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Best TV Show Ever
I am a big fan of the show and urge everyone to watch at least one Columbo episode in their life. My favourite episodes are the three Jack Cassidy ones and the William Shatner one. Shatner delivers an incredible performance as Ward Fowler in Fade In To Murder. It is very cleverly written- both detectives challenging each other throughout and Lucerne 'helping' Columbo to solve the crime. If only they made shows like that this century. These days old shows can look dated- but look past that and you'll see some of the best actors of the 1970's going to to toe with the world's greatest detective. Jack Cassidy was the best villain ever in the series and if you don't like the Cassidy/Shatner episodes you probably are not a Columbo fan.

Pawn Stars

Chumlee isn't funny
Been a fan of the show since the first series. Corey and Rick seem good guys and good luck to them. I don't understand why Chumlee is some kind of hero in America. He isn't funny- and he pretends to be dumb like Paris Hilton (albeit with slightly more facial hair) but spoils the show. Would be better if Chum went- Rick and Corey would do the selling and the Old Man would complain in-between. Chum, the scripted story and constant laughing at stuff that isn't funny are the downsides to the show. Would be much better if the staff didn't pretend they were working and produced a show where they come out of the back for great items only...we know they don't work on the shop floor off camera and it's insulting that they still carry on the pretense after all these years. I have been to the shop - very poor touristy style attraction...not a pawn shop as such. Just cashing in on the T-Shirts and other low quality merchandise. Don't go to Vegas just to visit there - you'll regret it.

Hardcore Pawn

Jerry Springer meets Pawn Stars
Is there anything good about this show? Its produced by the man who bought the Jerry Springer show to the world (thanks for that). He obviously saw pawn stars and wanted an all shouting all fighting version of it. Actually he has missed one out- a storage auction show where guys fight when they are outbid. OK so for the people who haven't seen this show every episode goes like this. Black guy walks in with 25 year old video recorder. Wants $200 for it. Tested by staff member. Faulty. Seller insists it works then insults staff member and is told to leave. Argument ensues and security appears within one second. Seller thrown out and told don't come back. Would be seller shouts insults and threats. Cut to ongoing scripted internal argument between Ashley and Seth about who is best in the shop and who should be manager. Next scene...Black guy walks in with black and white TV and so on. There are a few issues with that format. First- there is a lot of poverty in Detroit and it's not just African Americans who don't have cash - the producers need to show more of a realistic overview of that. It's borderline racism if you only show black poverty. Also Seth and Les are decent guys who deserve a show better than that. Ashley rivals Vickie Guerrero as the most annoying woman on TV.

Banged Up Abroad

Wonderful Production
One of the best shows on TV. The way in which the former jailbird (more often than not) ends up being a drug runner (more often than not) is gripping. The producer does a great job as from the start to the finish its normally one person talking without interruption. That could get boring in certain situations but for some reason never does. The show is so good we normally know the outcome- person ends up in jail for drugs but even so always has twists and turns. There are shows which are not about drugs but lets face it the drug busts are the best ones and you are hooked- waiting for the time they get caught. Then there is the aftermath in jail and what its like to be there. It's better than a Hollywood movie as its dramatic without extra drama being written into like a 'true story' film. The only reason why it's not 10 out of 10 is because of the 'coming up' bit at the start. Would be better if the viewer was unaware of what was to come all the way through.

Beverly Hills Pawn

Yossi makes the show
This maybe the most unrealistic reality show on TV. However in a strange way- it works. The staff are actresses- Yossi's good friends are actresses/actors- the items are nearly all movie/music stuff or jewelry but who cares? Its totally set up and scripted - the shop is always empty when there is a deal- the 'sellers' are actually mainly people who applied to be on the show from a casting call who required actors (search online for it - its still there). But with all that said it is a good show. Its a little 'blingy' and 'plasticy' for some but the items are generally interesting and not all guns and junk like in Pawn Stars. Not much chance of a fight in this store- so if your after shouting and swearing watch the totally fake Hardcore Pawn. If you want your Pawn shop to be tasteful and OTT- this is the show for you. One last point- Cory may not beat Aria in a beauty contest but when it comes to personality she is way ahead. Its a good lesson for shallow men that you should choose personality over looks! Having said that they are both hot.....

Storage Wars

Fallen Giant
Two years ago I would say Storage Wars was my favourite TV show. The people in it- the junk- the unique items- Dan's distinctive auction style- everyone hated Dave- it was great. Yes its staged and scripted in parts but no-one cared. It was such a winning formula there have been numerous spin-offs and millionaires made in the process. However there is one key question- one big element to the show that can make or break it....are the lockers genuine or have they been tampered with pre-auction? Surely if items were placed in lockers for the show the show would be totally pointless, right? Well after Dave suggested that's how the show worked for me it was the final nail in the coffin. My thoughts before that were that they would film tons of auctions and only show the ones which had an interesting appraisable item in them. If it were to be the case where the appraisable item was actually planted in there- the show would have committed the cardinal sin- lying to the viewers about the whole point of the show. Dave is now back in Storage Wars- I assume to save it- and must have been given serious cash to do so, which he has said yuuup to. Its too late though. Even the biggest star and much copied format can't save it. My prediction: Storage Wars final show to be made in 2014. Watch this space

Property Wars

Badly scripted show - OK for casual viewing
This show is OK if you want to sit and watch something for 20 mins which is easy to watch and has lots of men acting like teens. Its the usual discovery/history 'reality' TV show format: * Scenes set up * Normal guys given nicknames & exaggerated personalities * Simplified process suitable for low-IQ viewing * Nothing intelligent spoken in the whole 20 mins * Juvenile behavior with grown men pranking their made-for-TV rivals * Amounts shown as 'profit' rounded up to the nearest who cares * Actors/extras employed to help give the show an even more unrealistic feel

And some other points specific to this show: * Auctions clearly take place after the event even to the untrained eye (they always have cameras on the right person during the auction- could only happen if there were a dozen or so cameras) * The clock counting down to the auction time is pointless- we all know its BS * The show doesn't want break even's as its not good TV so they show the big hits and big misses and forget the others * John Ray is bankrupt- not good for a so called expert * The total profit at the end is a complete guess- so what is the point of the show?

In review its OK if there is nothing else on TV to watch but its a completely made for TV staged production. The 'characters' act like idiots and are not likable. If the people, the houses and the auction itself are not quite reality then there has to be something about the people in it that make you want to watch it- but there isn't.

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