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The Fighter

Just got off the couch
"The Fighter" is directed by David O Russell and stars Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg. This film is based on a true story about two brothers trying to get a shot at the title in boxing.

David O Russell tells this heartfelt story and brotherly love and family relationships, making hard choices to achieve greatness in a really compelling story.

Christian Bale delivers a stellar performance as Dickie Eklund, the older brother of Micky Ward (Wahlberg). Dickie is Micky's trainer and a lightweight boxer as well, now a crack addict and a troubled man. Seen by Bale's performance as Dickie, you can really see and tell that Dickie loves his younger brother. Both of them have a good relationship, despite their differences. The whole family is very close together, and all support Micky is his rise in boxing. Especially his mother, Alice Ward, played brilliantly by Melissa Leo.

The cinematography is very interesting in this film, in clever ways. They dry colours give the film a realistic feel, gritty and raw. While the boxing matches are happening, they are filmed like the fights are being broadcasted on real TV. David O Russell used camera from the 90s to give the matches a realistic feeling, like they were live on TV at the time, which is a clever way of doing it.

The rock induced soundtrack fits well with the film as well.

One problem I have with the film is that some of the characters weren't portrayed as real as they were in real life. According to sources, the real Dickie Eklund didn't like how his sisters were portrayed, and yelled at a Christian Bale, although Bale spent hours with the real Dickie to learn how to portray him accurately, and he did a fine job.

Overall, The Fighter is a great film to enjoy, especially if you have siblings, seeing Dickie and Micky connect like real brothers is something to behold, despite everything they went through.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

One Take Wonder
"Birdman" is directed by Alejandro G Iñarritu and stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Emma Stone. This film is about an actor trying to find his place back in the world again, becoming relevant in today's age, with his new play on Broadway.

This film is about a wide range of subjects and themes, as the main character, Riggan Thompson (Keaton) goes through in his life. He was once a praised actor, playing the role of "Birdman" in a comic book superhero film. He is now known for that role, despite probably portraying many other characters in films. He has an estranged relationship with his daughter, Sam (Stone), that he is trying to reshape. Sam is just out of rehab and dealing with her own issues. Mike (Norton) is an actor Riggan hires after his other actor gets injured on set. Mike is very good at his job, but a difficult man to work with.

Keaton is terrific as Riggan. The character resembles the actor in a way. Michael Keaton is known for his famous portrayals as Batman and Beetlejuice, despite playing many other characters in other films. Riggan is the same way, only being known for Birdman, and the way he protrayls Riggan is great.

Norton is equally great as Mike. He is literally playing himself in this character. Edward Norton is infamous for being a difficult actor to work with, which he acknowledges in his own way.

The cinematography is ambitious but amazing. Only 16 visible cuts through this film that seems like it is one shot. Therefore the direction, production design and acting all holds up with, and is amazing to see these long scenes unfold.

The film has a great drum-only slick, jazzy soundtrack, that fits uniquely with the film. It's raw and dry, like how the film plays out.

Th film ends with a powerful punch to the audiences. Riggan takes a real gun and purposefully shoots himself on stage during the play, trying to kill himself. Shooting his nose off, he wakes up in a hospital being taken care of, and getting great reviews from critics of his play. As Riggan hit the stage floor after firing the gun, audiences clapped at how real the scene looked. One woman even walked out. This symbolises how critics love the realism of the stage no matter how real it is. Audiences had the right to think the gun was fake, and whilst it wasn't fake, audiences bought the realism of the play. In the hospital, you can tell Riggan regrets his actions. He got the fame and the great reviews of his play, but at what cost.

Birdman is a film about many subjects and themes, with an ambiguous ending that leaves the audience wondering what it all meant. A worthy watch.

Overall: 8.4/10


Made a good impression
"Memento" is the first major film directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Guy Pearce and Carrie-Ann Moss, based on the short story by his brother, Jonathan Nolan.

The film is about a man with short term memory loss, who investigates his wife's murder.

Critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan is a household name in the film industry, responsible for giving us films like "The Dark Knight", "Interstellar", "The Prestige" and "Inception". He is known for telling stories in a non-linear fashion, and revolves around the themes of obsession and memory, and often uses practical effects.

Memento tells a great story of a man obessesed with finding his wife's killer, the mystifying "John G". Nolan takes the audience along with Lenny, or as he likes to be called, Leonard (Pearce). The story is such an original concept, combined with the interfering style of editing, how the story plays out from end to beginning. Sections of the film are in black and white, which plays in a linear fashion, while the colour scenes, are non-linear. Original and very clever. This subjective point of view that we have with the character engages the viewers with the story, finding out mysteries as soon as Leonard finds them, being as equally surprised. The film is riddled with tension. As we see what the outcome of the film is, we still don't know how it will play out, always figuring things out with the character.

The prop work is to praised. The idea of Polaroid pictures used for Leonard to remember places and people by is an excellent way to drive the story. Leonard writes the names down, and little notes to go along with them when he does forget, so he has an idea of who they are. The mysterious scratch on Leonard's face is ambiguous. No one knows where it came from.

Guy Pearce is very good in the film, portraying this fractured character, desperate to find the killer. His performance is underrated and should be praised a lot more.

Overall: 8.3/10

Captain Marvel

Too hyped
Captain Marvel is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. This movie is set during the 1990's and tells the soptory of Carol Danvers discovering who she really is. This movie looked very good from the trailers and looked like a promising female superhero that would do well as a stand-alone origin movie.

Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson have great chemistry together, and seemed to work well. Their relationship as Danvers and Fury worked well, and both of them acted well, although I thought Brie Larson's acting for the first act could've been better.

The film has amazing visuals, as always. The CGI for Fury and Colusons de aging was perfect. I couldn't tell it was CGI, I thought it was make up all along. The space visuals were very good as always.

The action sequences were good for the most part, although could've been much better crafted.

This film suffered from it's script I think. The story wasn't the most engaging, it didn't appeal with the audience as well as it should've. The dialogue wasn't the best either, especially during the first act. It felt wooden and cheesy, even when Larson delivered her lines.

I also think it could've been directed much better. The movie could've been a whole lot better if the directorial style was changed. Sequences would've been more thrilling, the acting much better, and the emotion that the movie was trying to portray would've been more impacting. The whole film, bar a couple of scenes, felt really boring. The pacing of the first act was very slow. While some scenes were enjoying to watch, and the humour was good, it felt boring, and didn't interest me. Part of this, I think, is to due with the release of Avengers: Endgame, which is next month. Everyone is hyped up for that film, hence why this one is falling.

To conclude, Captain Marvel is a visual stunning film, with a few enjoyable scenes, good acting, and good humour, but with the writing and directing dropping, it can be very slow to get into at first.

Overall: 6/10


Collection Of Heroes
Following the success of "Split" (2016), Night has given us a widely anticipated sequel to the universe of "Unbreakable" and "Split".

Glass follows the characters, David Dunn, Kevin Crumb, and Elijah Glass, as they find out who they really are and what makes them so special compared to other people.

The acting in this film is very good. Bruce Willis is great returning to his role as David Dunn, a man who wants to do good in the world, merely helping the people. Samuel L Jackson returning as Elijah Glass gives a sublime performance. The mastermind villain who unlocks the answers to questions that the characters have throughout the film. James McAvoy returns as Kevin Crumb, the DID maniac with many personalities. McAvoy kills it as Kevin, Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, etc. He is a very underrated actor who needs more recognition and needs a nomination soon.

The soundtrack is great. The eerie pierces of a violin created this sense of dread and hostility for the audience. The main theme played on piano set the tone for the film as a whole.

The flaws that I have about this are, that for a film called "Glass", the character Mr Glass wasn't in it a whole lot. While he was the pivotal role in the film, we didn't see him until later on in the film.

The second act did drag on a bit, even though it mirrored the slow pacing that "Unbreakable" had throughout the film, but it did get a bit slow at times.

I felt like some characters didn't have that great of a sendoff at the end of the film. David Dunn's goodbye felt rushed and less rewarding than I thought it would. Bruce Willis could've been given more material to work with as David in this film, as he could definitely handle it, being the fantastic actor he is. Kevin's goodbye was quick yet intuitive, and Elijah's goodbye, I felt, was the only good one.

Despite the faults "Glass" is a underrated film that deserves more credit for what it is at it's core. With great acting, good soundtrack and an interesting plot, "Glass" is getting a 7/10.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Good job Sony
After a few attempts at making Spider-Man films, Sony have redeemed themselves with a cleverly made comedic superhero film, Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse. This movie is fantastic in a lot of ways

The animation is outstanding. Very smooth and well made. I like also how they introduced new animation styles as the film went on, introducing characters drawn like anime characters and a Looney Tunes character.

The voice acting is very good. Shameik Moore as Miles Morales is a very convincing character. Mahershala Ali as Uncle Aaron is a very great character with a lot of development. And Levi Shcreiber as the Kingpin is very good.

The narrative as well is very well written. I like how the followed the comic book style in creating this film visually. You are literally watching a comic book, that's what I thought when I watched Spider-Man Homecoming, but seeing this movie, I am wrong. Visually, this film is superb. There's also a lot of emotion embedded in the story. Miles has a hard relationship with his dad, and looks up to his uncle who go his dad says isn't the best role model.

However, the flaws that I have in this film:

Altogether the Kingpin is a good villain, I found his reason to build this machine for his own purpose, it wasn't strong enough for me to show any sympathy or emotion for him. His development wasn't built up the greatest, and that was a shame.

Overall: 9/10

Avengers: Infinity War

Death follows him like a shadow
Avengers Imfinity War is one of best and strongest Marvel films to date. I've been waiting for this for about 5 years since I heard it was being made, and I can now say I've seen it and made history. This movie is an emotional rollercoaster to get through.

First off, all of the characters are great. That's what makes these Marvel films so relatable; that's why we love these characters. They connect with us and we have such love for them. And all the characters, and even the villain, connect with us so much.

Th visuals in this film are, for the most part brilliant . Thanos looks so real, except for one scene where I could tell it was CG. Also, the whole Black Order were done very well, and looked very real.

Thanos himself as the main villain, is one of the greatest villains, if not THE greatest villain. As soon as you see him on screen, you know that there's going to be something very bad happening. Josh Brolin did such an amazing job at his portrayal, and his backstory is very well portrayed. You really do feel for this guy, and when he shows his emotion, it works very well.

The action sequences are long, but they're exhilarating and keep you on edge. Two battles happening at once, one in Wakanda and on Titan, the film cross-cuts between these two sequences and it is very nail biting. There is so much destruction and shocking moments in this film, it is hard to take in. And again, it is emotional.

The humour as well works very well in this film, jokes are on point, mostly revolving around the Guardians, when they're on screen.

However I have my flaws.

The film jumps around a lot during the first half, and I think this is due to the amount of characters they had on screen and in the film. I think they could've handled it a little better though, because it was a bit jumpy.

Also, the visuals were mostly good, except for, again a few scenes with Thano where you could tell it was CG.

I'm going to end my review there are not get into any spoilers, so overall the Russo Brothers made a fantastic film with a lot of effort put into it, that very much paid off. I'm giving Avengers Infinity War 9/10

The Prestige

Nolan doesn't disappoint
The Prestige is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as two magicians that worked side by side until a tragic accident lead them to separate and now, they develop a deadly feud between them.

This is a fantastic movie. One of Nolan's best yet again. Nolan is such an inspiration, he hasn't made a bad film, and I hope he doesn't. This guy knows how to make a film. The story was written by his brother, and Chris turned it into a film, just like "Memento".

Christian Bale gives a great performance as Alfred Borden, a magician known as the Professor. Same goes for Hugh Jackman as Robert Angier. Very well depicted characters, each with a sole purpose.

The writing in this film is excellent. Nolan brought the script to life with these nailbiting scenes. The death of Angier's wife was the point in which Alfred and Robert separated their friendship and became rivals. They then go on their separate performances and make new tricks. Some of the tricks would be sabotaged by the either Robert or Alfred, for instance, one scene where Alfred is displaying a trick with a gun, he has a volunteer. That volunteer is Angier, who takes the gun and slips in a real bullet then shoots off Alfred's fingers. That was where the violence started in their rivalry.

The friction between Angier and Borden is very great. Hugh and Bale have great chemistry on screen together and I love how they got back at each other.

The death of Borden's wife, Sarah, was unexpected for me. That was a mighty surprise where I was like WHAT?!

Then, at the end, the plot twist was revealed, where Alfred actually had a twin who was his double. His double was the one that was going to prison and he was actually the other man, I forgot his name, who then revealed himself to Angier at the end. It was a very good twist and I loved it.

However, there is one thing I didn't like.

During the time Angier went to see Tesla, played by David Bowie, there was always a shift in seasons, where it snowed and then it was green again, and it was confusing to get my head around it, but that is all.

Overall: 9/10

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