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The Rookie: Revelations
Episode 6, Season 3

I watched this show from the beginning. I liked Fillion in Castle. That was an inaccurate (such as the lady detective wearing high heels on the street) but entertaining cop show. That's how I'd describe the first two seasons of this show. The things that happened to Nolan in one season would never happen to an LAPD officer in a 20 year career.

This season though has been a nosedive into political correctness. This episode with all of the emotional propaganda about women in law enforcement for example. Um, Castle featured a leading FEMALE COP character. She even supervised two MALE detectives. It debuted in 2009. For those with a common-core education, that was 12 years ago.

I recently watched (and highly rated) the 1957-58 cop show Decoy. It featured the late Beverly Garland as an undercover NYPD policewoman. It was a great show! She worked on her own and was not subservient to any of the male officers. The technical advisor on that series was a retired FEMALE detective first class (the highest rank for a NYPD detective). That means there have been women in law enforcement far longer than any of these "woke" writers have been alive.

TV shows aside, in real life, women have had not only officer/detective ranks but have supervised and commanded for decades.

I stopped watching while the female officer was spewing out a bunch of statistics. I removed this from my recording schedule, it's just gone too far to the left to be enjoyable.

Last Man Standing: Lost and Found
Episode 8, Season 9

LMS goes BLM
And another one jumps onto the woke bandwagon. News flash: When someone calls in a complaint, the police respond. People without ID on private property do get detained until police can verify they are not engaged in criminal activity.

I expected more from this show. It would be great for example to do an episode and highlight the fact (FBI crime data) that the greatest threat of gun violence to a black male in these United States is not a police officer, it is another black male. For some reason, those BLs do not M to either BLM or most in the media. To paint ALL police with that broad brush is just as wrong as painting ALL black males as being murderers.

I gave it a generous 5/10 for the remainder, which was pretty funny.

The Rookie: Lockdown
Episode 5, Season 3

Stupid cop episode
Where to begin? Nolan is confronted by a gun thug in the station parking lot. Is he wearing department required body armor? If yes, go ahead and pull and put down the gun thug. If not, dive to one side, and either pull or radio for help or both.

Second, Nolan has a handcuff key on his keyring as does every cop that carries cuffs. Why not use it, and when the gun thug falls over end the bogus to begin with bomb threat?

Finally, Stanton knows his body cam is recording all of his actions as well as inactions. What did he think would happen by failing to aid Jackson?

This show was so much better when it tried to be a comedy/drama before it tried to become "woke". Now it is a poor combo of the two, comedy + woke= joke.


Found this lost gem on the Roku channel in 2021 and am enjoying it
As a retired cop, I really enjoy a good procedural cop show. They are truly few and far between. My all-time favorite was Robbery Homicide Division circa 2002. It like this show lasted just one season.

One nice thing here is that a season is like 4 seasons now- all 39 episodes are available on the channel. So far I have watched the first 8. It's really a good show. I enjoy the narration by Casey- she talks about things like working a midnight to 8 AM shift and having "dinner" at 9 AM. While she works with men, usually a Lieutenant, she's not beholden to any of them. She uses her wits and training to solve her case, always working alone. The title is somewhat misleading, as she does not usually work as a decoy- at least for the several episodes I have watched. In #9 that I'm watching now she is indeed working as a decoy.

It's also a treat to see NYC and how it looked in the late 50's. While I'm glad this has not been remade (I do not consider the 70's Policewoman to be a similar show since she worked with a team) into a modern show, I do wish they would make clean shows like this one.

Big Sky: A Good Day to Die
Episode 5, Season 1

The ending reminds me of a line from a Clint Eastwood movie
If you're going to shoot, shoot. Don't talk. I was really surprised that Cassie took the shot, doubly so since it was a head shot. I've seen a number of characters do stupid things throughout the season, so I guess Cassie shouldn't be any different. Now I wonder how the remainder of the season will be filled.


Interesting premise, ruined by excessive profanity
I made it about 25 minutes into the film and it looked to be interesting. Once the f-word and other cursing started popping up repeatedly, I lost interest. It showed as being PG on Plex, so clearly the rating was wrong.

Neighborhood Watch

My review on everything EXCEPT the background music
This one starts out with the requisite Lifetime Movie characters- a Lifetime Heroine (LH), Lindsay, a ginger that has a teenage daughter, Jamie. We'll see if Jamie is indeed a Rebellious Teen (RT), as she does not start out that way- usually a bad sign in this type of movie. This one sets a record for Guys Perpetually in Need of a Shave (GPNS), as every single male character is one. Hunky new neighbor Stephen is GPNS 1, security guard Barrett is GPNS 2. Other characters include Kat, whom I 'll acronym as Sports Bra Blondie (SBB). There is also Best Friend Janet (BFJ), who is married and also has a teenage daughter. We also briefly see New Yoga Studio Girl Valerie (NYSGV), who shares an abdominal scar from her ex with the LH.

That leaves only the Lifetime Psycho (LP). Who could it be? To the movie's credit, we don't find out for a while.

We learn the LH is divorced and her ex is supposedly not in the picture. The LH in a short period of time is dating GPNS 1, and after they sleep together on the second date, the pace begins to pick up. Someone first sent a set of grilling accessories, to include a skewer, with the note "Don't get burned". Then they left black roses at her door, which prompts a visit from Lifetime PD and Detective Perpetually in Need of a Shave (DPNS- why break the streak?). Jamie begins to be the RT, and we find out the LH, who apparently does not believe in curtains, has a stalker. SBB is jealous of the LH, as she also likes GPNS1.

Things continue to heat up as someone leaves a black rose and the key to the LH's house at the podium where she oversees the neighborhood watch meetings. This adds to the rift developing between the LH and SBB. We learn some backstory on GPNS 1. He's a shrink, and his ex-fiancee was a patient! Usually a red flag, but the LH overlooks it. They put some clues together and it looks like NYSGV may be his ex. Could she also be the LP? There is a truly laughable scene later after the LH and GPNS 1 decide to confront NYSGV, who now cannot be found. The LH and GPNS 1 talk, and she finally sees the light- why would he date a patient? He says once there was an attraction he stopped treating her! It looks like the LH and GPNS 1 are now in splitsville.

As BFJ and hubby are leaving for a trip, it looks like SBB and the LH have patched things up. At least until later at the pool when SBB spills that she and GPNS 1 had been hooking up. She runs off GPNS 2 and hits on GPNS 1 via text message, but is shot down (not literally). Speaking of which, we're over halfway in, and no body count. GPNS 1 then checks hos property, and we see NYSGV hiding by his pool. She has a mysterious call with someone, saying they are in this together. She is subsequently (and laughably) ganked by the still unknown LP, who has a literal one-handed death grip on her head, holding her vertical in the pool until she drowns. Anyone else of course would simply pull away and swim to safety.

Body count: 1.

Lifetime PD is investigating, and they bust GPNS 1. This allows GPNS 2 to spend more time with the LH and Jamie. I suspect he may be the LP, but we'll see. All of a sudden the LH's ex is texting Jamie, and she is defending him.

GPNS 1 is cut loose and shows up at the LH's home while GPNS 2 is there. He is dismissed by Jamie. The LH is visited at work by DGPNS, and she points towards her ex being the LP.

Now we see another neighborhood watch meeting. Incidentally, all of the watch members with the exception of GPNS 1 are female. I guess BFJ's hubby is the only other male that lives there. The LH's ex turns up (surprisingly not a GPNS) and pulls GPNS 2's gun. He threatens the LH and GPNS 2. GPNS 1, who was also there but off camera then saves the day, battling the LH's ex. Meanwhile, GPNS 2, supposedly an ex-Marine, does nothing. Lifetime PD arrives and bust the LH's ex. Still about 20 minutes left, so my money is still on GPNS 2 as being the LP here. DGPNS questions Jamie, and another laughable line: "Did he mention that she had contacted him at any point after her death?"

Um, yeah, right after she turned into a zombie! LOL!

Evidence is found linking the LH's ex to NYSGV.

It's now 2 weeks later! At a pool party, SBB hits on GPNS 2, who rebuffs her. As the party breaks up, Jamie is off to BFJ's home to spend the night. It looks like the LH and GPNS 1 are on again, and they also have a sleepover. The LH is awakened by a shout, and texts GPNS 2 to come over, as something is wrong. The LH discovers SBB in her home holding the "Don't get burned" skewer, and GPNS 1 laying on the floor with a pool of blood under him. After some words are exchanged, GPNS 2 shows up and pulls on SBB. She eventually puts down the skewer, and claims GPNS 1 texted her to come over. She slides her phone to the LH, who reads the text. It says for SBB to come over to the LH's house and not knock.

After the LH covertly texts him, GPNS 2 is revealed to everyone as the LP (called it, although this is a plot hole since only the LH knew he was the LP at this point). Both Lindsay and Kat are in jeopardy as he confesses the entire plot. They are rescued by Jamie, who forget her phone. She uses his baton to knock him down. Being sporting people, none of them pick up his gun, that would not be fair, instead they run away. They split up, and this leads to more female in jeopardy drama as GPNS 2 is closing in on SBB. Jamie finds her phone in a vine! She calls 911 and leaves it on speaker, which momentarily rescues SBB. SBB is then incredibly ganked through a solid wood door by the slim skewer.

Body count: 2.

There is some cat and mouse female in jeopardy stuff here, but GPNS 2 is finally taken down by Jamie and the LH.

It turns out despite losing a lot more blood than SBB, GPNS 1 is still alive, so he and the LH have a future until the next movie...

Who Is My Husband

How to be a dumbass 101
Lifetime movies have some predictable characters, and usually the Lifetime Heroine (LH) is likable. Not so here, as the wife Sabrina is truly stupid. I guess my first clue as to how bad this one was should have been the lack of a rebellious teen (RT). The daughter was more squared away than either parent. Capping the lack of a decent Lifetime Movie plot was the fact the husband was not even on the scale for a Lifetime Psycho (LP). He placed only two women in jeopardy, and the body count was a truly lackluster 2.

Here's some course highlights:

OK, I just watched hubby gank his secretary. No need to call the police- or even tell them seeing as how I just walked past them after leaving the building.

Next, I'll take a picture of just one page of a multi-page book with evidence of hubby's crimes in France.

After that, instead of going to the authorities (again), I'll take the incriminating book and confront hubby. No chance he'll overpower me and put me in jeopardy.

Hey, I just hit him with a convenient shovel after he put me in jeopardy. I think I'll put it down so he can put me in some more jeopardy.

Haven: Shot in the Dark
Episode 11, Season 4

Ghost.... Ghostfacers!
LOL at how this series rips off Supernatural on a regular basis. Back in April 2008 they did basically the same plot, albeit more entertaining. Nearly all of the monsters here came from that show as well. It was also filmed in Canada, but on the other coast. Instead of an EMF meter, they use an EPG meter that does the same thing.

Away: Excellent Chariots
Episode 4, Season 1

If only there were a psycho here...
This could have been a decent Lifetime movie. They now have a rebellious teen and a female heroine. Given some minor cast and scripting changes, this would have been more enjoyable as a Lifetime movie, as it certainly has little to do with science fiction.

Away: Half the Sky
Episode 3, Season 1

Amazed it took 3 episodes...
... for a homosexual character to be shown. Also amazed they hung the homophobia on the Chinese- and to a lesser degree the Russian.

Look at some great sci-fi shows and the personal relations are secondary (or not present) to the way the series is presented. As others have noted, this is not a sci-fi series (which is truly a waste as it's a great premise), but instead a soap opera where a few of the cast are on a spaceship. Netflix can and has done sci-fi better, with shows such as Travelers.

There's more time wasted on the husband/dad's rehab. We also waste time with the daughter at school.

Another good premise that's a casualty of modern times.

Haven: Stay
Episode 2, Season 3

This one literally went to the dogs. Nathan needs to learn when deadly force is justified- this includes when someone is being attacked by someone else. So many opportunities for headshots, none taken. They should have been shot down like the dogs they were.

Silk: Episode #1.6
Episode 6, Season 1

Entertaining series, and very helpful as to why...
...I'd never want to live in or visit England. In most of the US, when someone breaks into your home, they cannot use ANY level of force as self-defense, since they initiated the crime.

Add to that the sheep populace of the nation have been mostly disarmed and it's no wonder violent criminals can run rampant. Marshal Dan Troop, TV's Lawman, said it best: When a man that has business with a gun comes to town, taking everyone else's just makes his job easier.

During the trial the judge reminded an attorney thy were not in America. That was very clear.

I concur that Mark should have been shipped off to prison, or better yet executed, but that's another difference between there and here.

Heavenly Deposit

Good movie- trust in God and get OUT of California!
I'm sure many that lived through the great recession can identify with the financial problems seen by the main actors. The message of the film will of course be offensive to non-believers. I'm not sure why they watch films like this one, I suppose like so many in modern America they are looking for some way to be offended.

What got me was the badge-heavy cop. A permit for a yard sale on YOUR property? LOL, that and $3/gallon gas when it was around $1.xx everywhere else at the time would be great reasons to get out of California.

Chicago Fire: Light Things Up
Episode 19, Season 8

What the hell happened to Boden?
He's like my most favorite character in this series- until now. What a stupid situation and an even lamer reaction. The Boden of old would have cut the chains himself. I guess an entire firehouse being shut down by criminals is a low priority call for PD.

If the real Chicago is anything like this- and it probably is based on the rampant crime- then that explains why it is such a dump. Leaders lead, they don't kowtow to criminals. The inmates were running the asylum.

Mystery 101: Dead Talk
Episode 4, Season 1

Entertaining series, but the old guy really needs to shave
I know the Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave (GPNS) look is trending with short attention spanners. It looks unprofessional on younger guys, but he looks like a homeless man. Wearing a tux? Dude, spend just a few minutes and knock down that stubble! I bet you can even do it "real quick" to use another modern term.

Having watched the prior installments, it's an entertaining series. The leads have good chemistry. I see the lead female is expecting her first child as I write this in April 2020, it looks like she had filled out a little since the first one.

The plot here involves Amy going to Seattle to give a talk where she runs into an ex-boyfriend. Of course someone there gets ganked. Travis shows up by basically talking his way into driving daddy GPNS (I'll actually call him Old Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave or OGPNS). Despite being out of his jurisdiction, he and Amy work the case.

One refreshing change to the normal Hallmark/Lifetime plot is this female is never in jeopardy near the end. That level of stupidity gets old. It is funny though to watch her chasing people or otherwise running in heels. She reminds me of Lindsay Wagner, the original Bionic Woman.

Republic of Doyle

An 8 up until about season 5, then a 4, so a 6 overall
This was a very enjoyable show for the first several seasons. Around season 5 it became more like a bad Lifetime movie due to the rebellious teen (who just gets more irritating the longer she is around), and making Des an even more complete imbecile.

Looks like it was good it ended when it did.

Locke & Key: Dissection
Episode 7, Season 1

Solid 2, would have been a 3 if only...
The gun thug had cocked that gun ONE MORE TIME!!!

I agree with the other reviews, total stupidity on display from everyone involved.

The Rookie: Day of Death
Episode 11, Season 2

Could have been MUCH better- too much police stupidity!
As one of the other reviews noted, Lucy, who has shown to have decent combat skills, had the serial killer on the ground and had a blunt object in her hand. Cave the dude's skull in!!! Noooo, instead I'll just run away like a stupid little girl.

Next, the "Night General", a likeable character, has the gun thug at gunpoint, and instead of shooting him in the knee and interrogating him, he just gives up his gun and is taken hostage.

Finally, Castle/Rick and partner drive to Kern County and get there before the airship??? It's a 90 minute drive to the closest town in Kern County from downtown LA.

TV cops... gotta love the entertainment factor.

Deputy: 10-8 Search and Rescue
Episode 7, Season 1

Either make a decent cop show or change the newtowrk initials to LGBTQ
The episode was pretty decent up until the sheriff's driver came to talk to his wife the doctor and the "doctor" said there are more than two sexes.

The show's title is "Deputy", which is really a misnomer since the main character was a sergeant and then sheriff. Regardless, the show had an interesting premise but the writers keep adding in political correctness crap I don't want to watch. This episode with a missing/kidnapped juvenile girl along with a wildfire as well as how the media covers law enforcement incidents was good subject matter.

I was really hoping the show would get better, but just like the 9-1-1 spinoff (also on FOX/LGBTQ), it focuses on normalizing homosexuality. Hollywood can make decent cop shows, and this could have been one of them, but it isn't. I figure 7 episodes are enough to make a decision, and I'm out.

FBI: Most Wanted: Defender
Episode 2, Season 1

Title change: FBI: Social Justice Stereotypes
A black "churchgoing" single mom, who has made and continues to make poor life choices, goes to the public defender's office after her 16 year old son took part in an armed robbery and received a 20 year prison sentence. She kills a client, shoots the lawyer, and takes the secretary hostage. Why? The white co-defendant who the judge says looks to be from a "good family" is given probation since according to the show, he was only present and was not the one with a gun. Then there is the deadbeat dad, who she manages to track down later.

The black defendant did hold the gun, albeit a toy, but as the judge said, a toy gun can look just like a real one.

Throughout the episode the female gun thug acts violently, pistol-whipping the hostage secretary, stealing things, and shoots up a home of some foster parents.

A main problem I have here is the bleeding heart lead FBI Agent. As an FBI Agent, he'd have access to FBI crime data that shows despite being only 13% of the population of the US, blacks, mainly males, commit a far disproportionate amount of violent crimes. For example, FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics show in 2015 there were 3,021 reported homicides of white people. That same year, there were 2,451 reported of black people. 13% of 3,021 would be 393. Also, of those 2,451 black murder victims, only 187 or 7.6% were killed by a white person.

I was fully expecting the FBI team to give the gun thug mom a medal at the end. It was bad enough they allowed her to pull and point the gun at unarmed people.

What a bunch of PC garbage via commonly-held stereotypes. The fact is most single parents, black or white, are not predisposed to violence. It is true many do not instill personal responsibility into their children, but race has no bearing on that one.


8 for entertainment, 1 for political correctness= 4
The premise was good. Cowboy deputy that still carries a revolver and drives a 40 year old Bronco suddenly becomes the Sheriff of LA County. Sadly, it's no Justified or Longmire (as I recall Walt also drove a Bronco until he wrecked it). The factual mistakes here in the first 30 minutes rival any modern cop show. That's why the entertainment score is so high. Lots of action- car chases and guns being fired.

What ruined the show was the repeated political correctness favoring illegal immigrants. Yes, illegal. It's laughable that the main character swears an oath to the US Constitution and then violates it a few minutes later. Of course being on Fox, one of the main characters had to be a homosexual. Finally, the main character being the modern Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave was good for more chuckles, especially when he showed up that way at a formal event.

A plot hole you could drive that Bronco through: kid given to the deputy that killed his dad the criminal??? Riiiight.

It's the pilot, and unlike Justified, which hit a home run out of the gate, I'll give this one a base hit and stick around for the second inning.

Chicago P.D.: False Positive
Episode 6, Season 7

Not my kind of police work
After the shocking murder of two (more) black kids in Chicago, police rely on high-tech facial recognition- made possible in large part thanks to "limited government" republicans after 9/11. Their law required states create & share driver license databases and use facial recognition photos. It wrongly identifies a suspect. He is later killed via "jailhouse justice" and the police learn- via actual police work- he didn't do it.

There was a line in Top Gun where American pilots had become reliant upon high-tech missiles and lost their dog fighting skills. Similar thing here. I remember a time when police solved crimes without all of the video surveillance and facial recognition.

Kick in the "Chicago way" of corruption and the cops conspire with gang members to get "street justice" for the actual killer. Meanwhile, the chief, who said to use the high-tech system in the first place, tells everyone how great it is (despite a character saying it does not perform well on black people) and how the guy they arrested did it.

BTW, it's not just the ACLU and criminals that oppose things like facial recognition.

Chicago Med: It's All in the Family
Episode 6, Season 5

Teflon Dr. Manning is ruining this show
She commits several crimes while on duty and no big deal, she's right back to work. The hospital initially enables her by saying she had a court order.

I find it funny how if a man wants to be a woman or vice-versa, then it's perfectly fine, yet if someone doesn't want medical treatment, something is wrong with them. Want to join a gang and you're an adult? More power to you. Your religion forbids blood transfusions? Again, an adult and it's your decision- unless Dr. Guy Perpetually in Need of a Shave (GPNS) is on the case. This show is a good example of what's wrong with modern America.

I was encouraged when Manning was FINALLY arrested, and moreso when the hospital's president cut her loose by not allowing the hospital's lawyer to represent her. My encouragement was short-lived though. This went back to a 1 star rating after Goodwin got the charges dropped.

I think Dr. GPNS and felon Manning really deserve each other. They should get a spin-off so those that like a quality medical drama don't have to see them every week.

The Good Doctor: 45-Degree Angle
Episode 6, Season 3

Fire this bozo. Now.
This show has grown increasingly irritating. Last week Murphy screws up in the OR big time by walking out during surgery without any sanctions, and now this week by running off a nurse again during surgery because she didn't hand him a clamp the "right" way. Now all he has to do is apologize, which he doesn't do. What about the patient(s) he endangered? Then he argues with the Chief when she tells him he screwed up. But, hey, he's now on triple-secret probation. If he does it again, he's done!!!

His being retained is more "everyone gets a trophy" PC garbage.

The other doctor he's seeing is still wasting her time with him. Yet another girl that is "picking winners" (sarcasm) when she could do far better.

At least the other story with the pregnant patient was in keeping with a quality medical drama. I liked the wordless scene at the end with Drs. Melendez and Lim, so 5/10.

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