at times.

The Rat Patrol

It's an action show for boys. Not a history lesson.
I grew up watching Rat Patrol. Great series. I don't know how many plastic machine guns me and my buds went through pretending we were Rat Patrol. Had to have been a lot! I'm just cracking up over some of the serious comments. Yea it makes the Nazi's look bad just like Hogans Heros. And yes the story's are simple and sometimes outrageous. Gee Wiz! Get a grip! Can't wait to hear your reviews of the original Batman not being real police work and unfair to penguins.

Hells Angels on Wheels

You almost _______
Gotta be a scooter bum to dig this flic. Kinda corny but it's cool. Great Americana. I like it. Get it on 81!

Pit Stop

This movie is awesom. It really is!
There's a class of movies that are low budget that reflect an era of Americana and certain people that get it right. A specific view. A look back at a time, place or people. I'm from a group that looks back at my heritage and those from my family and friends. West coast hot rodders. This flic has that vibe. If you're into vintage American gas. This is a great flix.

No Man's Woman

Simple flic but...
It don't get more basic than this and even though, it has something that holds it up making it very interesting, Marie Windsor! And hopefully us men will never meet the woman she portrays because it would be hard to decide just which one of us killed her?


Good war flic but?
First off I will say that the recreation of the battle zones were awesome. You can almost smell the stench and horror of what a WWI battle field must of been like. And the work the director and all those involved did to create it is amazing. My only critique is that some of the events in the film seem a bit odd and maybe it's just me? but I find strange that the two young men let down their guard in reference to the German pilot. I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it does seem odd. And I have a problem with both soldiers navigation of the terrain and town. The one soldier had to ask the girl who he spent way to much time with, where to go?? In fact I have a problem with the navigation in general. I only saw the one pull out a compass once to get a bearing and did they not have at least a basic map? It just seemed like a very hap hazard OP where 1600 troops lives depend on them getting there? Visually it was a great flic with some head scratching involved.

Red Dawn

The problem with people/critics now days, is they take themselves way too serious. Just grab some popcorn and relax! And yes, those of us that grew up during the cold war sometimes took our patriotism to the limit even with good old fashioned corny action flics.

The Deer Hunter

Rating the D.H. depends on perspective
I've gone back n forth over this movie since my uncle took me to see it on my birthday in 1978 and to be honest, This movie is probably not a very good expose of the Vietnam war per say, but rather an excellent perspective on the plight of the common American soldier and their families and the effects that war has on them. The one thing I really liked about the Deer Hunter was the bond and obligation that soldiers have for one and other and I feel that no other movie has accomplished that quite like Deer Hunter. Go into it with that perspective and it's like no other movie about war that has ever been made.

The Blacklist

James Spader has created a great character.
Once again I see people criticizing a good enjoyable show because it's not like reality and "Real governments and law enforcement organizations don't operate that way!!!!" Get a grip people! Batman isn't real either but he's fun to watch! The delineation of James Spader's Raymond Reddington is more important than any hang ups you could possibly have with the plot. I just can't see passing up such a good performance and character study because a fictional show isn't reality. It's not often a real good character comes along and I feel Spader has pulled this one off excellently in every respect. Don't cheat yourself people. It's a good show.

Flight of the Phoenix

If you're going to redo a great classic, Have some class and do it justice. This movie was a complete abortion from the minute the plane hit the ground. If you've never seen the original, just go watch that and throw this crap in the trash pile. The original is so good I don't know how it could be topped other than telling it exactly as the original and just add some good cinematography and effects maybe. I don't know why anyone would want to do a sub par version of an excellent classic. Delusional maybe??? I couldn't even finish watching it. Maybe that's because the original was so good I felt embarrassed for those that made this attempt and I'm sure they had a lot bigger budget than the original movie had. Whatever!


Goodbye Copper!
I don't write reviews, but I will for this one in the hopes that just maybe the network that aired this great show will hear our cry and come to their senses. This show got it right on several levels. The acting was excellent and the story line was very interesting. The sets and filming were very well done and had that gritty "Gangs of New York" feel. I don't know what could have knocked it out of the slot with all the great reviews this series has had? Other than maybe a really intelligent reality show, which the planet so desperately needs. Nothing like being brought to the edge of your seat only to be knocked over the back of the couch. A great show that deserved a great run!

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