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Autumn Blood

If you pay close attention it will make sense
This movie is pretty good.

Very little dialogue in this film. Many reviews and remarks I found on here criticized the film for this especially since they claimed there was no back story. There is a partial one with clues thrown in throughout for you to draw your on conclusions.

You have to pay close attention to the beginning of the film and you may need your close caption turned on otherwise an important element will be lost and a lot of what happens will leave you feeling lost. If you do this the movie will make more sense to you.

The movie relies heavily on the visual forcing you to pay attention so if you are the type to be on your phone or computer while watching a movie this film might tick you off because it won't make sense to you.

There is nothing that will jump out and smack you in the face to make you pay attention to it. You have to make the the choice to commit your attention to the film and not be distracted by anything else.

**Here is where the spoiler comes in.** Someone posted on the message board for the film questioning why the man who killed the father saved the kids in the end. That detail is solely found in the very beginning of the film. I have to admit that if I did not have my CC on I would have missed it. The reason why is because the clue was "hidden" in a conversation that happened in the background not in the forefront within the opening scene.

There are moments in town that will show that what the Hunter did to the Girl probably would have happened eventually. Even if he tried to woo her, the secret would come out. He would have still went with his urges anyway.

**This is where the spoilers end**

If you have Netflix it is available now. That's how I came across it. Give it a chance.

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