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The Prestige

I always Use this Film for an Example of A Perfect Movie (Maybe Minor Spoiler)
Some reasons why:

1. The layer of the story ~ Watching the movie is like climbing up the stairs. The story goes step by step in climatic way. It's very interesting to watch and intriguing to wait what will happen next.

2. The development of the character ~ The most interesting part of the movie. This is the story about magicians Robert Angier and Alfred Borden that once were friends, and because of one fateful event, they became rivals and obsessed to beat and destroy each other. At first, maybe audience (in this case myself) will feel sympathy for Angeir's character, because he was the victim, and Borden was the villain that caused the death of Angier's wife. But as the story goes, and the characters develop, I don't root on him again, he showed more obsession than just revenge for his wife, his all motivation was just to beat Borden in whatever he did. And so is Borden. They both are flawed. I love how the rivalry goes darker and darker into their obsession. I change my support for the character many times, as they seem to top each other so many many times. But then i realized they're just perfectly equal. Just like Olivia said to Borden as she left him, just like the other people that just can't keep up their obsessive rivalry: "you deserve each other"

3. The plot ~ The movie starts with "near ending" scene, and then goes backward from the start to the "near ending" point at the beginning, and reveals the final twist in the end. Before that, the audiences may have guessed so many conclusions before knowing the real twists are. Yes, there are twist after twist! I love how it surprises me so many time. Excellent!

4. The casts ~ Christian Bale vs Hugh Jackman. And they're just a perfect match on this. All the rest of the casts also brilliantly played. The visual is beautiful and this is a well made movie.

5. The tragic message and shocking end ~ At the beginning of the movie, Angier and Borden reveal the secret the Chinese magician. How he sacrifices his whole life pretending to be frail in public to hide the goldfish bowl beneath his legs just to able to perform his magic trick.

This is like a teaser to the whole story. How far one can sacrifice for his obsession, his magic, for the prestige! The point of this movie is a great sacrifice. In the end, when they both confess each other's secret, i was contemplating when the movie ended. How far one can go for their obsession. It's quite disturbing to think about what they have done to their own life. It's the movie that will make you think after watching.

Seriously, if you still haven't watched it, you have to give it a try!

PS: Don't root to one character, some people I know hate this movie because the character they root for is lost in the end. Well, just like i said they're both flawed and lost great time in the end. Be objective and you can see this is a great masterpiece and the ending is just equal and fair.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

This is sad..
I'm not a kid that grew up in Star Wars saga, I only hear the big "reputation" of The Star Wars Trilogy, of how amazing everything in the Original Trilogy and how disappointing the Prequel was. I don't really believe all the cruel critics about the PT, i mean how can the story of the same title with the same director can make such a huge difference. Right? Well I just have the opportunity to watch the whole things recently, I try to watch all the six episodes in 2 days. I watch the OT in the first day and the PT in the next day. And I must say i have a very different life experience on that 2 days.

My first day watching the OT was a very pleasant experience! I can imagine how amazed people back in the late 70's watching it for the first time. The movie has a solid story telling, great casts, strong character, and beautiful sets (i know it looks so nerd now, but back on that day, i can see how amazing it is). Watching the OT is like a fun ride that i wish never end. I didn't plan to watch the whole OT in one day, but i can't stop watching it. It was a great experience, like a warm nostalgic things that i never even had. I feel sorry i never had it earlier. It really made my day.

So I watched the PT in the next day. I really had no expectation whatsoever, i just try to make it as neutral as possible..

But it was hard

I can't believe what i saw. Where is the charm of the remaining Star Wars Trilogy. That was a piece of junk! (I really don't wanna say this). It has more beautiful visual that really doesn't lift up everything that lacked. Here are my problems for all the PT ep. I-III (since i think the worst is ep I, most of these are for the ep. I):

1. The Story telling.... So the first OT has a solid story, the movie knows where it wants to take the audiences, like and awesome trip with a good view. The PT (especially with ep. I) is like a blank! I don't know where it's going, it's like a pointless ride with a good visual distractions. What is it all about? well i can't bring myself to care. It was awesomely boring. I want to watch the whole thing, but I can't help fast forwarding it couple times, that's really frustrating.

2. The Characters.... I don't even care about the characters! I don't care what they do and what happen to them. What a terrible cast! Okay i'm not going to blame it all on the little kid, but i can't help to feel annoyed of the portrayed of the little Anakin Skywalker. Why don't they make a character a bit older, like 15 or something.*SPOILER* He will end up having a romance with Padme, i find it a bit odd that the little kid will get her pregnant in the ep III.*SPOILER ENDS* And I think it will be more fun if a maturer actor portrayed him, it is just too much for a little kid to handle the world's expectation. And why would they make the main character so unlikeable! (for the ep I-III). But the problem is with all the character, they don't seem to have a connection at all. And i really have no attachment to the character. It's contrary with the OT where i can really root on the protagonist and feel them.

3. Dialogue.... What the hell are they talking about??! Why can't hire a good script writer for a masterpiece. Why do we have to hear such a cheap, crappy talking. Why...?

4. The Romance (for ep II and III)... *SPOILER* While this is an important part for the plot, why can't they build a good story about it? At least make it "believeable". So Anakin had a forbidden love with Padme. I don't see any sense for the "forbidden" theme in here. Well in the end, Obi Wan knows about it, and what a big deal? there is no point at all. I can't feel any "what-so-called" romance in here, why do they even falling in love? I don't see them in love. The love story is like plastic, and i don't buy it! In the OT, there is also a romance between Han Solo and Leia. It doesn't have a big deal with the plot like in the PT, but it's just so well played, it's casual and sweet. The most important is, it's natural, audience can feel it. *SPOILER ENDS*

5. Jar Jar.... I don't want to comment on this

It left me shocked after watching the first PT. It's like a dream being crushed. I even feel like i'm not an appropriate audience for it, it's just like a kids movie. I have an uneasy day after watching it

I am so reluctant on seeing the next episode. But i manage to see it anyway.The ep II and III are better, but they're just far from the original standard. What have they done!

Now i even feel angry if i saw a good review for this, let-alone comparing this with the OT. It's like degrading a masterpiece for having the same title. I am soo sorry. I don't mean to be rude.

My suggestion if you're a newbie like me trying to watch Star Wars for the first time. Watch in this order: 4-5-6-3 (ep 3 is the only PT worth watching for this is the nearest thing to the OT, if you want to know a little information about the prequel). Nevermind the rest. You will thank me later.

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