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Hamburo Aeteuthage

Love the actors but simply no credibility. And too much that should have been edited out
Warning a rant. Why oh why the: alcohol abuse smacking and kicking of employees and family members. the bizarre mother who treated her son as if he had murdered a child the main female tripping over, for goodness sake watch where you are going the smashing of crockery adult piggyback rides, please grow up staring at madam, errgh, did not understand reasons palliative care, a team, at least a male nurse yet despite the wealth there was no one except and incompetent girl ho could not even cook a meal Rant over, except to state a wasted opportunity to make something great through a little pruning and tweaking

Haideu, Jikil, Na

Thoroughly enjoyable and interesting themes Excellent acting from the leads
The series was fantastic. I loved the main leads, and thought their acting and chemistry worked well. Would have preferred if the ludicrous kidnapping of the doctor was left on the cutting room floor as it spoilt the credibility of the film. Why this film was not a massive hit is hard to understand, The themes were a joy, the plot unpredictable, The acting superb. It had humour, intrigue,heartbreak and haunting music. I will watch it again. Some reviewers were critical of the female lead I do not know why . For me her acting was superb. I would give her 10 out of 10. As for the male lead he would get a ten even if he could not act; gorgeous; he is a superb actor who managed the role very well.indeed. Well worth watching

Fast Color

Thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and different
The special inherited powers, the long lost daughter, a world that is dying. Water is valuable. A depressed town. Can the Gifted one save the world, the scientists hope so but the Gifted one does not want to be controlled.

Deurim hai

Brilliant, great acting and story. loved it
Great acting. Dreaming of and working towards fame; the students work hard and some get tremendous support. Friendships flourish whilst in each others company. The adult relationships progress whilst the students relationships with each other change as they grow into adulthood. The one who should be thankful to those who gave great support does not acknowlege them when stardom arrives. The energy, pace of the film was good, thoroughly enjoyable. The acting and singing of Suzy Bae was superb

Twelve Monkeys

Just Amazing. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride
This movie really takes you on a journey and it is Fantastic. The acting is beyond excellent. You experience so much with the twists and turns that you are so engrossed into working out what bit is meant to be real, that you become a bit like Bruce- overexerted and anxious to find the truth. One unique film, superb


Loved it Shame about the gruesome bits and the too impossible to believe escapes
I enjoyed so much of this but felt the nasty bits should never have shown afterall this was just fun from the beautiful boys to the great football match so there simply was no need for the torture, killings and nasty bits. They could have left our the scene of the invincible duo hanging from the ceiling; reminded me of Batman and Robin - they could never die. Fun, Funny, Could have been better


Seriously? Dumbstruck, lovelorn and truly gormless.
Normally if you meet someone you think you know from your past you just say - yeah, I think I know you. But the script here has the acyors acting dumb. Then the wierd looklng all over the country for an ex; just incredulous. If you know someone who is dying and they have a wish that they want you to make them a meal you would just do it, making double sure they know their wish has been granted. Yet we see bizarre behaviour, again and again. Thought I would be seeing something great sadly this just got on my nerves with its soppy and ludicrous story line. Timewaster.

Ghost in the Shell

Real Sci Fi Exciting interesting and beautiful visuals. Loved it
Follow up please. Didn't get a 10 because I don't think all shooting and killing is needed. Loved the strange world, the robots structure and the enhanced humans. Hope there is a follow up. SUPERB

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

What a shame Reshoot but with a number of changes - Main characters - Lose some parts
Re-shoot please Two main characters that at least look the part. A mature, intelligent looking couple who you can believe are top brass in the defence team. Lose stupid parts of the film that takes away any sophistication. The fish thing stolen from Star Wars along with the rubbish heap, The dog that ran after and attacked the speeding vehicle attempting to bring back the Convertor - little animal that eliminates pearls from its anus. The crazy banquet food on their heads The Rhianna pole dancing, The walk through Paradise Alley Eliminate all the rubbish scenes including the dumb last nine minutes .With two amazing lead characters, more scenes of the beautiful creatures, the film could have been classy. What a shame, a wasted opportunity

Missed Connections

A bit daft
Ok women fall in love easily and get physical if the chemistry is there within a few hours of meeting a date We have attractive educated women, one writes a cheque shortly after meeting her date, another who willingly robs and is even willing to rob millions from her boss after being in a relationship of less than a month with her new man This film is a thriller but it turns out to be a mystery really. A mystery as to why the producers made the plot so hard to believe. The conversations with the police and the conversations between the two women was just, errm, daft. Then it concludes with what some will do to get their kid through college and win friends in the work place. Daftest film I have seen in a while.


Superb in everyway
Really enjoyed this film The acting, scenery, tension and score. The actor portrayed an ordinary enough guy and did this well without any over acting. The surfer was just going about his usual routine when he became involved in an accident. Due to his injuries he lapses into unconsciousness and dreams, sometimes he hallucinates. The film keeps your attention as you learn about his regrets as he becomes closer to dying. Figments of his imagination occasionally keep his spirits up. The managing of the pain of broken bones, deep cuts and internal bleeding whilst battling the heat of the day and the cold of the night shows strong survival instincts. Unfortunately time is running out. The film considers moral attitude and that for some this is in the forefront of their mind when it is too late. One of the best films I have seen in a decade and in my opinion very deserving of 10 out of 10.

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