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Janie Jones

I don't understand this low rating. Completely believable- very well acted, directed, written. Abigail Breslin was so natural and lovely, Alessandro Nivola (Why doesn't he work more?) absolutely pitch perfect, Peter Stormare created a nuanced manager needing to support creatives in trouble and still make money, Frank Whalley is always awesome, Francis Fisher doing another sophisticated turn as an intelligent, cold woman who wants to warm up-all wonderful. The music affecting and unusual. Having been personally behind the scenes for independent music work- spot on. I guess this is what is called a sleeper- but I advise that you try it for the family/responsibility/addiction/creative ideas. See this movie- you won't regret it.

The Golden Compass

Why does this wonderful film have such a low score?
I read the book and adored it- so was very excited (and worried) to see that a film was being made. For once, a film enhanced the book. I have a few quibbles with the some of the scenes edited out- but, really, thought the movie was awesome. Dakota Blue was perfect as Lyra, everyone in the cast fleshed out my idea of what the character would look like. (Especially Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig- the cameo of Christopher Lee was great). The Oscar for special effects was totally deserved- the world they created was beautiful and magical. As far as the outcry about anti-Christian, anti-religion, whatever- get a life. This is imagination, great fiction creating a real, alternative world.

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