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Possession Diaries

Just when you thought you seen the worst!
This movie (and i do really hate to even call it that!) is so bad that i would not recommend it even on a night where nothing else is on or if someone offered to pay you to watch it! You would actually be better off staring at a wall with paint drying on it then watching this abomination! NO i am not joking or just being critical of it. I will admit i found myself laughing out loud at the script and oh so terrible acting so at least it served as some humor for me. The person that rated this a 10 has to either be a relative of the writer or on some serious drugs!

I Trapped the Devil

If you like to watch paint dry
Not much to tell here the beginning is Very VERY slow which is fine by me if there is a great movie that follows that slow beginning. This the the type of movie where the whole time you are watching it you are just praying it will pay off if you stay with it. Well no pay off in this one for me and i would rather watch paint dry to be honest at least with that there is a good ending.


Just another throw away movie
This movie has bad movie cliche all over it. Bad acting, poor story, terrible ending it is a cliched throw away movie you will not want to see again. Nothing redeeming except at the very end when the credits roll and you realize it is over.

The Go-Getters

Not even mildly humorous
Made it 20 mins in and had to turn it off it was so bad. Not funny but very stupid and bland. I do not know what has happened to comedy in the last few years but really good comedies are seeming to be a thing of the past. If i could have i would have rated this -5


Left too many questions
I hate it when movies do not give any background info at all. What am i a friggin mind reader? a seer? Who is this guy? why was he flying a plane where he was? Why did the plane crash? How long ago did the plane crash, Etc,etc Honestly i thought All is Lost was much better and that one was pretty bad with giving any background info. This movie left me asking questions and pretty bored. Not recommended

He Knows Your Every Move

Very Lifetime inspired feel to it
This was not really a bad movie but it had a really strong Lifetime movie feel to it. Unfortunately i am not exactly a fan of LT movies so that detracted from this movie for me.I would have enjoyed the story a lot more had it been shot in a more typical cinematic way. The story was pretty good(not really convinced how true to life the circumstances about PC repair are in this i have my doubts) but overall it was not what i would call boring. The beginning was a bit slow but it picks up. It passed the time :)

All Is Lost

A test of peoples intelligence.
I am offended that this movie was even made the way it was! We have a old man who knows next to nothing about sailing and being alone at sea. So i have to assume he is suicidal or a dumb as a bag of rocks??? Who knows since the movie has real NO BACKSTORY of who this guy is or why he is at sea! When did he get this boat? Why is he alone at sea? etc,,etc The fact the movie fails to tell the viewer anything of substance was a really bad idea! I am not even against most of the film being without any script and i dont now have anything against mystery But this takes it to the limit of ones tolerance, This "could have" been a very good movie had it been done in a more think of the viewer and less insulting manner. The idea behind the movie projects is something i would have enjoyed watching if the movie was done with some intelligence and respect to the viewer. I generally do like "survival" movies but this one was more of a lets make a movie that has such blatant oversights we can test peoples intelligence to see if anyone complains! Sorry folks BUT if you gave this movie a high rating then you are either a total Redford worshiper or you live in a fantasy world and do not mind being mocked. Remember this was "Supposed" to be a serious Drama and the only thing that was serious was how seriously ridiculous some parts were. Missed opportunity and a fail overall in my world.

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Just when you thought it could not get worse,
Then this movie is made about the Manson murders that is so far removed from the official story that one feels like they did some of that 1969 LSD! if i could have i would have rated this a negative 8! ABYSMAL is being kind!

This Is My Year

Yet another one!
Wow 2018 was a not a good year for great movies and this is definitely another that is not even close to being a great movie! This film has no real substance or "soul" that can keep the watcher entertained or even interested for that matter. you don't really care about the characters in it, at least i did not. There is a sort of backstory going on about a hollywood celeb actress that is getting into all kinds of trouble but it really has no connection to the girl or anyone in the film? The only "connection" is she is a hollywood movie actress and the girl is a writer. The plot is about a young girl who wants to be a successful movie script writer but that kind of takes a backseat to the meaningless stuff thrown in the film. Acting is nothing special from any of the cast and a majority of this film takes place in this girl's L.A apartment which does not bother me if it had substance. In this films case it just makes it that much less interesting. Sorry but there really is not more to tell about this meaningless, not thought out film , i gave it a 3 of 10 because i have seen a lot worse and i did manage to finish watching it.


Seriously now i am convinced the ratings here are not accurate! This movie has a lot of 10/10 ratings and that is just beyond impossible! Either that or most people just don't know what a good movie is and like absolute tripe like this waste of time film! This yawnfest is so slow it is like watching paint dry and the story( ( iate to even call this a story) is just bad and unbelievable.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Does not get the facts straight, Very disappointing!
Wow this movie made so many time line errors i do not know even where to start? This was really disappointing considering two official band members (Brian May and Roger Taylor) were credited as producers? Also i really do not agree with those that are praising Rami Malek's portrayal of Freddie mercury. personally i think sacha baron cohen would have did a much better job at this. This move comes off like a LIFETIME film and not a serious Queen or freddy mercury Biopic for the big screen. I grew up listening to Queen's music and am a long time fan and this move was extremely disappointing for any real follower of them and for those that do not know much about the band or freddie mercury this movie is not a very good teacher.


Complete garbage!
I do not know what some of the other reviews watched or were smoking to give this any praise but this waste of film and time do not even deserve a rating of 1. Bad acting,terrible story and cheesy lines. I turned it off after 40 mins,

Fatal Crossing

Not recommended
I do not have much to say about this film except it was extremely disappointing in ever way! Acting was sub par and the story was plain stupid. I am sorry to say this movie did not have any redeeming qualities at all. Movies on Lifetime have been much better!


Wasted Potential
First off i really wanted to like this film. I liked the story concept and that it was "SUPPOSED" to be based on a true story. which i prefer. The movie did have a decent atmosphere to it but had too many faults that ruined it. Overall all i can really say to summarize this film is,what a waste of potential! The budget did not ruin it, the cinematography did not ruin it, the actors did not ruin it ,the films length did not ruin it, for me it was the writing and straying too far from the actual real life event that totally ruined this film,. If you have nothing else to watch then give it a go just do not expect much.

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