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Legado en los huesos

The director seemed to be in a rush. The story was moving fast without any connection. Poorly written screenplay, lack of connection between the scenes. And also annoyed about the fact that, what's the point of having a A list actor if you are not going to give him screen time? Couldn't understand why Leonardo Sbaragila did this movie?


A realistic potray
I loved the journey with Carrie Matthison into her bipolar spy world. The character build up of this show, the script, acting... everything was near perfect. Never expected it to be this good after season 3. The creators of this show keep surprising the audience in subsequent seasons.

O Silêncio do Céu

Perfectly named
Loved the background story telling and how the story revolves. Leonardo Sbaragila at his best.

Al final del túnel

A subtle thriller
Loved it. Unpredictable... story grasp you till the end.

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