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Fantastic Four

I loved this film.
This contemporary re-imagining of the Fantastic Four should be a box-office hit and a critical success because it is a 'fantastic' movie. The chemistry in this film was great between Miles Teller and Kate Mara. Michael B Jordan played a great Johnny Storm and once you see this movie you'll love him. Jamie Bell was a good Ben Grimm although a tad sidelined he was great and his change to The Thing is phenomenal. One character that particularly stood out to me as a standout was Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom. I loved his egotistical portrayal as one of my favourite comic book villains. The visuals in this are outstanding and I love the way each of their powers are shown in this film. The epic showdown leaves you wanting more and it was amazing to see all of the Fantastic Four take down their powerful enemy Doom. The background score is great. Josh Trank made a great film and I really do suggest that you go to the cinema watch this film and enjoy it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a fantastically written, visually impressive and an action packed film with tons of surprises. All of the cast from the previous film reprise their roles and deliver hilarious and fantastic performances. Its really fun to see all of the Avengers work together as a team while the classic avengers them is playing in the background. There are some fantastic new additions like Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision who just make this movie better. James Spader does a lovely job playing a worthy foe and creates a hilarious and scary Ultron. This movie is so good that it needs to be seen in the cinema to experience it all. This is an amazing film.


Ant Man is astonishing.
This movie is incredible. A ton of fun with brilliant action and hilarious dialogue this is another fantastic win for Marvel. Paul Rudd plays a likable and charismatic hero who really makes you root for him and his goals. Michael Pena is the real heist of this film as he steals every scene that he is in. Corey Stoll as the villain was a fantastic choice from Marvel. He can play the corporate business man and an intimidating villain. The visuals are stunning in this film. All of the tiny ant scenes are visually outstanding and hilarious. The are two post credit scenes which are fantastic and really tie into the larger universe. Ant Man is a fantastic movie which is worth your money and I suggest that you see it in cinemas.

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