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Servant: Jericho
Episode 9, Season 1

JERICHO Is The EMMYS 2020 Award Winning Episode
This is the episode that encapsulates the series SERVANT - full of mystique and revelation and discovery. What is so fascinating about JERICHO is that while there are horrors displayed, what is obvious is left to the imagination. Cringe worthy moments have been the calling card of the series SERVANT, and the episode JERICHO represents all those moments - obvious and implied. JERICHO is finally the episode of SERVANT that I can finally say 'This Is Why I Watch'.


An Incredible Film That Deserves Much Praise
What a fantastic ensemble! All the major players deserve Supporting Actor\Actress Nominations and at least of them should tie for the win. I liked the mixture of real-time video with the dramatization, and only wished there were percentages more within. If you are not familiar with Meg Kelly, and listened and\or saw her on television at a glance, you will almost believe that Charlize Theron is Megyn Kelly. Kate McKinnon deserves a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for her performance. I have waited 2 years for this film and Bombshell did not disappoint.

Ford v Ferrari

FORD v FERRAzzzzzzzzzz............
This should have been named MY DAD DROVE THE FORD GT40 or KEN & CARROLL - BROMANCE AT Le MANS. If you are a Ferrari fan, this film is not for you as there's not much Ferrari to be found here. Great performance as expected from Christian Bale, Matt Damon.......meh. I rank this film with Tucker: The Man and His Dream.

Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Outstanding, Keeps You On The Edge Of Your Seat - However........
The subject matter of Don't F(u)(c)k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is outstanding and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entire duration. However, the Facebook gang lead by Deanna Thompson is extremely annoying - in fact if everything were edited out of this production relating to this Facebook crew then this 3-part series would be worthy of a few Emmys. I look forward to this subject being filmed again by a real documentary crew or in a dramatic telling by Brian De Palma or Steven Soderbergh.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: I Gotta A Ménage à Trois Feeling About This
Star Wars: I Gotta A Ménage à Trois Feeling About This

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker or SW:TROS or just TROS - is not a bad film. Not as good nor will any be as good as the first three Star Wars films released beginning in 1977 and certainly nowhere near as bad as the media is making it out to be.(sidenote) About 95% of folk who claim to be 'film critics' in the 21st century suffer from an affliction known as 'heaDUPtheIRAss', which I think is a Dutch term that means they have no idea what they are talking about. Anyway, with Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker you still experience the 'roll your eyes' moments, the story suffers from 'convenience' and the logistics of the characters never make sense - this transcends every one of the trilogies and is almost expected from any Star Wars film. The VFX in Rise was meh....other Star Wars productions have produced better. I was hugely disappointed in Oscar Isaac, an Oscar caliber performer who pretty much dialed in his delivery. The one whose star shone bright, who after The Force Awakens stated she was not a Star Wars fan, Daisy Ridley blew the doors off everyone - this version of the Rey character is what Star Wars films should have contained from the beginning. It was sad to see the Kylo Ren character be transformed into what Rise delivered, which is no fault to Adam Driver, because..... J.J. Abrams should have never been given the the latest Star Wars trilogy mantle in the first place. J.J. Abrams has a bit of originality, but there is way too much of his mentor's vision in the majority of his work. Of course, Rian Johnson took a HUGE dump on The Last Jedi, so bringing Abrams back for the save on Rise was a worthy attempt, nut in no way could make up for the damage done by Johnson. Also, J.J. loves introducing new audiences to existing sagas by taking old storylines and elements and reconditioning them as new - these are as obvious as a $3.00 bill and... Just Stop It, J.J.. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker was an OK film of a troubled trilogy that should never have begun without a team of writers, producers and directors who bled Star Wars from their veins and had the complete vision of the complete Star Wars saga documented and storyboarded before casting.


One Of The Best Films You Will See This Year.....
One of the best films you will see this year, or whatever year you see Lowlife. The script, the dialogue, the writing -Outstanding The production, the direction -Fantastic The performances -Perfectomundo The mixture of cultures combined to deliver a unique story is so fresh when compared to what is delivered in the last decade. The team of Tim Cairo, Jake Gibson, Shaye Ogbonna, Ryan Prows and Maxwell Michael Towson need lots of attention as their future works will only be so much better.

Lucy in the Sky

Good Gosh - This Is Nothing But A Sex Movie
Lucy In The Sky was supposed to be science fiction, and I was all set to watch some great special effects - instead all I got was a movie about sex. Sex and infidelity and not being a good wife and not being a good mother and not being a good daughter......and bees. Seriously, Noah Hawley should have done a 'based upon a true story' paint-by-the-numbers directorial debut instead of throwing facts away and creating a fantasy piece that everyone hated. Natalie Portman gives an outstanding performance but everyone else, including the great Jon Hamm, just phoned in their parts. Oh yes - Ellen Burstyn - 'nuff said.

6 Underground

A Fun Action Parody With Product Placement Galore
Combine multiple wise cracking performers, some of the best action scenes filmed this decade, blood blood body parts and blood, a preposterous story, unlimited access to film in some of the most beautiful areas of the globe along with an unlimited budget....all orchestrated by action director God Micheal Bay - and you have 6 Underground. The in-your-face and over-the-over-the-top filming and performances can only lead one to believe this film is a parody of the Fast & Furious along with the hundreds of no-way-that-can't-be-real films we have seen over the years. Is this film visually stunning...YES! Funny....YES! A Micheal Bay Masterpiece....DEFINITELY!

Black Lightning: The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis
Episode 9, Season 3

The Ghosts Of Jennifer Past, Present and Future
Confession: I do not follow Black Lightning and I do not follow any show on the CW - my only reason for seeing this particular episode relates to the connection to the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. The most positive of my experience watching Chapter Four: Earth Crisis was that the Black Lightning series includes actor Bill Duke - a powerful and distinguished actor and it was a pleasure to watch him perform. Actually that was the only positive and sadly I won't be back to see Bill Duke is any further Black Lightning episodes because.......aw man, this show sucks. The writing is atrocious, the performances are stale and lack passion, the production quality....is on par with the other CW 'Crisis' episodes I've seen-which is amateurish and lacking in experience. The James Remar character needs to be killed off immediately as this is the worst performance I have ever seen him give - and James Remar has given decades of bad performances. If you are also here for this episode as it relates to 'Crisis', skip it, but know this episode is connected to the complete 'Crisis' story.

Watchmen: Little Fear of Lightning
Episode 5, Season 1

If you needed a reason.....Little Fear of Lightning is your calling
If you needed a reason to watch Watchmen, to binge Watchmen, to immerse yourself into Watchmen, Episode Little Fear of Lightning is your calling. This season of Watchmen has been like the intrepidness of riding a rollercoaster: You get on and fasten in, the car slowly makes its way down the route(speeding up a bit, slowing a bit, bumpy slow turns), then you begin to elevate while your anticipation escalates as you look around and take in the totality of what you're about to endure -not really capturing the big picture....until the bottom drops out from under you as you white-knuckle the safety bar -Watchmen has engulfed you, has taken you in, and you will not stop until Watchmen has decided to be done with you.


Everyone has a hidden agenda. The characters portrayed are not who they appear to be. LUCE is a good film, worthy of your time. LUCE is not OSCAR material under any category, but the performances are above average. At the conclusion of LUCE, you will understand that EVERYONE LIES and EVERYTHING IS A LIE.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Only Question You Are Asking......DOES THE DOG DIE ?
The story is then told through a flashback, starting 10 years earlier when Denny got Enzo as a puppy. A lot happens in their lives that will go unmentioned here in case you only want to know about the dog's fate. As you would probably expect at this point, in the end, yes, Enzo dies, and it's in Denny's arms. But then, years later, at one of Denny's races, a young boy comes up to Denny and says he's a fan. His name? Enzo. For more heart-retching dog deaths, be sure and watch John Wick(2014), Hereditary(2018), A Dog's Purpose(2017), I Am Legend(2007), Alita: Battle Angel(2019), It Comes At Night(2017), Marley & Me(2008), The Babadook(2014), Lady and the Tramp-Getting Put Down(2021)


I just read a review headline that BATWOMAN is being 'Review Bombed'
I just read a review headline that BATWOMAN is being 'Review Bombed' by folk like you and I. Critics are nothing but bloggers that have no real education nor experience to critique the art, production value or cinematic quality of a release. Whatever score that is derived is meaningless to the demographic that the creation is trying to target. The Audience is the true critic, and what the response here tells me is that the viewer is tired of characters being used to carry out a sexual role agenda. The Audience does not care about the sexual preference of a Superhero and is focused on the comic book style action and storylines that are synonymous with being a Superhero character. As long as garbage like this BATWOMAN continued to get released, the Audience will continue to voice extreme displeasure and realize that the Critics are also part of the problem. Do not waste your valuable time with this BATWOMAN tripe, nor with the spew these Critics spread.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

On it's own El Camino is a nice supplement to the Breaking Bad Universe, but, saying goodbye to Jesse Pinkman right now is not anything significant when you weigh the overall 5 Season run. This film is nice send off to the character but there are way too many thoughts and actions of Jesse Pinkman that are way out of character - if you are expecting this to be delivered as a one last hurrah of the Breaking Bad family, you will be seriously disappointed. El Camino is to Breaking Bad as A Very Brady Renovation is to The Brady Bunch - although most of the cast are reunited, there's really no connection to their 5 Seasons of stories, besides a house. Before Breaking Bad sends Jesse on his way, there needs to be an enormous amount of investment in gap filling and character re-development before we get there.

Used Cars

Used Cars Is The Greatest Comedy Ever Produced
Used Cars Is The Greatest Comedy Ever Produced 'Did You Hear What I Said?' Used Cars Is The Greatest Comedy Ever Produced


Oh, This Is Bad - I Mean REALLY BAD
This new CREEPSHOW series should be avoided. The originality is non-existent. The production value is years below a standard community access cable production. The writing is atrocious. The performances are lackadaisical and stiff. This is yet another money grab from unqualified folk milking the Stephen King brand. My garbage even said 'When I grow up, I aspire to be just like this series.'.


Another Hemsworth Joins The Fray.....
Liam Hemsworth stars in 'Roles My Brothers Won't Take'
  • Soon to be followed by 'I'm Sorry I Wasn't As Good As Your Daddy'.

The Mummy Rebirth

AHHH!! It's An UNCORK'D Film........
Grab What You Can and Run.....RUN I Say, As Fast As You Can!

The Dip Run

The Adventures of Bobby-Joe, Redneck of the Desert
Who who have thought the remake of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert could be so.......entertaining?


Please Explain The Logic.....
Of English Language Marketing For A Film That Is Produced In The Malayalam Language.

Roll Red Roll

You Will Become Passionate About Roll Red Roll
Sometimes it is difficult to offer an objective opinion of a film, when the content fills you with rage - Roll Red Roll is one of those films. The film tries to offer information that is publicly available in a manner that wants to offer both sides of the subject, but then pulls back and decides 'We're Going To Shame All Residents Of Steubenville, Ohio'. In my opinion, Roll Red Roll did not go far enough in portraying Steubenville, Ohio as a dirty, filthy place full of dirty, filthy people. What the criminals in this film do not realize - They have been marked by Anonymous, and they will be marked for life.

Fast Color

The Concept Is There, But Too Many Shortcomings Prevent Successful Fruition
I would have been surprised NOT to see David Strathairn, as this unique story fits him perfectly. Although Julia Hart is inexperienced as a writer and director, the same can not be said for Jordan Horowitz-and I was expecting a lot more than what we received. The screenplay is pretty much half-baked and needed to stay in the oven a little bit longer. There are many moments in Fast Color that were just not thought out all the way, leaving the viewer bewildered as to how and when and why things come about within the film. The ending was a complete disappointment-again, this is a screenplay that was not put to the test before going to production.


Like A Cross Country Drive On Cruise Control....Y A W N......
With a runtime of 1h 39min, VAULT sure is a long movie. The film is filled with really uninteresting main and sub characters, the writing oh so bla·sé, with Chazz Palminteri, Don Johnson, William Forsythe and The Sopranos gang giving just enough to get their paycheck and go. The production of this film is really horrible. The most disappointing item of all-Samira Wiley getting typecasted as just another crack whore, with no redeeming quality to offer Vault at all. There was a lot of talent that could have been offered in this film-and all of it squandered by inexperienced writers, directors and producers.

Funny Story

Tragically Funny, Witty, Sad, Smart and Awkward Tale Of Acceptance
Fantastic writing, solid acting, gorgeous settings and expertly accomplished production and directing. Everything hits in this modern tale of awareness and acceptance.

The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

Film Schools Will Use This To Teach Their Students 'How To Earn An Award'
Within this 30 minute masterpiece is some of the best writing, production, direction, sound, acting and just about everything else that you will encounter within the 21st century. Every millisecond of time within this magnum opus from The Lonely Island team is calculated and conjured to deliver the ultimate entertainment affect from 0:00 to 30:00. To say that The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience will win an award is an understatement-the true focus is how many awards will TUBBE receive.

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